At CUFI, we are focused on several key issues with the goal of defending Israel’s strength, security, and sovereignty.

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Talking Points

Be outraged and join us as we fight on

In the wake of President Obama receiving enough support in the Senate to uphold his disastrous Iran nuclear deal, the free world is now facing an invigorated foe. Tehran's tyrants no doubt believe that they have won.

But we must be fearless, we must stand up and we must fight on. And that is precisely what CUFI intends to do. First of all, we...

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Our Jewish friends are less safe this Yom Kippur than last year

Tonight, Jewish families all over the globe are preparing for Yom Kippur - the Day of Atonement. Yet by all accounts, our Jewish friends are less safe this Yom Kippur than last year. We live in a more perilous world than we did a month ago, a year ago, a generation ago. European Jews are being told not to wear anything that identifies them as...

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Terrorism is Terrorism

A wave of unprecedented terrorism is sweeping the globe. Our oldest ally, France, is reeling from its own “9/11” and Israelis continue to deal with stabbings, shootings, and vehicular attacks.It has been confirmed that Tashfeen Malik, the female shooter and wife of terrorist Syed Farook, had publicly pledged loyalty to ISIS.For its part, the...

ISIS Issues

ISIS Plans to Target the West


Visit to Magdala: Ancient Galilee Fishing Village Where Jesus and Disciples Walked

Christian Persecution Issues

Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer talks Palestinian Teror and Jewish Claim to Jerusalem

Christian Persecution Issues

The ISIS Genocide Against Middle East Christians


Why Should You Care About Israel?


Pastor John Hagee On Founding and Purpose of CUFI

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The Israel Collective

As most of you know, some of the largest mainline Protestant denominations have turned on Israel.  When the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) or the United Methodist Church take action relating to the Middle East, it’s to debate divesting their funds from Israel; and it is from Israel — not Iran — that they divest.  This betrayal did not happen...

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Talking Points

Corker-Menendez Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act

CUFI is deeply committed to ensuring that President Obama will not have a blank check to negotiate a bad deal with Iran that will endanger America, Israel and the West. We believe that Congress has a moral and Constitutional obligation to review any nuclear deal that is reached.

There is an important bill in Congress -- the Corker-Menendez Iran...


The Latest Palestinian Terror Wave in Jerusalem


Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer talks Palestinian Terror and Jewish Claim to Jerusalem


The Hamas Covenant

The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement was issued on August 18, 1988. The Islamic Resistance Movement, also known as the HAMAS, is an extremist fundamentalist Islamic organization operating in the territories under Israeli control. Its Covenant is a comprehensive manifesto comprised of 36 separate articles, all of which promote the basic...


HLMG Assessment of the 2014 Gaza Conflict

The High Level Military Group (HLMG) consists of military leaders and officials from NATO and other democratic countries exploring the challenges of 21 Century warfare.

It was formed in early 2015 with a mandate to examine Israel’s conduct of the 2014 Gaza Conflict, in the context of a larger project seeking to address the implications for...

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Europe is Abandoning Israel

Our goal in Christians United for Israel is to ensure that the United States continues to support our ally, Israel.  We are not a European organization, and we have never held much hope that Europe would stand up for Israel as strongly as America does.

But recent events have disappointed our already low expectations. Simply put, Europe is rapidly...

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2,000,000 Members Strong

We were pleased to announce that CUFI has reached an important milestone. Today we have surpassed the two million member mark.  We could not have reached this point without your support.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our CUFI team.

We are proud of our growing numbers.  We are also proud of our prolific activism....

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Israel’s Nuclear Program

While most Americans were focused on their upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations, the world took yet another step down the plank towards a dark abyss. As the November 24th deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran approached, the Obama Administration and its negotiating partners agreed to extend the talks yet again, this time for another seven months....

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Pray for The Peace in Israel

Early this morning, four rabbis were murdered in Jerusalem as they gathered for morning prayers. The attackers left behind bibles and prayer shawls soaked in Jewish blood. The victims left behind 24 fatherless children. Our prayers are with the victims' families.

This was a premeditated act of terrorism. The attackers -- two cousins from East...

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Talking Points on Iran and Isis

The bloodthirsty terrorists of ISIS have dominated our headlines in recent months. It is good that this evil army is getting attention. And it is good that the world is finally mobilizing to stop their murder spree.

But we must remember that ISIS is nothing new. While they may kill their opponents more graphically, they are simply the latest in a...