The Mizrahi Project

Revealing The Forgotten Refugees

It’s time for the world to know.

Telling the story of the over 850,000 Jewish refugees from North Africa & the Middle East.


We Never Lost Our Dignity

We Were Taught to Love

Jews Lived in Libya for over 2000 Years


Jews have been in Iran (Persia) since 586 BC

We were Jews Trapped in the Iranian Revolution

My Love for Iran and Israel


I attended Cairo University with Yasser Arafat - Elie's Story

I love the Egyptian people

My mother was from Iraq, My father from Egypt - Rachel's Story

"Go and step ahead" - Joe and Remy's Story


Thank G-d That Israel Exists - Mary's Story

"All the Jews of the world are going through a family reunion" - David's Story


I will be the last evidence of our existence - Joseph's Story

“No Way Back: The Journey of a Jew From Baghdad” - Daniel's Story

We were smuggled out of Iraq

We are the Jews who Escaped Iraq