2019 immigration to Israel hits highest number in a decade

(December 24, 2019 / JNS) An estimated 34,000 immigrants moved to Israel in 2019—the largest number per year in the past decade, according to numbers published by the Jewish Agency.

The data includes those who immigrated during the period of January-November 2019 and the number of immigrants expected for December 2019. Through the end of November…


Lighting of National Menorah marks 40 years of publicly observing Hanukkah in DC

(December 22, 2019 / JNS) U.S. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt helped light the National Menorah on the Ellipse near the White House in Washington, D.C., on Sunday—the first night of Hanukkah, as Rabbi Levi Shemtov, executive vice president of American Friends of Lubavitch (Chabad) commemorated the 40th year of the program that has been made…


In remembering 1929 Hebron massacre, top Israeli leaders visit … and make history

(September 4, 2019 / JNS) “We are not strangers in Hebron, and we will stay here forever!” were the climactic remarks made on Wednesday by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during an official state ceremony at the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron commemorating the 90th anniversary of the 1929 Jewish massacre.

Netanyahu also…


Paris inaugurates square honoring Jerusalem

(JTA) –- Paris inaugurated a square named for Jerusalem, sparking protests by pro-Palestinian protesters.

Several dozen people staged a protest rally Sunday in Paris’ 17th district as Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon and Jewish community leaders applauded the unveiling of the sign honoring the Israeli capital.

Paris used to have a Jerusalem Square…


World marks 75 years since D-Day in solemn observances

OMAHA BEACH, France (AP) — The five beaches are silent at dawn but forever haunted.

As the sun rose Thursday over the Normandy coastline where thousands of men bled and died 75 years ago, a fast-diminishing number of World War II veterans remembered D-Day, and hoped the world never forgets the sacrifices made to dismantle Nazi tyranny.

The sea…


Last living survivor of Nazi death camp Sobibor dies

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The last living survivor of the Nazi death camp Sobibor has died.

Semion Rosenfeld died on Monday at a hospital in central Israel at the age of 96. He moved to Israel from the Ukraine in 1990, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Sobibor was built and operated by the SS during World War II near the railway station of Sobibor in…


US publishes first map showing Golan as Israeli territory

The US has for the first time published a map showing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, three weeks after President Donald Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over the strategic plateau.

US Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt tweeted a picture of the map on Tuesday, saying: “Welcome to the newest addition of our international maps system.



Group of schoolchildren find 1,600 year-old gold coin in the Galilee

A rare 1,600 year-old gold coin was found by a group of ninth-graders in February, the Israel Antiquities Authorities said on Monday.

The coin was discovered during a school trip in Nahal Zippori in the Galilee.

Nahal Zippori was once the capital of the region and the seat of the Sanhedrin. The coin features the effigy of the Byzantine emperor…


Benjamin, Ido Netanyahu receive brother Yoni’s army items after 40 years

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his brother, Dr. Ido Netanyahu, on Monday received personal items belonging to their late brother Yoni, who was killed in the hostage rescue operation in Entebbe in 1976, which he heroically commanded.

Yosef Shemesh served with the late Netanyahu in the 71st Batallion of the Armored Corps in the Golan…


SpaceIL chief: ‘Beresheet 2 starts Sunday; we’ll put our flag on the moon’

Following the Israeli spacecraft Beresheet’s failure to land safely on the moon this week, SpaceIL chairman Morris Kahn on Saturday announced he was launching project Beresheet 2, effective immediately, adding: “We started something and we need to finish it. We’ll put our flag on the moon.”

The small spacecraft, the world’s first privately funded…


After 37 years, Baumel buried in funeral touching ‘deepest part of our identity’

Sgt. First Class Zachary Baumel was laid to rest in Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl military cemetery on Thursday evening, nearly 37 years after his death in the First Lebanon War’s battle of Sultan Yacoub in 1982, at the age of 21.

Thousands turned out for the ceremony, where Baumel — whose remains were returned to Israel days ago after a complex IDF…


2,000-year-old image of 9-stem menorah found in rare Jewish site in Beersheba

A rare well-preserved large Second Temple-period Jewish settlement, watchtower, and subterranean passages are currently being unearthed near Beersheba in Israel’s Negev Desert, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Thursday. Among the artifacts uncovered at this important site is an intriguing depiction of a nine-stemmed menorah, which…


Body of soldier Zachary Baumel missing since 1982 Lebanon battle brought home

The remains of an Israeli soldier believed killed in a 1982 battle with Syrian forces in Lebanon were returned to Israel this week, the military said Wednesday, ending a 37-year search.

Staff Sgt. Zachary Baumel went missing in the 1982 First Lebanon War’s battle of Sultan Yacoub, along with two other soldiers whose whereabouts remain unknown.


1982 First Lebanon War


1973 Yom Kippur War



Camp David Accords


Israel at 70

This year the Jewish state marks 70 years since it’s rebirth in 1948! Take a minute to check out our CUFI Micro History and hear about the modern miracle. Then look for a year of remembrance, as CUFI marks Israel at 70.


1917 Balfour Declaration