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A Foiled Iranian Terror Plot—On U.S. Soil

Iranian Terror Plot in Washington, DC.
Imagine being lured from your home to be taken hostage and used as a political pawn. Since 1979, Iran has repeatedly imprisoned Americans on trumped up charges only to release them after months, sometimes years, of negotiations. The Islamic Republic employs this tactic to make demands of the U.S., using the hostages as international leverage.

Hezbollah: Iran’s Terrorist Army on Israel’s Border

This week, find out what happened when the IDF seized dozens of weapons being smuggled into Israel from Lebanon and how Hezbollah, the world’s most deadly terrorist organization, targets Israel and her people. Tune in to stay informed so you can be an effective defender of Israel. For Zion’s sake, do not remain silent.

Why the US-Israel Relationship is Our Best Investment

What happened when terrorists hijacked a Tel Aviv-based plane and held dozens of Israelis hostage in Uganda? And what does that have to do with Americans?

Deal or No Deal: What Iran’s New President Has to Do With You

Tune in for everything you need to know about Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi, and CUFI’s stance on a new Iran Deal. For Zion’s sake, do not hold your peace.

The Hamas-Israel War Was Israel’s Fault—Right?

You’ve probably heard about the recent war between Hamas and Israel. But did you know that Israel started the war? At least, that is what the media, which demonized Israel throughout the conflict and in the weeks since, would have you believe.

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