At CUFI, we are focused on several key issues with the goal of defending Israel’s strength, security, and sovereignty.

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Event Recaps

March 12 – Israel Is – Fair Oaks, CA

About eighty attended CUFI’s Sunday service message “Israel Is . . .” at Freedom Church in Fair Oaks CA. Several audience members expressed appreciation for the teaching and admitted they were unaware of Israel’s history and significance. Host Pastor Donny Burleson appealed for support of CUFI On Campus and for congregants to join him at the DC...

Event Recaps

March 8 – Israel Is – Central Point, OR

Over sixty people from three Medford area churches attended CUFI’s Israel Is meeting at Living Faith church in Central Point. The gathering was coordinated by host pastor Lyle King, and the meeting included an engaging Q and A session. Many attendees became members upon learning the lack of support for Israel from elected state and federal...

Event Recaps

March 8 – Israel Is – Eugene/Springfield, OR

About two hundred and fifty people from the greater Eugene/Springfield area in Oregon attended CUFI’s “Israel Is” presentation offered in each of the three services at Crossfire Ministries. Several attendees expressed interest in attending CUFI’s DC Summit, including students at U of O.
The event was hosted by Oregon State Directors Pastors Aaron...

Event Recaps

February 26 – Israel Is & Pastors’ Meeting – Hobbs, NM

An ISRAEL IS…presentation was held at Kingsgate Church in Hobbs, NM on Sunday, February 26th. The presentation was given at both the English and Spanish services. Attendance and the responses at both services were very good and very encouraging. The event was coordinated with Pastor Jonathan Sena. Pastor Sena recently participated in a CUFI ISRAEL...

Event Recaps

February 24 – Never Again? – Detroit, MI

The Never Again showing that CUFI Michigan State Director Mary Hunter organized was a great success! There were over a hundred people who registered online and well over that who showed up without registering. The movie was extremely impactful and I had amazing conversations afterwards, as did Ms. Mary, about the movie content. A very interesting...

Event Recaps

February 19 – Israel Is – Reynoldsburg, OH

The event was at a Sunday service and the message ISRAEL IS was presented. The congregation had several young people who are part of the second generation from the Eritrean church and the surrounding community. Pastor Negga Abay Woldesemait who hosted the event, has also shared his personal experience of visiting Israel through the Pastor’s CUFI...

Event Recaps

February 19 – Israel Is – Columbus, OH

The event was at a Sunday afternoon service and the message ISRAEL IS was presented. The host past was Pr. Umesh Darjee, who is one of the pastors going to Israel with the CUFI pastor’s team next month. The church received the Israel message well. The Israel pledge cards were signed.

Event Recaps

February 18 – Pastors’ Meeting – Cincinnati, OH

The event was a local pastor’s gathering held at the First Baptist Church of Mt. Healthy. The local pastors invited to the event were given a briefing about CUFI mission, the CUFI DC Summit and the Israel trip for pastors. The host pastor was Pr. Barnabas who is a trip candidate for 2023 and he wants the CUFI message to be shared with his...

Event Recaps

February 17 – Pastors’ Meeting – Anchorage, AK

I was thankful to be invited to speak for the regularly scheduled Central Region AG Pastors Luncheon. There were 34 in attendance. We and CUFI were very well received and everyone welcomed our materials. Some pastors expressed interest in our DC Summit, wanting to know exactly what they could expect when they attend. The Israel Course was also a...

Event Recaps

February 16 – Israel Is – Barberton, OH

The event was hosted by Mr. Craig Brown who is the leader of CHM (Christian Healthcare Ministries, Inc.) This is a Christian business, and they have a weekly chapel on Thursdays. The Israel message was shared to the employees of the ministry: 200 of them were in person at the chapel and an additional 100 of employees joined the chapel from all...

Event Recaps

February 1 – Not On Our Watch – Bismarck, ND

CUFI leaders in Bismarck North Dakota rallied about fifty folks to attend an informational meeting about the evils of the BDS movement, and North Dakota’s anti-BDS bill being introduced at the Capitol the next day. CUFI Field Director Randy Neal presented “Not On Our Watch”, a contrast of Israeli innovations and the evil intent behind efforts to...

Event Recaps

January 25 – Why Israel – Greenwood, SC

Field Coordinator Bob Scott spoke to the members of Real Life Church on Wednesday evening, bringing them the Israel Is message and the work of CUFI. The message was received very well by all, and following the talk there was Q&A, and the pastor was able to share about his trip to Israel in November.

Event Recaps

January 22 – Why Israel – Washington Heights, NY

Iglesia REVIVE Church is a vibrant congregation led by 24 year old Pastor Michael Garcia. This young man has a grasp on the basics of Israel and the Christian responsibility toward the Jewish people. Pastor Michael  is a reader and mature beyond his years.

Sharing in this church was an honor for me. Young couples, college students, single...

Event Recaps

January 22 – Why Israel – Bronx, NY

Pastors Sal and Kenia Sabino are strong pro-Israel supporters that want to be more involved in this cause. They lead a vibrant church that is growing by leaps and bounds after the pandemic. The Sabinos are leaders to many other pastors in the city. 

Sharing at Heavenly Vision was an absolute delight. After the message, the pastors mentioned...

Event Recaps

January 22 – Israel Is – Anderson, SC

Coordinator Bob Scott was invited to speak at a Sunday Evening event with Israel Trip Alumni Pastor DeWayne Evans. Pastor Evans was expected about 50 individuals to attend, but another local recovery ministry brought their participants to the church for the presentation and to hear about Israel. The church is looking for ways to shift some of...

Event Recaps

January 16 – Pastors’ Meeting – Tucson, AZ

Pr. Jeff Logsdon, who also attended the CUFI pastor’s conference in October 2022 in San Antonio, hosted the event. As a trip Alumni himself, the purpose he had when invited me to speak at this event was to form an interest group for Israel at his church that supports CUFI. He wanted his church members to hear about CUFI from a representative. Nine...

Event Recaps

January 15 – Why Israel – Kingman, AZ

This event was hosted by Pr. Bruce Grimmett who is the senior pastor of this church. His church is part of the denomination our CUFI State Director Bishop Charles Folkner oversees in Arizona. On Sundays, the church has two services: I presented the Why Israel message at both services.

Pastor Bruce said his church have been pro-Israel, but they...

Event Recaps

January 15 – Why Israel – Gotha, FL

The Why Israel presentation was hosted by a CUFI Israel trip alumni pastor from 3 years ago who has a multi-ethnic church, with majority being Indonesians. This host pastor genuinely loves Israel and has recently visited Israel with his family and some leaders of his congregation. He is interested in being a CL and is planning to bring some...

Event Recaps

January 12 – Pastors’ Meeting – Oklahoma City, OK

This was a great event where I was introduced to multiple pastors I had never met, and I was able to connect with many pastors who are already CUFI members and supporters in OK. I also was able to connect with both one of our district directors and our OK state director. I was also invited to speak at two NTHI events coming up in March and April.

In The News

Megiddo terrorist crossed Lebanese border into Israel using a ladder – report

The terrorist who carried out the Hezbollah bombing attack at the Megiddo junction in the North last week crossed the border into Israel by using a ladder, Army Radio reported on Tuesday.

Despite the report, the IDF spokesperson's office refused to confirm the ladder theory early Tuesday afternoon, noting that the IDF had sent out an update on...