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CUFI Weekly: Protecting Christian Heritage in Israel

How does Israel preserve the Christian heritage while other Middle Eastern nations destroy it?
In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim answers this question and explains why Christians must stand with Israel to ensure the continued protection of our Christian heritage in the Holy Land.
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CUFI Weekly: Don’t the people of the Middle East deserve better?

Over the last weekend Hezbollah invited journalists to the Israeli-Lebanese border to watch as the group practiced charging Israeli positions. What was the purpose of this demonstration and why is it significant? Find out in this episode of the CUFI Weekly with Kasim Hafeez.

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CUFI Weekly: Just How Close the Danger Is

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim shows the proximity of Hezbollah huts in Lebanon near the Israeli border and explains why Israel must defend itself against terrorists committed to her destruction.
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CUFI Weekly: Operation Shield and Arrow

Israel’s military forces commenced Operation Shield and Arrow this week to address the near constant barrage of terror threatening her people. As Israel defends herself, many are demonizing the Jewish state for protecting its citizens while excusing terrorist groups that celebrate death and destruction.
Learn more about these events in this episode of CUFI Weekly.
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CUFI Weekly: Death of a Terrorist, Birth of a Martyr

Following the death of a Palestinian terrorist leader in an Israeli prison as a result of a hunger strike, terrorist organizations have attacked the Jewish state and international organizations are venerating the deceased militant.
In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim explains the situation as well as the methods terrorist organizations use to perpetuate violence and hatred against Israel.
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CUFI Weekly: Israel Stops to Mourn and Remember

This week, Israelis celebrate two important national holidays – Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day) and Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day). Sirens around the country sound twice during these back-to-back holidays while the nation stands still, once to mourn and the next to remember.
In this week’s episode of the CUFI Weekly, Shari Dollinger describes these moments and explains why both holidays are significant for the State of Israel.
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CUFI Weekly: Rising Antisemitism on Holocaust Memorial Day

Sirens sounded in Israel at 10 a.m. on Tuesday for Yom HaShoah – Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day. Every year on this day, the entire State of Israel pauses for one minute to remember the horrors of the Holocaust and the six million Jews who were slaughtered by the Nazis. No worse catastrophe can be described by the Jewish people who vow that never again will they allow their people to endure such suffering. Yet in 2023, antisemitic threats against the Jewish people and the State of Israel are on the rise. In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim Hafeez describes the surge of antisemitic speech and publications throughout America and around the world.
Silence in the face of antisemitism and demonization of Israel means complicity with those who wish to harm the Jewish people. Who will stand up and speak out for them today?
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CUFI Weekly: Escalating Terrorist Attacks on Israel

This week, Israelis brace themselves against the worst rocket attack in years and intensifying conflict on the Temple Mount. As the Iron Dome missile defense system protects citizens from rocket and mortar attacks from two fronts targeting Israeli citizens, and Israeli police clash with rioters, how is the news media responding? In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim discusses the terrorist organizations behind these attacks, responses to violence by Israeli police forces, and the media’s news coverage on these events. Tune in now.

CUFI Weekly: Israel, a Symbol of Hope

For centuries, the Jewish people have faced opposition and had nowhere to go—but how has that changed since the rebirth of Israel? In this week’s episode of CUFI Weekly, find out the historic events Kasim Hafeez recently witnessed in Israel, thanks to the help of CUFI and its supporters and the Jewish Agency.

CUFI Weekly: The Modern Axis of Evil

In this week’s edition of the CUFI Weekly, CUFI’s Senior Director of Policy and Communications Ari Morgenstern discusses the modern-day axis of evil. Watch now to learn how Iran sits at the nexus of this evil alliance, and what must be done to holistically confront the threats associated with the Russo-Sino-Iranian coalition.

CUFI Weekly: Confronting Israel-Haters in the United Kingdom

In this week’s edition of the CUFI Weekly, we hear from the leadership of CUFI UK, the London-based branch of Christians United for Israel. Watch now to see how our partners across the pond are standing up to anti-Israel forces in the United Kingdom and bringing CUFI’s message to one of America’s most important allies in the world.

CUFI Weekly: Confronting Iran, with Rep. Claudia Tenney

In this week’s edition of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim sits down with Rep. Claudia Tenney to discuss the situation in Iran and what the U.S. role should be in aiding the protestors and containing the regime. Don’t miss this special episode featuring a strong pro-Israel Congresswoman whose moral clarity is second to none.

CUFI Weekly: Palestinian Terrorists Kill 14 Innocents in Past 30 Days

After committing more than 5,000 attacks in 2022, Palestinian terrorists continue to try to kill as many innocent people as possible, and have slain 14 Israelis in the past month. In this week’s episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim discusses this recent spate of attacks and the world’s shameful silence in the face of Palestinian terrorism.

CUFI Weekly: Iran Continues to Wreak Havoc Around the World

Iran is deepening its military ties with Russia and China, increasing its support for terrorism, and advancing its nuclear program. In this week’s episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim breaks down the latest Iranian efforts to spread death and destruction while discussing the responsibility we have to confront the Islamic Republic’s deadly and menacing behavior.

CUFI Weekly: Israel’s Enemies Chant Death While Israel Saves Lives

Israel has endured shocking terror attacks over the last few weeks, and yet when tragedy struck Turkey and Syria, Israel was one of the first countries to respond with lifesaving aid. What are the values that drive Israel to protect life—even of its enemies? What is feeding the continued hatred of Israel, and how are Israelis and Palestinians suffering because of it? Watch to learn more

CUFI Weekly: Why do Christian Zionists Support Israel?

Millions of Christians support the Jewish state. What are their reasons? Pastor and theologian, Dylan Manley confronts the many persistent myths surrounding Christian Zionism, while explaining the true and biblical reasons for Christian support for the Jewish state, based on God’s unchanging character and eternal promises. Watch to learn more!

CUFI Weekly – Jerusalem Terror Attacks: Who is Behind Them?

Several fatal terror attacks targeting Jewish families and synagogue services have rocked Israel over the last week. Zina Rakhamilova joins us from Jerusalem with a special report on these events, as well as the shocking reality of how the Palestinian Authority and other bad actors are radicalizing young Palestinians to commit and celebrate these murders of innocent Jews. Watch to learn more about how your participation in CUFI helps ensure Israel is able to defend itself and its citizens of all backgrounds from these horrific, antisemitic attacks.

CUFI Weekly: A message from Holocaust survivor Irving Roth

Please watch this video to hear from our friend, the late Irving Roth, who survived Auschwitz and dedicated his life to ensuring his story—and millions like his—served as a warning to this generation and the next: Antisemitism is not a thing of the past. It is a very real evil that persists in our midst.

While its shades and masks have shifted and mutated in the seven or so decades since Auschwitz, at its core, antisemitism remains the same: hatred for Jews. What begins as words of vitriol, bred in ignorance, soon enough, legitimizes murder.

As Irving said, in times such as these, there is no such thing as a bystander—not really. We each have a responsibility to fight against darkness and shine a light on antisemitism.

CUFI Weekly: Who is Funding Palestinian Terrorism?

Today, the Palestinian Authority continues their “pay to slay” policy, which rewards terrorists and their families based on how many innocent Israelis they kill or injure in a terror attack. Learn how your support for CUFI helps ensure that we continue to demand that American dollars are not sent to entities that use them to perpetuate terrorism.

CUFI Weekly: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Pro-Israel Legacy

The great Civil Rights activist, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for true equality, and against hatred and bigotry of all kinds. He was outspoken in his support for Israel and the Jewish people, and against antisemitism. Today, antisemitism is on the rise. Hear how you can continue in Dr. King’s tradition of standing up for Israel and the Jewish people, and against all forms of hatred and bigotry.

CUFI Weekly: What is Happening on College Campuses?

Tomorrow’s leaders are in today’s classrooms. Hear from Jessica Marzucco, Director of CUFI on Campus, as she explains the shocking realities of today’s college campuses. Learn how CUFI is equipping Christian students across the nation to stand up for truth, Israel, and the Jewish people.

CUFI Weekly: See the Impact YOU Have Made This Year!

Because of you, CUFI has had a tremendous impact this year. See how your dedication and support helped advance Holocaust education at the state level, opposed BDS, aided Ukrainian refugees, and much more. You have made a profound impact in keeping Israel and the Jewish people safe.

As we close out 2022, we want to say thank you. As Israel’s enemies grow bolder, we are prepared– with your help– to stand strong in Israel’s defense in 2023.

CUFI Weekly: What is it Like to Celebrate Christmas in the Jewish State?

Join our Israeli friend, Zina Rakhamilova, COO of Social Lite Creative, as she takes us to Jaffa, Nazareth, and Jerusalem, where we see firsthand the safety and freedom that Israeli Christians find in the Jewish state.

While Christians in neighboring countries are heavily persecuted, especially at Christmastime, they are free to celebrate and worship as they choose in the State of Israel. As we remember the reason for this holiday that is deeply meaningful, we are thankful that the Christians of Israel can celebrate publicly in safety and freedom.

CUFI Weekly: Understanding Hanukkah in under Five Minutes

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, we learn that there’s more to Hanukkah than meets the eye. From understanding the two miracles this holiday celebrates to learning the secret origins of the dreidel game, the story of Hanukkah has a lot to teach us. Take five minutes and check out this fascinating and delightful edition of CUFI Weekly.

CUFI Weekly: Small Town Holocaust Education has a Big Impact

In this week’s edition of the CUFI Weekly, we meet the students and teachers of Whitwell, TN Middle School who, 20 years ago, decided to create a visual reminder of the Holocaust’s human toll. 11 million people were murdered by the Nazis. 6 million were Jews. So, the students of Whitwell collected paper clips to represent the 11 million people killed, and the impact of this project has been tremendous.

Click here to watch this inspiring edition of the CUFI Weekly.

CUFI Weekly: Kanye, Kyrie, and Billions in Western Aid Feeding Antisemitism

Israelis and Jewish people throughout the world are increasingly under attack. What is the connection between Western aid, antisemitic media, and the record levels of violence toward Jewish people around the globe?

Watch to learn more about the celebrities, media, and policies that continue to push new antisemitic narratives into the culture.

Learn how Christians can speak up and act in defense of Israel and the Jewish people.

CUFI Weekly: Africans Honoring Israel

Today on the CUFI Weekly, be inspired by the beauty of the 9th annual African Night to Honor Israel. Learn about the deep connection Africans feel with Israel, and the biblical reasons they support Israel and the Jewish people in these times.

While Israel’s enemies attempt to divide her friends, see how support for Israel based on biblical values brings us all together.

CUFI Weekly: Honoring Our Veterans

This Veterans Day, CUFI honors those who have served our country and kept us safe. In this episode of CUFI Weekly, hear the compelling testimonies of five veterans as they discuss their service and the meaning of Veterans Day.

Watch now to learn about the deep connection they feel with Israel and those who serve in the IDF.

We thank and honor those who have served in the ongoing struggle to preserve freedom and democracy at home and abroad.

CUFI Action Fund: The Tip of the Spear

Because of CUFI’s members, the U.S.-Israel relationship is strong. But there is always more to do. Meet the team working in Washington, D.C. every day to ensure your voice is heard on Capitol Hill and beyond.

In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim talks with Sandra H. Parker, Chairwoman of the CUFI Action Fund.

Watch to learn more about how CUFI members are helping ensure our leaders in D.C. continue to support Israel and the Jewish people while educating key decision-makers about what is at stake, at home and abroad.

Kanye’s Dangerous Antisemitism

Who is defending Kanye’s antisemitic comments?

In the wake of a series of comments in which Kanye West double and tripled down on antisemitic rhetoric, sportswear giant Adidas dropped him. Yet others are taking the unconscionable stance of defending these hateful comments.

In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim explains the dangers of excusing or tolerating antisemitism in any form.

Watch to learn more about why Christians must stand up and speak out against this hatred.