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US-Israel Relationship

David Friedman sworn in as President Trump’s envoy to Israel

Bankruptcy attorney David Friedman has been sworn in as US envoy to Israel, becoming President Donald Trump’s first ambassador to take office.

Vice President Mike Pence administered the oath of office Wednesday to Friedman, who is Trump’s former bankruptcy lawyer.

Pence called Israel the United States’ “most cherished ally,” while Israel’s envoy...

Israeli Technology

These Riveting Photos Show Israelis Helping Africans Find Clean Water

‘Unsafe water kills more people than war.”

This statement caught me off guard. “In 2017? Really?” I thought to myself. Yet hundreds and millions of Africans lack access to clean drinking water, resulting in famine, poverty and many deaths, facts those of us who take clean water for granted should contemplate as we mark World Water Day on March...

Israeli Technology

Christians United For Israel visits United Hatzalah to learn how lifesaving is uniting the people of Israel

Last week, a special delegation from Christians United for Israel (CUFI) visited the headquarters of United Hatzalah (UH) in Jerusalem to learn about Hatzalah’s lifesaving, all-volunteer, emergency medical services (EMS) model, and to see firsthand how the Hatzalah model is uniting the peoples of Israel in the joint cause of saving lives.


Israeli Technology

Israel turning garbage dump into energy resource

Transformed in recent years into a blossoming oasis, the former eyesore of the Gush Dan region is now not only hosting hikers on its lush green paths, but is also generating usable energy.

This week, officials launched a refuse derived fuel (RDF) plant at the Hiriya Recycling Park – a waste sorting and recycling plant that sits at the foot of the...

US-Israel Relationship

Jerusalem mayor, President Trump’s peace envoy meet in White House

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat met with US President Donald Trump’s peace envoy Jason Greenblatt on Friday at the White House.

According to a laconic statement issued by the Jerusalem Municipality, the two discussed “issues relating to Jerusalem.”

“Greenblatt is a true lover of Jerusalem,” Barkat said in the statement following the meeting.


Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Issues

Part 2: Reclaiming Israel’s History

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Issues

Part 1: Reclaiming Israel’s History

Hezbollah Issues

Analyzing the Threats on Israel’s Northern and Southern Borders

Hamas Issues

ISIS and Hamas Teaming Up on Israel’s Border

US-Israel Relationship

CUFI Welcomes Senate Confirmation of Amb. David Friedman

SAN ANTONIO – On Thursday, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the nation’s largest pro-Israel organization, welcomed the Senate’s confirmation of David Friedman to serve as the next US Ambassador to Israel. Supporting the Friedman nomination was a top priority for the Christian Zionist group.

CUFI’s effort began with the organization’s public...

Israeli Technology

10 ways Israel’s water expertise is helping the world

Using ingenuity to overcome its serious water challenges, Israel has become the go-to expert for a world facing an impending water crisis.

This year’s WATEC  expo and conference, to be held in September in Tel Aviv, is expected to attract 10,000 stakeholders from 90 countries seeking Israeli solutions for water issues.

Israel exports $2.2...

Incitement Issues

Mahmoud Abbas’ Embrace of Terror

On March 5th, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas posted a photo on his Facebook page of him kissing the head of a 15-year-old boy named Osama Zaidat. This seems quite typical behavior for a politician. At least until one learns that Zaidat was recently released from Israeli detention after attempting to murder Israelis during the height of the...

US-Israel Relationship

US boycotts UN discussion on Israeli human rights abuses

The US on Monday issued a strongly worded statement accusing a United Nations body of longstanding bias against Israel.

Amid threats from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to withdraw entirely from the United Nations Human Rights Council, the State Department announced it would boycott the council’s entire Monday discussion about alleged human...

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS)

Where Does Israel Rank In This Year’s UN Happiness Index Report?

The annual World Happiness Report published on Monday by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network has ranked Israel as the 11th happiest country in the world in 2017, a spot it has held for four years.

Prepared by the network and the Earth Institute at Columbia University, the report’s release coincides with UN World Happiness Day on...

Iran Issues

Israel Already Preparing For End Of UN Ban On Iran Missile Activity

WASHINGTON – Throughout international talks with Iran over its nuclear program, Israeli leadership offered a common refrain: Ten years may be a long time in the life of a politician, but it is nothing in the life of a nation.

In that spirit, Israel’s government is already planning for the expiration of several critical provisions in the deal that...

Israeli Technology

Joint U.S.-Israeli Study Offers New Understanding of Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers from the Technion and Harvard are offering a new theory on how Parkinson’s disease develops that could change the way the neurological disease is treated.

Associate Professor Simone Engelender of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and her colleague Ole Isacson at Harvard Medical School say the toxic protein behind Parkinson’s...

ISIS Issues

How the Kurds Are a Strategic Ally Against Radical Islam

Iran Issues

Israeli Security Experts Analyze Trump Administration Approach to Iran

Hamas Issues

Israeli Security Experts on Ideological War Against Radical Islam


My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge