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CUFI Weekly: Who is Funding Palestinian Terrorism?

Today, the Palestinian Authority continues their “pay to slay” policy, which rewards terrorists and their families based on how many innocent Israelis they kill or injure in a terror attack. Learn how your support for CUFI helps ensure that we continue to demand that American dollars are not sent to entities that use them to perpetuate terrorism.

CUFI Weekly: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Pro-Israel Legacy

The great Civil Rights activist, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for true equality, and against hatred and bigotry of all kinds. He was outspoken in his support for Israel and the Jewish people, and against antisemitism. Today, antisemitism is on the rise. Hear how you can continue in Dr. King’s tradition of standing up for Israel and the Jewish people, and against all forms of hatred and bigotry.

CUFI Weekly: What is Happening on College Campuses?

Tomorrow’s leaders are in today’s classrooms. Hear from Jessica Marzucco, Director of CUFI on Campus, as she explains the shocking realities of today’s college campuses. Learn how CUFI is equipping Christian students across the nation to stand up for truth, Israel, and the Jewish people.

CUFI Weekly: See the Impact YOU Have Made This Year!

Because of you, CUFI has had a tremendous impact this year. See how your dedication and support helped advance Holocaust education at the state level, opposed BDS, aided Ukrainian refugees, and much more. You have made a profound impact in keeping Israel and the Jewish people safe.

As we close out 2022, we want to say thank you. As Israel’s enemies grow bolder, we are prepared– with your help– to stand strong in Israel’s defense in 2023.

CUFI Weekly: What is it Like to Celebrate Christmas in the Jewish State?

Join our Israeli friend, Zina Rakhamilova, COO of Social Lite Creative, as she takes us to Jaffa, Nazareth, and Jerusalem, where we see firsthand the safety and freedom that Israeli Christians find in the Jewish state.

While Christians in neighboring countries are heavily persecuted, especially at Christmastime, they are free to celebrate and worship as they choose in the State of Israel. As we remember the reason for this holiday that is deeply meaningful, we are thankful that the Christians of Israel can celebrate publicly in safety and freedom.

CUFI Weekly: Understanding Hanukkah in under Five Minutes

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, we learn that there’s more to Hanukkah than meets the eye. From understanding the two miracles this holiday celebrates to learning the secret origins of the dreidel game, the story of Hanukkah has a lot to teach us. Take five minutes and check out this fascinating and delightful edition of CUFI Weekly.

CUFI Weekly: Small Town Holocaust Education has a Big Impact

In this week’s edition of the CUFI Weekly, we meet the students and teachers of Whitwell, TN Middle School who, 20 years ago, decided to create a visual reminder of the Holocaust’s human toll. 11 million people were murdered by the Nazis. 6 million were Jews. So, the students of Whitwell collected paper clips to represent the 11 million people killed, and the impact of this project has been tremendous.

Click here to watch this inspiring edition of the CUFI Weekly.

CUFI Weekly: Kanye, Kyrie, and Billions in Western Aid Feeding Antisemitism

Israelis and Jewish people throughout the world are increasingly under attack. What is the connection between Western aid, antisemitic media, and the record levels of violence toward Jewish people around the globe?

Watch to learn more about the celebrities, media, and policies that continue to push new antisemitic narratives into the culture.

Learn how Christians can speak up and act in defense of Israel and the Jewish people.

CUFI Weekly: Africans Honoring Israel

Today on the CUFI Weekly, be inspired by the beauty of the 9th annual African Night to Honor Israel. Learn about the deep connection Africans feel with Israel, and the biblical reasons they support Israel and the Jewish people in these times.

While Israel’s enemies attempt to divide her friends, see how support for Israel based on biblical values brings us all together.

CUFI Weekly: Honoring Our Veterans

This Veterans Day, CUFI honors those who have served our country and kept us safe. In this episode of CUFI Weekly, hear the compelling testimonies of five veterans as they discuss their service and the meaning of Veterans Day.

Watch now to learn about the deep connection they feel with Israel and those who serve in the IDF.

We thank and honor those who have served in the ongoing struggle to preserve freedom and democracy at home and abroad.

CUFI Action Fund: The Tip of the Spear

Because of CUFI’s members, the U.S.-Israel relationship is strong. But there is always more to do. Meet the team working in Washington, D.C. every day to ensure your voice is heard on Capitol Hill and beyond.

In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim talks with Sandra H. Parker, Chairwoman of the CUFI Action Fund.

Watch to learn more about how CUFI members are helping ensure our leaders in D.C. continue to support Israel and the Jewish people while educating key decision-makers about what is at stake, at home and abroad.

Kanye’s Dangerous Antisemitism

Who is defending Kanye’s antisemitic comments?

In the wake of a series of comments in which Kanye West double and tripled down on antisemitic rhetoric, sportswear giant Adidas dropped him. Yet others are taking the unconscionable stance of defending these hateful comments.

In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim explains the dangers of excusing or tolerating antisemitism in any form.

Watch to learn more about why Christians must stand up and speak out against this hatred.

Israel and African Countries Working Together

What are the astonishing new developments between Israel and African countries? And who is trying to undermine those relationships? In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim talks with CUFI Regional Coordinator, Abel Taye, who shares his views, speaking from his own experience growing up in Africa.

Watch to learn more about how Israel and African countries are working together to improve the lives of Africans, working toward a better future for all in the region.

Antisemitism: A Test of Deeper Societal Problems

In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim talks with Professor Dina Porat, professor emeritus of modern Jewish history at the Department of Jewish History at Tel Aviv University and the chief historian of Yad Vashem, about the dangers of rising antisemitism.

Watch to learn more about how antisemitism is a test of deeper societal problems, how it has made inroads into our educational system, and the destruction it causes when left unopposed.

How the UN is Erasing Israel’s History

From the halls of Academia to the United Nations, Israel’s history is under attack. Join us on a tour with Ze’ev Orenstein, Director of International Affairs at the City of David, who will show you what they don’t want you to see: The stunning proof of the Jewish presence in the land for thousands of years, just as the Bible says.

Watch to learn more!

How Jewish Families Celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Starting at sundown this Sunday evening, Jewish families in Israel and around the world celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. In this CUFI Weekly, Co-Executive Director Shari Dollinger explains more about this beautiful holiday, as well the deeply meaningful week following, which focuses on repentance, forgiveness, and remembering who you are, culminating in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

Watch to learn more!

The Friendship Between Israel and the Hispanic Community is Under Attack

In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim talks with Pastor Daniel Gonzalez about the natural friendship between Israel and the Hispanic community. Pastor Gonzalez warns about who is seeking to undermine that friendship and why.

Watch to learn more about rising Communism in Latin America, its role in the surge of antisemitism, and the educational resources CUFI offers!

Israel and Christians: Saving Syrian Lives Together

How are international Christians and Israelis coming together to save Syrians’ lives?

In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim talks with Dalton Thomas, Founder and President of Frontier Alliance International to hear the behind the scenes story of this lifesaving collaboration between Israel and international Christians.

When it comes to saving lives and blessing the world, Christians like you have a role to play.

Watch to learn more.

One Friendship That Changed the World

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim Hafeez sits down with Rabbi Scheinberg’s son, Rabbi Avraham Scheinberg who takes us on a tour of his synagogue, and discusses his father, the remarkable friendship between him and Pastor Hagee, and the recent credible threat against the Jewish community of San Antonio.

Thanks to you, Jewish communities around the world, from San Antonio to Kyiv to Jerusalem, know that they have true friends in the world. Watch this episode to learn more about this incredible friendship.

Iran: A Threat to Israeli and American Communities

In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim Hafeez exposes Iran’s murderous agenda in Israeli and American communities alike.

While these attacks may be thousands of miles apart, they have one common denominator: Iran’s tyrannical regime, bent on destroying everything we hold to be true and good.

Learn how you can make an impact to defend Israel from attack while reminding those at home who would undermine the U.S.-Israel relationship that there are consequences for doing so.

Speak Out for Israel at CUFI’s Summit

Have you ever been to a CUFI Summit? It’s the premier pro-Israel event of the year, and for good reason! Not only do CUFI members hear from U.S. and Israeli officials, Middle East experts, and Members of Congress, but they also meet with their elected officials to make their voices heard for Zion’s sake.

Attending CUFI’s Washington Summit is one of the best ways you can stand up and speak out for Israel and the Jewish people.

Tune in to this week’s episode of the CUFI Weekly for a recap of this year’s conference and to find out the important reasons why CUFI shows up in our nation’s capital year after year.

Threats to Israel: Home and Abroad

As over 1,000 CUFI members gathered in our nation’s capital to stand with Israel and the Jewish people at CUFI’s annual Summit, the threats to the Jewish state loomed large—both abroad and here in the U.S.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, get an update on recent events related to Israel and the broader Middle East and find out how you can make a difference for Zion’s sake.

Tune in now.

The History of Tel Aviv

How did Tel Aviv go from sand dunes to the cultural, industrial hub of the Middle East?

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, learn more about the history of one of Israel’s premier cities and how it played a key role in the establishment of Israel’s independence.

Tune in now.

Life Under Fire

If you visit a children’s playground in an Israeli community on the Gaza border, you will notice a marked difference from U.S. playgrounds: bomb shelters.

In this episode, Kasim shows you the reality of living under the brutal shadow of terrorism from Hamas and their sponsors in Iran.

Tune in now to see why we must speak up in defense of Israel and the Jewish people.

CUFI Weekly: Tackling Terror, Treasuring Freedom

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim commemorates the anniversary of the Entebbe raid, a stunning IDF military operation that resulted in the successful rescue of over 100 Israeli hostages. As we prepare to celebrate our freedom as Americans, we must remember our blessings and commit to standing with our ally, Israel, against terror.

Tune in to learn more.

The Iranian Threat to Israeli Tourists

Last week, breaking news in Turkey alerted the world to yet another of Iran’s insidious schemes to target Israel and Jews—simply because they are Jewish—as an Iranian plot to murder Israeli tourists in Istanbul was foiled.

In the wake of the ongoing Iranian threat to Israelis in Turkey, Israel’s security establishment has become increasingly concerned for the safety of Israelis in other countries as well.

Tune in to get caught up on Iran’s latest malevolent actions and how you can help ensure Israel is secure and her people are safe.

Jaffa: The Gateway to Israel

The Israeli port city Jaffa has rich biblical history. The place from which Jonah sailed to Tarshish to escape God’s call, Jaffa has been significant in Israeli history from the Old Testament to the New Testament up to the establishment
of the modern State of Israel.

Find out more about this incredible city with ancient roots in this week’s
episode of the CUFI Weekly.

Tune in now.

Uncommon Courage: Israel’s Six Day War

In 1967, five Arab armies attacked Israel. Over the course of six days, Israel miraculously managed not only to survive but to thrive, beating back the invaders and gaining control of new territory, including the Old City of Jerusalem. Today, Israel’s enemies still seek to wipe the Jewish state off the map, and battles between good versus evil wage on across the globe.

Are you being courageous and speaking out for good?

Tune in now to learn more about the Six Day War and how you can speak out for Israel and America.

What’s Really Happening in Sheikh Jarrah?

In May 2021, Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood located in East Jerusalem, made headlines. Anti-Israel activists claimed that Hamas fired hundreds of rockets at Israel in response to the allegedly unjust evictions of Palestinian families from the neighborhood.

But what’s really going on in Sheikh Jarrah?

In this episode, join Kasim in East Jerusalem to find out.

Operation Solomon: Israel Rescues 14,325 Ethiopian Jews

What do you do when you see people in need?

In 1991, as rebel forces, closed in on the capital of Ethiopia during their decades-long civil war, find out what Israel did to rescue thousands of Ethiopian Jews and bring them safely to Israel. Operation Solomon reminds us of the true heart of Israel and is just one of the many stories you won’t hear in the media.