Israeli Police Publicly Salute Holocaust Survivors Confined to Their Homes Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The Israel Police held a special commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day on Tuesday by saluting outside the homes of elderly survivors.

Because of their advancing age, almost all Holocaust survivors in Israel are currently confined to their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Public ceremonies where survivors usually appear have also been canceled or moved online.

Israel’s Channel 13 reported that, as a result, the police deployed to around 180 housing complexes and nursing homes, where they stood and saluted when the annual two-minute air raid siren was sounded, bringing Israel to a halt in tribute to the victims of the Holocaust.

The acting chief of the Israel Police, Motti Cohen, commented, “We are now in the midst of a global crisis event, and even today, Israeli society is being revealed in its fullest moral and ethical power.”

“Police and citizens of the State of Israel are reaching out to help anyone, wherever they are,” he said. “That is the secret of Israeli society in general and the Israel Police in particular.”

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