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Taking Small Kids To Riots

In new videos, IDF accuses Gazans of faking injury, taking small kids to riots

The Israeli army on Saturday night published video clips from demonstrations by Gazans at the border which it said showed protesters faking injury in order to manipulate world opinion, and using young children at the forefront of border riots.

In one clip released by the IDF, Gazan youths are shown rushing a seemingly injured youth toward safety...


Kerry said to meet with Iran’s Zarif in bid to salvage nuclear deal

Former US secretary of state John Kerry recently met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to discuss possible ways of salvaging the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, the Boston Globe reported on Friday, citing a source briefed on the meeting.

Kerry, one of the chief architects of the 2015 accord, is said to be intent on...


Palestinian youths set Gaza’s own gas line on fire at weekly fence protests

Dozens of Palestinians broke into the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom border crossing between Israel and the Hamas-run Strip on Friday evening, setting fire to the gas pipeline that supplies fuel to the Strip, the army said.

The Gazans, who did not break through to the Israeli side of the border, trashed their own supply infrastructure, Israeli...

Nikki Haley
US-Israel Relationship

US asks UN Security Council to reject ‘vile’ Abbas Holocaust remarks

UNITED NATION — The United States on Friday asked the UN Security Council to reject the “unacceptable” and “deeply disturbing” remarks by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas about the Holocaust that included “vile anti-Semitic slurs.”

Abbas apologized over the remarks delivered in an address to the Palestinian National Council, but a US-drafted...

Event Recaps

May 2 Harlingen, TX Stand With Israel

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, And Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani Attend Supreme LeaderÕs Meeting With Authorities Of The Country And Ambassadors Of Islamic Countries, In Tehran

Tehran terrified, ex-Pentagon official says

The Iranian regime is “quaking in its boots,” after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed secret nuclear-program documents appropriated by the Mossad, an ex-Pentagon Iran expert told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

Harold Rhode spent 28 years at the Pentagon and studied in Iran before the 1979 revolution there. The fluent Farsi speaker, who...

Event Recaps

May 1 Ringgold, GA Pastor’s Meeting

Embassy Moves

Guatemala starts moving its embassy to Jerusalem

Guatemala on Wednesday started to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, transferring furniture and other equipment into a yet-unfinished office in the capital’s Malha Technology Park.

Earlier this week, the Guatemalan flag was raised outside the building.

“I was moved to see the flag of Guatemala waving in Jerusalem in advance of the...


Israeli satellite firm reports ‘unusual’ activity at Fordo site

An Israeli satellite imaging company on Thursday released images showing what it described as “unusual” movement around the Iranian Fordo nuclear facility, a one-time uranium enrichment plant buried deep underground that was converted to a research center as part of the 2015 nuclear deal.

The photographs, which show large numbers of vehicles at...

At UN Mideast debate, Israel shows new evidence of Iran sticking to its militant ways

At UN Mideast debate, Israel shows new evidence of Iran sticking to its militant ways

As decision time comes closer for President Donald Trump to stay in or withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, more evidence of Iranian intransigence in the region was given to members of the U.N. Security Council by Israel earlier today.
At a debate on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestine Question, Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon...


Abbas says Jews’ behavior, not anti-Semitism, caused the Holocaust

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday said that the Holocaust was not caused by anti-Semitsm, but by the “social behavior” of the Jews, including money-lending.

In a long and rambling at speech in Ramallah at a rare session of the Palestinian National Council, Abbas touched on a number of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories during...

Israeli Technology

Paralyzed man finishes London Marathon aided by Israeli robotic suit

Simon Kindleysides of Norfolk, England became the first paralyzed man to finish the London Marathon on Monday, an astonishing feat which took him 36 hours to complete.

He was able to walk the entire 26.2 mile course with the help of the the ReWalk robotic exoskeleton suit, a wearable device developed in Israel that allows paraplegics to mimic the...

Prime Minister Netanyahu

‘Iran lied’: Netanyahu drops a Mossad bombshell on the Iranian nuclear deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday dropped a Mossad intelligence bombshell on Iran, and on the Obama administration-led international community that negotiated the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran. He showcased a vast archive of Iran’s own documentation demonstrating that Tehran worked to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal, lied to the...


After Netanyahu’s speech, Trump says ‘I’ve been 100 percent right’ on Iran

WASHINGTON — Shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech detailing covert Iranian efforts to build a nuclear program, and with less than two weeks before his deadline to exit the nuclear accord with Tehran, US President Donald Trump on Monday said the deal was “unacceptable” in its present form.

Responding to Netanyahu’s broadcast in...

Talking Points - Iran
Talking Points

Talking Points – 4/30/18

CUFI Talking Points: Netanyahu Reveals Iran’s Secret Nuclear Files

Today Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed to the world the existence of Iran’s secret nuclear files—proven by 100,000 documents obtained by Israel—on Project Amad. You can watch the full 22 minute video presentation of Israel’s evidence below. This explosive...


Netanyahu says Iran ‘lied big time’ about nuclear program

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of lying about its nuclear program in a highly billed speech Monday, revealing information he said showed the Islamic Republic continued to pursue nuclear weapons even after signing the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

Speaking in English at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu displayed...

Prime Minister Netanyahu

PM presents ‘conclusive proof’ Iran lied ‘big time’ about nuclear program

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed Monday evening what he said was “conclusive proof” of a secret project underway in Iran for the development of a nuclear weapon—evidence that he said proved that Tehran had lied “big time” to the international community.

“Tonight I will show you something that the world has never seen,” Netanyahu began...


Netanyahu says Iran ‘brazenly lying’ after signing nuclear deal, moved documents to a secret location

Israeli prime minister claims Iran had been hiding all of the elements of a secret nuclear weapons program.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed new "dramatic" intelligence Monday which he claimed shows Iran is "brazenly lying" about its nuclear weapons program and shows the country is not complying with the vaunted nuclear deal it...


Briefing By Prime Minister Netanyahu on Iranian Nuclear Program


Palestinians must make peace or shut up, Saudi crown prince said to tell US Jews

At a meeting with Jewish leaders in New York last month, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman castigated the Palestinian leadership for rejecting opportunities for peace with Israel for decades, and said they should either start accepting peace proposals or “shut up.”

Citing what it said were multiple sources, Israel’s Channel 10 News on Sunday...