Hezbollah is one of the deadliest terror groups in the world. They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans since the 1980s. They were founded, trained, and armed by Iran’s government and are commissioned with the destruction of Israel. Based in Lebanon along Israel’s northern border, Hezbollah has become the dominant political force in Lebanon and launches attacks against Israel from deep within civilian population centers. The terrorist organization has grown in size and sophistication, gaining experience in warfare through its involvement in the Syrian civil war, and is now more threatening to Israel than it has ever been in the past.

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U.S. sanctions Lebanon money exchanger for alleged ties to Hezbollah

The U.S. Treasury said on Tuesday it was placing sanctions on Lebanese money exchanger Hassan Moukalled and his business for alleged financial ties to blacklisted group Hezbollah.
Its announcement said Moukalled was a financial adviser to Iranian-backed Hezbollah, which is also designated by the United States, and carried out financial…

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Hezbollah, Iran’s next move as Lebanon’s politics reach an impasse – analysis

A judge investigating the 2020 Beirut port explosion resumed his work this week in a surprise that may cast a shadow over key figures in Lebanon.

Judge Tarek Bitar has been slammed by Hezbollah in the past and his work had been interrupted since December 2021. The news of the continued work by the judge comes as Lebanon still lacks a new…

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Hezbollah built 20-plus posts along border with Israel

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization has built more than 20 observation and guard posts along the Israel-Lebanon border over the past year.

According to U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 Second Lebanon War between the IDF and Hezbollah, the terrorist group is forbidden from operating near the frontier.

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UN envoy thanks Hezbollah terror group, draws rebuke from Israeli officials: ‘Is this real?’

A United Nations official on Monday thanked a representative of Hezbollah for giving her a “tour d’horizon” of Lebanese issues, drawing a rebuke from Israeli officials.
Joanna Wronecka, the U.N.’s special coordinator for Lebanon, tweeted her thanks to Ammar Moussawi, head of international relations for Hezbollah, which is designated as a…

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Hezbollah in Lebanon: Israel’s greatest threat on its quietest border

An IDF soldier slips into a grassy spot next to a tree to gain a concealed position.

Two Hezbollah border spies appear for a moment from behind a tree on their side of the Lebanese border and then briskly fade into the shadows.

It is a slow and constantly unfolding chess match.

Luckily, however, it is only an IDF drill to bolster Israel’s…

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Report: Israel targeted secret Hezbollah drone site in Syria strike this week

The Israeli Air Force struck a clandestine drone research and development site belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group in Syria earlier this week, according to a Thursday report by the Saudi-funded al-Arabiya network and its sister channel al-Hadath.

Citing unnamed sources, al-Arabiya said Israeli jets struck the Hezbollah site at the…

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Iraq – Kataib Hezbollah

Kataib Hezbollah (Brigade for the Party of Allah) is an Iraqi Shia militia that was formed in 2003, serving as an umbrella organization for several Shiite militia groups, until 2007 when it announced a merge into a single organization.

Trained and armed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the group gained notoriety after attacking American and…

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Hezbollah (Party of Allah) was Iran’s first proxy and is the most powerful. The Lebanese terror organization was founded by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the early 1980s. It is responsible for several suicide bombings against U.S. personnel and facilities in Lebanon and has seized dozens of foreign hostages, including more than a dozen…


Hezbollah founder dies of coronavirus


Ali Akbar Mohtashamipour, a Shiite cleric who is considered a founder of Hezbollah, died Monday of the coronavirus.

Mohtashamipour died at a northern Tehran hospital after becoming ill with COVID-19, according to the state-run IRNA news agency, cited by The Associated Press.

Mohtashamipour established alliances with Muslim…


Austria recognizes all of Hezbollah as a terror group


Austria recognized Hezbollah’s political arm as a terror organization, after having outlawed its military wing.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has campaigned for European nations to recognize both the military and political wing of the Iranian proxy group based in Lebanon as a terror organization.

It thanked Austria Friday for its…


IDF downs Hezbollah drone that crossed into Israeli territory from Lebanon


Israeli soldiers on Tuesday downed a drone belonging to Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror organization after it entered Israeli airspace, the military said.

Soldiers also located a second drone that was downed on the Israel-Lebanon border several months ago, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

“The drone was under…


Hezbollah steps up preparations for Lebanon’s collapse


Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror organization is advancing its preparations for the possibility that the state may collapse, Reuters reported on Friday.

The group is expanding its food ration card system, importing medicine and preparing storage for fuel to be delivered by the organization’s patron, Iran, the report said.

These steps…


IDF Gets Ready For Hezbollah Along The Israeli-Lebanese Border


The IDF has reorganized the way it responds to alerts and deploys troops along the border with Lebanon amid growing concern of a possible confrontation with Hezbollah, senior officers told The Jerusalem Post.

The IDF changes — led by the 91st Galilee Division – were done in recent months, in which the unit carried out significant…


Hezbollah Chief: In Case Of War, ‘Israel Will Experience Things Never Seen Since Its Formation’

Hezbollah’s chief issued stark warning to Jewish state following a recent IDF intelligence report

Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah issued a warning to Israel Tuesday night following its conclusion of a massive air force drill simulating war in the north.
“No one can promise that a game of ‘days of battle’ will not…


IDF Launches Surprise Air Exercise To Prepare For War With Hezbollah


In an effort to prepare for a possible war in the North, the IDF announced early Monday morning that the Air Force had started the “Vered Hagalil” surprise exercise.

The drill, that started on Sunday and operated under the directive of the Israeli Air Force chief Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin, is designed to improve Air Force readiness…


New Report Exposes Hezbollah Missile Sites Near Beirut Charity-Run Schools


A new report has shed light on Hezbollah’s systematic use of civilian infrastructure to shield its missile storage and launch sites in Lebanon.

The report, produced by the Israeli Alma Research and Education Center for geopolitical affairs, highlights a social charity called the Islamic Shiite Waqf Committee in Burj al Barajneh…


Prominent Hezbollah Critic Shot Dead

Activist and intellectual Lokman Slim was found in his car near the southern Lebanese city of Sidon

A prominent Lebanese activist and intellectual known for his opposition to the Shiite Iranian proxy Hezbollah was found dead in his car in the country’s south on Thursday, a security official said, reported AFP.
Lokman Slim, a…


Hezbollah Aggression Against Israel ‘Increasingly Likely,’ IDF Official Says

‘Chances of a sudden, full-blown escalation are on the increase’

A resumption of aggression by the Shi’ite Lebanese terror group Hezbollah against targets in northern Israel is merely a matter of time, a senior Israel Defense Forces (IDF) official told the Hebrew-language Israel Hayom news site on Friday.
The official, who was…