Host a CUFI Event


One of the most effective ways you can become better informed about the biblical mandate to support Israel and stand with the Jewish people is to host a CUFI speaker event in your community. CUFI speakers deliver dynamic presentations that will answer your crucial questions and present the essential reasons why Israel matters to God, to Christians, to America, and to the world. The information you will glean from hosting a CUFI speaker will enlighten and equip both you and your community to participate in God’s biblical mandate to stand with the nation of Israel with prayer—and with action.

While an honorarium is not expected, we do request that an offering is collected as a donation to CUFI to help offset travel costs and materials.

CUFI’s Why Israel presentation offers a comprehensive biblical overview of both ancient and modern Israel, tracing God’s faithful miraculous deliverance, while revealing the origins of antisemitism. This faith-kindling message reminds us that God is a promise keeper, gives attendees a concise look at Israel’s struggles and security challenges, and shows how and why Christians are standing with Israel and the Jewish people. The presentation is available as a 60 to 90 minute stand-alone event, or a 30-minute Sunday morning appropriate service message.



Please note the speaker for your state:

Randal Neal

Senior Director of Engagement

In 2006, Pastor John Hagee invited Randy to become CUFI’s first full-time grassroots organizer.  In this position, Randy pioneered the programming and procedures that have since been implemented nationally to grow CUFI into the largest pro-Israel organization in America. Randy came to CUFI with over a decade of experience in educating Christians about the Biblical mandate to support Israel, the history of Christian anti-Semitism, and political activism in the faith community. Randy has served on the Northwest board of the America Israel Public Affairs Committee, and is among the most sought after Christian speakers on the topic of Israel and Christian support for the Jewish State.  According to Israel Defense Force Col. and Vice Commander Bentzi Gruber: “Randy gives important facts about Israel that even many Israelis do not know.”

Bob Scott

Ministry Engagement Director

Bob Scott serves as Field Coordinator for Christians United for Israel beginning May 2021. Before becoming Field Coordinator, he served as City Director and then State Coordinator of Tennessee and has been involved in educating others and supporting Israel since his first trip there in 2008. Bob has served in full-time ministry since 1992 in various pastoral roles, statewide boards, and ministries, and in 2011 he and his wife, Holly, started City Church Dayton in Dayton, Tennessee. Bob is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Business Degree and has had governmental experience in local and statewide areas. As a part of his community service, Bob serves the Dayton Police Department as a commissioned officer and Chaplain of the Department, as well as the department’s liaison to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations. Bob and Holly have been married since 1995 and have three adult sons.

Abel Taye

High School Director

Abel serves as one of the Regional Field Coordinators for CUFI. Guided by his love for foreign policy and American history, he has worked on different international engagement projects that involved nonprofits, policy makers, think tanks, and nonprofits. He was also a CUFI campus chapter leader and advocate. He believes in strong American engagement in the world especially in the Middle East. Most importantly, he focuses on cultivating and helping American engagement with the Jewish people by creating working partnerships, developing outreach events to faith community leaders and through mentoring young professionals.

Dylan Manley

Next Gen Ministry Engagement Coordinator

Dylan was in pastoral ministry for 21 years,  is a traveling speaker, and a trained apologist. He has spoken at numerous events, conferences, and churches. Dylan was invited to go to Israel in 2017 with CUFI via Israel Collective. This trip served as an instrumental and life changing event. He learned more about the biblical and geopolitical truths of Israel on this trip than in his previous two decades in ministry. Dylan has a passion to see other people learn the biblical validity of Israel and hopes they will have a renewed love for the Lord and a greater grasp of truth.

Kirby Calhoun

CUFI on Campus Director

Kirby Calhoun serves as a CUFI Field Coordinator. He is a thirteen-year Army combat veteran. During his military career, he served as a human intelligence collector and then went on to become a special forces communications sergeant. He deployed to Iraq in support of OIF 07/08, to Afghanistan in support of OEF 12/13, and to Colombia in 2014 in support of a Counter-Narcotics mission. Kirby published his testimony in 2019: Single Set of Bootprints: A Story of a God-made Green Beret. He earned his B.A. in Maritime Studies, minoring in history, from the University of West Florida. During his time at UWF, he founded the CUFI on Campus chapter and has been a Congressional Liaison since 2018. He and his wife Tara have two wonderful children and live in the Florida Panhandle.

Kasim Hafeez

Deputy Communications Director for Messaging

Kasim Hafeez is a British citizen of Pakistani Muslim heritage who grew up being exposed to radical anti-Western, antisemitic, and anti-Israel ideas daily. During his teenage years, Kasim embraced a radical Islamist ideology and became very active in the anti-Israel movement. Thankfully, Alan Dershowitz’s book The Case for Israel challenged Kasim’s fundamental beliefs and caused him to undertake a period of research and reflection that led him to Israel in 2007. Witnessing the true nature of the Jewish state changed Kasim’s perception of Israel. He felt a moral obligation to publicly speak out for Israel and the dangers of radical Islam. He has spoken all over the world including the 2013 Global Forum on Combatting Antisemitism and before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Kasim has appeared on radio, television, and in print media. Kasim also appears alongside Holocaust survivor Irving Roth in CUFI’s full-length feature documentary Never Again?. To learn more, visit

Shari Dollinger

Co-Executive Director of Christians United for Israel (CUFI)

Prior to this position, Shari was CUFI’s Associate Director for 11 years. Before CUFI, Shari served as the Assistant Director of The Donor Forum, as the Officer for Inter-Religious Affairs at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC, and a Foreign Policy Research Associate at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Shari holds a Masters in Public Administration from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Politics and Islamic/Middle Eastern Studies from Brandeis University. At Brandeis, Shari wrote her senior thesis on Christian Zionists’ Impact on U.S. Foreign Policy.

Destiny Albritton

Senior Director of Next Gen

Destiny Albritton is the Senior Director of Next Gen at Christians United for Israel, where she works to ensure the next generation of Christian support for Israel is strong. Named one of the Top 25 Young Visionaries for 2023 by the Jerusalem Post, Destiny oversees the Israel Collective, a program for young Christian leaders with influence to connect to the Holy Land, in addition to supporting CUFI on Campus, CUFI High School, and young pastors.

She has led many advocacy missions to Israel for young friends of Israel and the Jewish people, including the CUFI Solidarity Mission to Israel, the Jewish National Fund’s Caravan for Democracy, and the Israel on Campus Coalition’s Geller International Fellowship Mission to Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Prior to her current role, she served as the ICC National Outreach Director.