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Is Iran worried about an ‘Arab-Israel’ defensive alliance? – analysis

Recent reports have indicated that Israel and several Arab states are growing closer in terms of defense ties. A report at The Wall Street Journal claimed that Israel and “Arab military chiefs” held a “secret” meeting relating to air defense and the Iranian threat.

Now Iran’s Fars News, which is considered to reflect the views of the government...

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Facing Illinois blacklist, Morningstar commits to resolving anti-Israel biases

Morningstar, Inc., the Chicago-based financial services firm that came under fire earlier this month for providing analytical tools that were found to have a bias against Israel, committed to addressing concerns that the company harbors anti-Israel attitudes at an Illinois investing board meeting last week, according to two individuals present.

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House panel calls for $4 million funding boost for Holocaust survivor aid

The House Appropriations Committee’s subcommittee on labor, health and human services, and education reiterated its call for a significant funding boost directed toward supporting Holocaust survivors in its draft 2023 funding bill.

The committee proposed $10 million for the Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program, which provides support...

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US Presbyterian Church: Israel is apartheid state, creates Nakba Remembrance Day

The US Presbyterian Church voted to declare Israel an apartheid state and establish a Nakba Remembrance Day, as well as passing two other resolutions highly critical of Israel on Tuesday at the American religious body's 225th General Assembly.

The US Presbyterian Church's International Engagement committee voted overwhelmingly to recognize that...

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3 Israelis, including IDF commander, lightly hurt in armed clashes at Joseph’s Tomb

Palestinian gunmen opened fire during clashes with Israeli troops guarding worshipers at a Jewish shrine in West Bank early Thursday, lightly wounding three Israelis, including a senior officer.

The clashes erupted as hundreds of Jewish worshipers under military escort arrived to pray at Joseph’s Tomb on the outskirts of Nablus. According to...

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U.S., Israel and several Arab countries establish Negev Forum

Senior diplomats from the U.S., Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco and Bahrain met in Manama, Bahrain, on Monday to push forward with the establishment of the Negev Forum, a new framework for cooperation in the region.

Why it matters: Regional cooperation and integration between Israel and other countries in the Middle East will...

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Ben & Jerry’s cancels plan to stop sales in West Bank

Ben & Jerry's will continue to sell ice cream throughout Israel and the West Bank, after announcing last year that it would stop sales in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, Unilever, the ice cream company's parent company, announced on Wednesday.

As part of the agreement between Unilever and Ben & Jerry's Israel branch, the former has...

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Nearly 100 House members urge administration to do more to address antisemitism

A bipartisan group of nearly 100 House members sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday urging the administration to mount a more concerted effort to counter antisemitism.

“We are asking you to advocate for a comprehensive, whole-of-government strategy, led by your Department, to specifically address the...

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Gantz says Iran and Hezbollah tried to hack UN peace force, steal deployment data

Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Wednesday said Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah recently attempted a cyberattack against a United Nations peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, in order to steal information about its activities in the area.

“The leader of global, conventional terrorism is Iran. This is also true for cyberterrorism,” Gantz...

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Hamas releases footage showing Israeli captive hooked up to oxygen

The Hamas terror group on Tuesday published a video showing Hisham al-Sayed, one of two Israeli men being held by the terror group in the Gaza Strip, in poor medical condition — the first image of the hostage seen in years.

In the video, al-Sayed can be seen hooked up to an oxygen mask. The footage was undated, but it appears to have been...

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Israel drastically damaged Iran’s intelligence operations, Iranian officials say

Israel has deeply infiltrated and drastically shaken Iranian intelligence operations in recent months, a senior Iranian official told the New York Times.

The report published Wednesday cited the recent ousting of the intelligence chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the secret arrest of a senior commander accused of spying for...

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IDF stopped hackers from hitting US power plants – Unit 8200 official

Deputy chief of the IDF's Unit 8200 Col. U. on Wednesday said that his intelligence agency had previously warned the US of attempts to hack the country's power plants in time to thwart the cyberattack.

Although this was not the first time Israeli warnings to the US to avoid cyberattacks have been made public, it was the first time a current...

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Israel to be 1st in world to pipe desalinated water into a natural lake, the Galilee

Early next year, Israel is set to become the first country in the world to channel desalinated water into a natural lake — the Sea of Galilee.

One of the lowest-lying bodies of water on Earth, the Sea of Galilee is Israel’s largest freshwater lake and its emergency water store.

The national water company, Mekorot, plans to complete...

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Facing Hezbollah threat, Israel ramps up bomb shelter construction in north

The Defense Ministry on Tuesday announced that it had begun reinforcement work on dozens of homes in Israeli communities close to the Lebanese border — those that are most likely to be hit by rocket fire in a future conflict with the Hezbollah terror group.

The effort, dubbed Shield of the North, officially began in October, when the ministry’s...

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‘Mess with Israel, you’ll pay a price,’ PM warns after Iran steel plant cyberattack

Outgoing Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned Tuesday, a day after Iran’s major steel companies were hit by a cyberattack, that anyone who attempts a cyberattack against Israel will “pay a price.”

“ approach with our enemies, especially Iran… we don’t go around wreaking havoc in Tehran — that’s never been our policy. Our policy is, if you mess...

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Iran, US to begin indirect nuclear deal talks in Qatar

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran and the United States appeared poised Tuesday to start indirect talks in Qatar aimed at finding a way to save Tehran’s tattered nuclear deal with world powers.
The state-owned Tehran Times posted a photograph of Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kani, in a hotel lobby with Iranian Ambassador to...

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Israel, Arab allies agree to tighten cooperation ahead of Biden visit

Senior diplomats from Israel, the US, and regional Arab allies agreed to increase efforts to improve security, stability and prosperity in the Middle East during a Negev Summit follow-up meeting in Bahrain on Monday.

The first meeting of the Negev Summit Steering Committee — consisting of Israel, Bahrain, the UAE, Egypt, Morocco, and the US —...

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Pro-Israel, Jewish Groups United in Opposition to Biden’s Anti-Semitic Ambassador Nom

Jewish and pro-Israel organizations across the political spectrum are calling on the White House to withdraw the nomination of an ambassadorial candidate who is under fire for anti-Semitic remarks.

Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, a longtime diplomat and Democratic Party insider who was tapped to serve as the next ambassador to Brazil, is facing...

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Let UNRWA die already

Despite managing to raise $160 million in New York on Thursday, at a pledging conference of the Ad Hoc Committee of the U.N. General Assembly, the head of the United Nations Relief Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) was not pleased.

Trying to sound grateful for the ill-deserved windfall, UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini...

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Report: US brokering deal for Iran to send oil to Syria; Israel may give approval

Israel may give its approval to a reported US-brokered deal allowing Iran to transfer oil to Syria, ahead of the resumption of talks to revive the nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers.

According to an unsourced report by Channel 12 news on Sunday, three tankers are already making their way from Iran to Syria.

The report said the...