Policy Accomplishments

In cooperation with our sister organization the CUFI Action Fund, a nonprofit 501(c)(4), nonpartisan organization, we have accomplished much for Zion’s sake in recent years.

President Trump kept his promise to open the US Embassy in Jerusalem after more than 135,000 CUFI members emailed the White House.

President Trump cut off all US funding to UNRWA after CUFI began working with elected officials to end UNRWA’s anti-Israel influence in the Middle East.

CUFI members sent over one million emails to Congress to pass the Taylor Force Act which cuts off US aid to the Palestinian Authority until the end their “Pay to Slay” incentivization of terrorism.

CUFI fought for and won United States recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

The Stop Using Human Shields Act was introduced during the 2018 CUFI Washington Summit and was passed by both the Senate and House.

CUFI is combating antisemitism with over two million CUFI members participating in our Shine the Light campaign—and counting!

CUFI has defeated BDS in several states through the passage of anti-BDS legislation.

CUFI worked to curb Turkey’s brazen malevolence through the advancement of the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act, one of CUFI’s top policy priorities at our 2019 Summit.

CUFI opposed Hezbollah’s increasing influence in Lebanon by advancing legislation to condition aid and increase reporting requirements for the Lebanese Armed Forces as to Hezbollah’s influence. The Defense Department is now required to report on Lebanon’s compliance.

CUFI protected Jewish students on college campuses through our support of President Trump’s executive order mandating the IRHA’s definition of antisemitism as US policy.

CUFI worked to see the Never Again Education Act passed through the House and Senate which will ensure students are thoroughly educated on the evils of antisemitism so the growth of this hatred is never enabled again.

CUFI supported the creation of the United States-Israel Operations-Technology Working Group advancing cutting edge cooperation to benefit American and Israeli warfighters.

CUFI backed the United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act, ensuring military support for Israel was enshrined in law for years to come.