Hamas is a terrorist organization that primarily targets Israeli civilians. Their goal is to destroy Israel and replace Jewish sovereignty over any part of the land with radical Islamist rule. After Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza strip, Hamas won control of the territory. Since 2006, Hamas has consistently used Gaza as a launch pad for rocket and mortar attacks against Israel. In 2014, Israel discovered Hamas was digging tunnels beneath the Gazan border. Hamas uses the Palestinian people living in Gaza as human shields, diverting money and resources meant for civilians in order to support terror. While Hamas prepares for the next war by stockpiling thousands of rockets and digging new tunnels in Gaza, the organization is also working to gain control of the West Bank.


Hamas Imposes Travel Restrictions On Unmarried Women


The Supreme Sharia Court Council in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip has imposed travel restrictions on unmarried females, drawing sharp criticism from Palestinians and human-rights organizations.

In a circular issued on Sunday, the council ruled that “an unmarried female may be prevented from traveling if she did not obtain permission…


Top IDF Commander Says Hamas Has Amassed Vast Arsenal


The Hamas terror group ruling Gaza has replenished its arsenal since a 2014 war with Israel and now has a vast collection of rockets, guided missiles and drones, a senior Israeli military commander said Thursday.

According to Israeli military estimates, Hamas has some 7,000 rockets, as well as 300 anti-tank and 100 anti-aircraft…


IDF Strikes Hamas Targets After Rocket Attack From Gaza

Projectile launched from coastal enclave lands in open terrain

Israeli military targeted terror sites in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, hours after Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket into Israel.
In a tweet, the Israeli military said that IDF tanks fired at the group’s positions in retaliation for the attack….


IDF Strikes Hamas In Response To Rocket Attack


Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired two rockets toward the southern Israeli city of Ashdod before dawn on Monday, which landed in the sea just off the coast of the city, the army said.

The projectiles did not trigger warning sirens, the Israel Defense Forces said. There were no injuries or damage reported.



Top Hamas Official Claims Iran’s Soleimani Gave Terror Group $22 Million In 2006

In January, Soleimani was killed in a targeted US strike on Baghdad’s international airport

The terrorist organization Hamas received more than $22 million from slain Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander Qassem Soleimani when a delegation from the Palestinian militant group visited Tehran in 2006, a top Hamas…


IDF Launches Retaliatory Strikes Against Hamas Targets After Gaza Rocket Attack

Israel said Sunday its military struck Hamas targets in Gaza in response to a rocket attack launched from the Palestinian enclave.
The Israeli airforce struck two rocket ammunition manufacturing sites, a military compound and “underground infrastructures,” the Israel Defence Forces said.
A rocket was fired at Israel from the Gaza…


Senior Hamas Commander Flees Gaza Aboard IDF Boat

A senior Hamas commander escaped from the Gaza Strip aboard an Israel Defense Forces boat on Saturday.

The commander, from Hamas’s military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, is said to have commanded the terrorist organization’s naval commando unit, and is suspected in the Gaza Strip of collaborating with Israel, reported Israel’s Channel…


IDF Strikes Hamas Targets in Response to Gaza Rocket Fire

The Israel Defense Forces bombed a number of Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Sunday night after terrorists in the enclave fired three rockets into southern Israel earlier in the evening, the military said.

According to a number of Palestinian outlets in the Strip, in several rounds of airstrikes, the Israeli military targeted a Hamas…


IDF Hits Hamas Targets After Two Rockets Are Launched at Israel From Gaza

Israel hit multiple Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip early Saturday morning after two rockets were launched at Israel from the coastal enclave on Friday evening, according to the Israeli military.

Israeli fighter jets struck a rocket manufacturing workshop and a weapons manufacturing infrastructure, the military said in a statement.

“Strikes on…


Incendiary Balloons Plague Israeli land Near Gaza Border, Sparking New Fires

Footage showing the aftermath of an incendiary-balloon attack from Gaza on the fields of Kibbutz Nir Oz has emerged, as local volunteer and professional firefighters have been rushing to put out at least four spot fires in the Eshkol Region in the past 48 hours.

Eshkol Council Security Officer Ilan Isaacson said local volunteers stepped in to…


Israel Thwarts Hamas Arms Shipment to the Gaza Strip

Israeli naval forces thwarted a major arms shipment to the Gaza Strip by sea in a secret operation several weeks ago, the Israel Defense Forces revealed on Wednesday.

In what the IDF called “a significant operational achievement,” Muhammad Bachar, one of the two terrorists on board the boat and a key figure who has been actively involved in…


Report: Two Al-Qaeda Commanders Killed in Syria Drone Strike

A drone strike in northwestern Syria on Sunday evening killed two senior commanders from a group linked with Al-Qaeda, according to a Syrian opposition war-monitoring group.

The U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the attack, on a vehicle in Idlib province, was carried out by a drone belonging to the U.S.-led coalition.


Pandemic Slows, But Does Not Stop, Hamas’s Terrorism Industry

Hamas in the Gaza Strip has remained highly active in its efforts to plot and implement terror attacks in the West Bank. Its operatives have been working in the past few months to orchestrate attacks, and while there has been a reduction in the number of incidents during the height of the coronavirus outbreak, this is mainly due to the fact that…


Hamas Chief Threatens to Kidnap More Israeli Soldiers

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh threatened Wednesday that the Gaza-based terrorist group could kidnap more Israeli soldiers, Israel’s Channel 12 reports.
The remarks were made during an interview for Al Jazeera, in response to a question regarding the reported prisoner swap talks with Israel.
Haniyeh said that the talks are yet to see a…


Hamas MP Calls for Murder of Jews, Says Israeli Annexation Violates Allah’s Will

Hamas MP Yunis al-Astal said in a parliament session last week that Israeli annexation of parts of Judea and Samaria would constitute a crime against the will of Allah, and called for the parliament to recommend the murder of Jews “wherever they may be found.”

In the May 6 session, which aired on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV, al-Astal said that the Jews…


Projectile Launched at Israel from Gaza, IDF Strikes Hamas Military Sites

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked Hamas military sites overnight Tuesday in the Gaza Strip after a projectile was launched at Israeli territory and exploded in an open field, the IDF said in a statement.
“One projectile was launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory,” the IDF spokesperson said. “As a result of the launch, an…


Israel Hits Hamas Targets in Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire

Israel targeted three Hamas sites in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday night after a rocket was launched at southern Israel from the Hamas-ruled territory, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

The rocket, which was fired at the Eshkol region, triggered a Color Red alert before falling in an open area, causing no casualties or damage, said the…


Three Men From Hamas Terror Cell Arrested for Plot to Bomb Major Jerusalem Sports Stadium

Israel’s Shin Bet domestic security agency has arrested three terrorists who were planning a bomb attack at Jerusalem’s main sports stadium, the Israeli news site Walla reported on Wednesday.

The three suspects were identified as West Bank residents Ahmad Sajdaya, 27, whose hand was amputated several years ago while building an explosive device;…