Virtual Tours

Those who have travelled to Israel can attest to their lives being forever changed by the Holy Land. While you may not have had the opportunity to physically step foot in this sacred land, we want you to discover Israel personally and powerfully.

CUFI’s Virtual Tours will provide engaging descriptions of important biblical and historical sites within Israel that will transport you to the land of the Bible. You will see the Scriptures unfold before your very eyes as you walk (virtually) in the footsteps of our Redeemer.

The Jewish State today is a hub of creativity and innovation that fuels life-giving global technologies. Israeli scientists are on the cutting edge of medical research, of creating agricultural programs that are helping the nations of the world overcome famine and drought. Israel is a global leader in disaster response training; its humanitarian aid teams bring healing and hope to international communities hit by natural disasters.

Today, Israel is wonderfully diverse. Against the backdrop of familiar biblical accounts and sites, the Jewish people thrive in their ancient homeland while they protect the freedom and prosperity of all people and all faiths.

Get ready to be transformed as you encounter Israel. And as you learn about the Jewish state’s amazing biblical history and modern-day miracles, take time to embrace the Jewish people to whom we owe much gratitude.