Hamas is a terrorist organization that primarily targets Israeli civilians. Their goal is to destroy Israel and replace Jewish sovereignty over any part of the land with radical Islamist rule. After Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza strip, Hamas won control of the territory. Since 2006, Hamas has consistently used Gaza as a launch pad for rocket and mortar attacks against Israel. In 2014, Israel discovered Hamas was digging tunnels beneath the Gazan border. Hamas uses the Palestinian people living in Gaza as human shields, diverting money and resources meant for civilians in order to support terror. While Hamas prepares for the next war by stockpiling thousands of rockets and digging new tunnels in Gaza, the organization is also working to gain control of the West Bank.

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Gaza residents speak of Hamas’ brutality amid desires for peace in the region

Violent crackdowns, arbitrary arrests, trumped-up police charges, imprisonments, and even live ammunition to deter innocent women, children and people with disabilities from demanding basic rights such as electricity are just a few of the heartbreaking testimonies from the Gaza Stripcaptured in a series of video clips published recently by the…

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IDF: Israeli jets strike underground Hamas facility in central Gaza

Israeli fighter jets targeted an underground weapons facility in the central Gaza Strip in the predawn hours of Monday in response to a rocket launch from the Palestinian enclave on Saturday evening, the military said.
The Israel Defense Forces said the targeted facility produced raw materials for manufacturing rockets and was run by the Hamas…

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As young Gazans die at sea, anger rises over Hamas leaders’ extended sojourns abroad

Khaled Shurrab had been waiting more than half his life to get out of Gaza.

The 27-year-old had never left the coastal enclave, which has been blockaded by Israel and Egypt since 2007. He couldn’t find a job — the territory’s youth unemployment rate is over 60 percent. Like a growing number of Gazans, he packed his life into a suitcase and…

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Hamas ‘fighter’ killed during armed clash with IDF in Nablus

A member of the Hamas terror group was killed as Israeli troops clashed with Palestinian gunmen in the northern West Bank early Thursday.

Ahmed Atef Mustafa Daraghmeh was mortally wounded when armed Palestinians exchanged fire with Israeli troops that entered the city of Nablus to escort Jewish worshippers to a site known as the biblical…


Hagerty: Biden Admin Awarding Hamas with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars


The Biden administration’s decision to award the Palestinian government with millions of dollars in U.S. aid violates the law and will directly benefit Hamas, the Iranian-backed terror group that recently launched a 12-day war against Israel, according to Sen. Bill Hagerty (R., Tenn.).

In an interview with the Washington Free…


Head of IDF Southern Command: ‘We’re ready for next stage’ of operation against Hamas


The head of IDF Southern Command told Israel’s Channel 13 on Thursday that the IDF is preparing for “the next stage” of Israel’s latest conflict with Hamas, which ended in a ceasefire on May 21.

Maj. Gen. Eliezer Toledano said, “The first stage of Operation Guardian of the Walls is over. We are ready for the next stage, because…


Hamas calls for Day of Rage in West Bank amid continued tensions


Hamas called for a Day of Rage in the West Bank on Friday, encouraging mass rallies by Palestinians against what it termed a “frenzied settlement attack on the West Bank,” according to the Palestinian Safa news. 

The call for a day of rage comes a day before Palestinians mark Naksa Day to commemorate the Six-Day War in 1967.


Israeli forces arrest senior Hamas member in Ramallah


Israeli security forces arrest a senior Hamas member, Sheikh Jamal Tawil, over his alleged work on behalf of the terror group in the West Bank, the Israel Defense Forces says.

According to the military, Tawil was arrested in Ramallah in a predawn raid by the IDF’s elite Duvdevan Unit and the Shin Bet security service.

“Tawil is…


Hamas Terror Spree Sparks Republican Demand That Biden Terminate Iran Nuclear Negotiations


The Iranian-backed terror group Hamas’s recent terror campaign against Israel is generating demands from Republican foreign policy leaders in Congress that the Biden administration immediately abandon its diplomacy with Iran aimed at cementing a revamped nuclear accord.

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, another Iran-backed…


IDF strikes 130 targets in Gaza Strip in response to Hamas firing 200 rockets toward Israel

Targets in the Strip include home of top Hamas commander, Hamas’s intelligence headquarters

Rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory continued into Tuesday morning following a barrage of rocket fire overnight with Hamas launching over 200 rockets aimed at Israeli territory, according to the Israel Defense Forces…


Gaza peace activist tortured by Hamas, forced to divorce over call with Israelis

Rami Aman was among activists arrested in April 2020 over group call with Israeli peace advocates

Rami Aman, a peace activist based in Gaza, was subjected to torture and forced to divorce his wife over a group call including Israelis, the Associated Press reported Thursday.
In an interview, the activist shared his account of the…


IDF: Rocket launched from Gaza Strip lands in Israeli territory

The incident comes as the Israeli public continues to head to the polls on Tuesday

A projectile launched from the Gaza Strip landed in Israeli open territory near the southern city of Beersheba on Tuesday, according to a statement released by the Israel Defense Forces.
No casualties were reported in the incident and it remains…


IDF airstrikes pound Hamas targets in retaliation for rocket fired from Gaza

Hamas rocket production plant, military post attacked in retaliation for projectile

The Israel Defense Forces struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip after a rocket landed in Israeli territory earlier on Tuesday, according to a statement by the military.
“Earlier today, a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory,”…


Why is the Gaza Strip calm these days? Hamas knows the answer


The recent relative calm on Israel’s southern border is a result of progress in talks between Hamas and Israel, senior Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip said Tuesday.

The officials also noted that the novel coronavirus outbreak, as well as the political processes that have followed the March 2 Knesset election, are also factors.


IDF completes underground wall as Israel readies for Hamas war


The IDF has completed the construction of the underground concrete wall between Israel and the Gaza Strip, as part of the effort to prevent terrorists from crossing into Israel via cross-border offensive tunnels.

The concrete wall is just one component in the 60 km.-long barrier, which also includes a fence above the ground,…


Hamas Imposes Travel Restrictions On Unmarried Women


The Supreme Sharia Court Council in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip has imposed travel restrictions on unmarried females, drawing sharp criticism from Palestinians and human-rights organizations.

In a circular issued on Sunday, the council ruled that “an unmarried female may be prevented from traveling if she did not obtain permission…


Top IDF Commander Says Hamas Has Amassed Vast Arsenal


The Hamas terror group ruling Gaza has replenished its arsenal since a 2014 war with Israel and now has a vast collection of rockets, guided missiles and drones, a senior Israeli military commander said Thursday.

According to Israeli military estimates, Hamas has some 7,000 rockets, as well as 300 anti-tank and 100 anti-aircraft…


IDF Strikes Hamas Targets After Rocket Attack From Gaza

Projectile launched from coastal enclave lands in open terrain

Israeli military targeted terror sites in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, hours after Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket into Israel.
In a tweet, the Israeli military said that IDF tanks fired at the group’s positions in retaliation for the attack….