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CUFI Weekly: Massive DC March Displays US Solidarity with Israel

This week in DC, Pastor Hagee addressed a crowd of nearly 300,000 pro-Israel Americans in the nation’s capital, united against antisemitism and unwavering in their defense of Jewish people everywhere. The march with Israel sends a clear message to Jew haters nationwide: Americans support Israel and her people.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim explains the importance of this demonstration and why Americans must remain vocal in their defense of Israel.

CUFI Weekly: Fight Back Against Hamas Supporters in the U.S.

From thousands of “activists” gathering in Washington to condemn Israel to numerous stories of Jewish college students being harassed and threatened Jew hatred is on full display across the country in recent weeks. But we can fight back!

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim shares an opportunity on November 14 for defenders of Israel to reject antisemitism and reveal their unwavering support for Israel and the Jewish people in DC.

CUFI Weekly: Antisemitic Threats and Attacks Increase Globally

Antisemitism spiked to record levels worldwide this week. While synagogues and Jewish schools received death threats, and students and professors spread vile antisemitic rhetoric on U.S. campuses, pogroms in Russia and Jew hatred in Europe were all on full display.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim reveals how you can stand up for Israel and against Jew hatred right now.

CUFI Weekly: Hamas Supporters on US College Campuses

Jew hatred has skyrocketed online and in public across America. Following Hamas’s barbaric October 7 massacre, pro-Hamas demonstrators across the U.S. have come out in support of the attack and terrorist sympathizers have come out to intimidate Jewish students on college campuses.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim encourages action and offers solutions to combat the rising tide of antisemitism across the United States.

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CUFI Weekly: Hamas Has Support in the United States

Less than two weeks after Hamas’s vicious massacre of innocent Israelis, the international media was all too happy to baselessly attack Israel and across the country we’ve seen college students and others expressing support for Hamas.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim explains why Christians must counter the pro-Hamas narrative by spreading the truth everywhere we can.

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CUFI Weekly: Israel at War

The October 7th Hamas massacre was the deadliest day in Jewish history since the Holocaust. In this edition of the CUFI Weekly, we discuss the horrific violence, the ensuing war, and what we can do to stand with Israel, in this her darkest hour.

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CUFI Weekly: By Funding Lebanese Armed Forces, America Funds Terrorism

Last week, a proposed measure was brought to the House floor that, if passed, would halt American funding of the Lebanese Armed Forces which is often allied with the terrorist group, Hezbollah. Unfortunately, the measure failed.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, learn how American funding of Hezbollah via the LAF affects Israeli citizens and why Americans should be outraged.

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Top U.S. Officials Involved in Iranian Influence Operation

This week, an explosive report emerged about a successful, high-level Iranian operation that used key American academics and officials to influence American policy towards Tehran. Both the Obama and Biden administrations appear to have been penetrated by these pro-Iran political operatives.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, find out just how deep this scandal goes and how impactful this Iranian operation has been.

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The “Butcher of Tehran” Scolds the West

At the UN this week, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi – often referred to as the “Butcher of Tehran” – lectured Western nations and admonished the U.S. for exiting the Iran nuclear accords. Meanwhile, UN personnel escorted Gilad Erdan, Israeli Ambassador to the UN, off the floor for protesting the tyrant’s speech.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim describes the importance of Erdan’s courageous stand against the UN’s hypocrisy.

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United States Negotiates with Terrorist Regime

In this week’s episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim examines the spread of Iran’s tentacles as the Islamic Republic builds an airport in Lebanon, just 12 miles from the Israeli border. Also, this week. the United States government has agreed to pay an emboldened Iran $6 billion of frozen funds in exchange for the release of American hostages. Find out how these events increase threats to Israelis and Americans.

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UNESCO Attempts to Rewrite Biblical History

Joshua 6 relays the historical account of how God unequivocally claimed Jericho for the people of Israel. However, this month, UNESCO will vote to name Jericho as a Palestinian heritage site to delegitimize Israel, the Jewish people, and their history. This vote is also an affront to Christians worldwide whose spiritual lineage is fundamentally tied to Israel and the Jewish people.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim explains the significance of this vote for both Jews and Christians and offers ways that Christians cam make their voices heard.

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CUFI Weekly: CUFI’s Grassroots Army

Grassroots education and activism are at the heart of everything CUFI does. In this week’s edition of the CUFI Weekly, we get a chance to watch highlights from CUFI’s Sunday evening Night to Honor Israel in North Dakota. With hundreds of attendees coming from all four corners of the state, and both North Dakota Senators on hand to deliver remarks, this event exemplifies the energy and impact of CUFI’s grassroots efforts in the heartland.

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CUFI Weekly: How Can You Help the People of Israel

This week, Shay Silas Nigreker (60), his 28-year-old son Aviad Nir (28), as well as Batsheva Nigri (42) were gunned down in two separate attacks by Palestinian terrorists. Where is the international outrage?

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim answers this question and explains how you can be a part of the solution.

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CUFI Weekly: Middle East Terror Groups Unite against Israel

Two terrorist groups with a shared hatred for Israel met this week in Gaza to discuss strengthening their bilateral relationship. Meanwhile, world leaders and the media have remained largely silent regarding the implications of the meeting.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim describes the imminent threat that unification between these groups poses to Israelis and Palestinians.

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CUFI Weekly: Middle East Terror and the Deceptive Media

This week Israeli patrolman Chen Amir (of blessed memory) gave his life to protect others in a terror attack in Tel Aviv. The terrorist who killed Amir was from the West Bank area of Jenin where terrorists are funded and trained to kill Israeli citizens.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim contrasts media coverage of this week’s attack versus last month’s IDF operation in Jenin to root out terrorists.

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CUFI Weekly – The SHIP Act: Halting the Spread of Iran’s Global Terror

Since its inception in 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxies have initiated international violence, intimidation, and terror. Despite sanctions imposed to limit the sale of Iranian oil, Iran still manages to illicitly transport and sell oil to fund its nuclear program, terror attacks, and brutalization of Iranian citizens.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, learn how CUFI is partnering with lawmakers to stop the sale of Iranian oil through the SHIP Act.

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CUFI Weekly – The CHAI Act: Defending Israel and Combatting Antisemitism

During the 2023 CUFI Summit, over 1,000 CUFI members introduced the CHAI Act to legislators on Capitol Hill to ensure our taxpayer dollars do not subsidize the effort to economically boycott Israel into extinction.
In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim describes how the CHAI Act will combat the discriminatory BDS movement that seeks to destroy the world’s only Jewish State. Find out how you can join the fight.
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CUFI Weekly: Bigotry Toward Israel in Congress

This week, Israeli President Isaac Herzog addressed Congress, but several members of Congress boycotted his remarks.
In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim discusses the antisemitism harbored by certain elected officials and how Christians can combat this bigotry.
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CUFI Weekly: IDF Operation in Jenin Aims to Curb Terror

The IDF launched its largest operation in 20 years in Jenin this week to curb the violence that has killed 50 Israelis over the past 12 months.
In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim shows how Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad use the Jenin refugee camp as a base to enact terror against Israeli civilians. But who does the world blame for this violence?
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CUFI Weekly: Iranian Terror Plots against Israel Exposed

This week, an Iranian terror threat was thwarted in Cyprus while Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists assembled a camp inside Israeli territory.
In this week’s episode of CUFI Weekly, hear Senior Director of Policy and Communications Ari Morgenstern explain why Israel may be compelled to use military force if diplomatic dealings with Israel’s aggressors prove ineffectual.

CUFI Weekly – Sixteen Years Under Hamas Rule

While politicians, celebrities, and influencers condemn Israel for protecting its citizens, why will they not speak out against the brutality that the people of Gaza live under daily?
In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim discusses the dismal conditions Palestinians endure on the 16th anniversary of Hamas’ takeover of the Gaza Strip.
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CUFI Weekly – Lone Wolf Attack on Israel-Egypt Border, but Ties Remain Strong

This week, three Israeli soldiers were tragically shot dead by an Egyptian terrorist days after a father of two was shot and killed by Palestinian terrorists.
In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim reveals the complex obstacles Israel faces in protecting its citizens from outside and inside its borders.
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CUFI Weekly: Protecting Christian Heritage in Israel

How does Israel preserve the Christian heritage while other Middle Eastern nations destroy it?
In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim answers this question and explains why Christians must stand with Israel to ensure the continued protection of our Christian heritage in the Holy Land.
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CUFI Weekly: Don’t the people of the Middle East deserve better?

Over the last weekend Hezbollah invited journalists to the Israeli-Lebanese border to watch as the group practiced charging Israeli positions. What was the purpose of this demonstration and why is it significant? Find out in this episode of the CUFI Weekly with Kasim Hafeez.

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CUFI Weekly: Just How Close the Danger Is

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim shows the proximity of Hezbollah huts in Lebanon near the Israeli border and explains why Israel must defend itself against terrorists committed to her destruction.
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CUFI Weekly: Operation Shield and Arrow

Israel’s military forces commenced Operation Shield and Arrow this week to address the near constant barrage of terror threatening her people. As Israel defends herself, many are demonizing the Jewish state for protecting its citizens while excusing terrorist groups that celebrate death and destruction.
Learn more about these events in this episode of CUFI Weekly.
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CUFI Weekly: Death of a Terrorist, Birth of a Martyr

Following the death of a Palestinian terrorist leader in an Israeli prison as a result of a hunger strike, terrorist organizations have attacked the Jewish state and international organizations are venerating the deceased militant.
In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim explains the situation as well as the methods terrorist organizations use to perpetuate violence and hatred against Israel.
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CUFI Weekly: Israel Stops to Mourn and Remember

This week, Israelis celebrate two important national holidays – Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day) and Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day). Sirens around the country sound twice during these back-to-back holidays while the nation stands still, once to mourn and the next to remember.
In this week’s episode of the CUFI Weekly, Shari Dollinger describes these moments and explains why both holidays are significant for the State of Israel.
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CUFI Weekly: Rising Antisemitism on Holocaust Memorial Day

Sirens sounded in Israel at 10 a.m. on Tuesday for Yom HaShoah – Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day. Every year on this day, the entire State of Israel pauses for one minute to remember the horrors of the Holocaust and the six million Jews who were slaughtered by the Nazis. No worse catastrophe can be described by the Jewish people who vow that never again will they allow their people to endure such suffering. Yet in 2023, antisemitic threats against the Jewish people and the State of Israel are on the rise. In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim Hafeez describes the surge of antisemitic speech and publications throughout America and around the world.
Silence in the face of antisemitism and demonization of Israel means complicity with those who wish to harm the Jewish people. Who will stand up and speak out for them today?
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CUFI Weekly: Escalating Terrorist Attacks on Israel

This week, Israelis brace themselves against the worst rocket attack in years and intensifying conflict on the Temple Mount. As the Iron Dome missile defense system protects citizens from rocket and mortar attacks from two fronts targeting Israeli citizens, and Israeli police clash with rioters, how is the news media responding? In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim discusses the terrorist organizations behind these attacks, responses to violence by Israeli police forces, and the media’s news coverage on these events. Tune in now.