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Like with any family unit, every member has an important role to play within their church body. All pastors have a heart and passion for the various programs within their church but need assistance from reliable church members wherever and whenever possible. Trusted congregational lay leaders are central to a church’s success, and if the pastor has a heart for Israel, then our role is clear.

By making a minimal time commitment, you can serve God, Israel, and your church by becoming a CUFI Church Rep. In this role, Reps can help educate, motivate, and activate their church family stand with Israel and the Jewish people.

Once approved by the pastor, a CUFI Church Rep will serve as their church’s liaison to CUFI, ensuring congregants are offered CUFI’s educational resources and are alerted about upcoming events and action alerts.

Once qualified to enter into this vital leadership role, the CUFI Church Rep can assist their church to:

  • Host or promote community-wide CUFI educational events and movie screenings
  • Offer CUFI’s The Israel Course Small Group Study
  • Setup a CUFI information table with materials at no cost
  • Provide eligible High School and College students with sponsorships to attend national CUFI events
  • Receive discounted registration for the CUFI Washington Summit

As a CUFI Church Rep, you will receive:

  • Important updates on Israel, the Middle East, and on pro-Israel initiatives in Washington and across the country
  • An invitation to attend CUFI’s annual Leadership Summit in San Antonio, TX
  • Waived registration to attend the CUFI Washington Summit

A CUFI Church Rep will be responsible for the following commitments as approved by their pastor:

  • Ensure that current CUFI brochures are included wherever your church offers informational resources, and make any additional CUFI printed materials available for churchgoers.
  • As considered appropriate by the pastor, provide announcements and/or a short promotional video for the congregation, inviting them to attend CUFI’s annual Washington Summit.
  • Be available to assist in coordinating an annual CUFI event, whether it be a CUFI Sunday service or a community wide Why Israel meeting in your area.
  • Take steps to offer CUFI’s The Israel Course  as a recommended study resource for the church’s small group ministry, and/or lead and facilitate the study, whichever is approved by the pastor.
  • Make every effort to attend the Washington Summit to stay up to date on CUFI’s agenda and engage directly with their elected officials, though they are not required to do so.

Above all, we ask that the CUFI Church Rep undertake the role with a desire to bless Israel and the Jewish people by helping advance CUFI’s mission to educate, motivate, and activate fellow Christians to stand with God’s Chosen People.