Israeli Society Issues

Iraqi Jew Describes His Family’s Escape From Iraq

Israeli Society Issues

Mayor Oded Ravivi on Growth of Israeli City of Efrat

ISIS Issues

Top Terrorism Expert Gilles Kepel on ISIS Threat to France

ISIS Issues

On the Ground in Paris: ISIS Strikes in Heart of Europe

Hezbollah Issues

Part 2: With Middle East Expert Avi Melamed on Lebanon Border Talking Hezbollah

Archeology Issues

Sites vie to be seen as Christianity’s ‘lost’ city of Bethsaida

In the New Testament, Bethsaida is a place of miracles. Here, Jesus cured a blind man, turned a few loaves and fishes into food for 5,000, and walked on water. But mysteriously, its location was lost. Now, dueling archaeological excavations place it in the same vicinity on the northern bank of the Sea of Galilee, but at slightly different…

Archeology Issues

“Final Thoughts” From Jordan River Site Where John Baptized Jesus

Archeology Issues

A John the Baptist Link to the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Archeology Issues

A Look at Ancient Qumran and Why the Dead Sea Scrolls Were Written

Archeology Issues

The Truth About The Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Issues

The Disturbing Plight of France’s Jews

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Issues

Former UK Parliamentarian Calls Out Jeremy Corbyn on Anti-Israel Views

Hamas Issues

At Hamas summer camp, kids ‘liberate’ Temple Mount, ‘kill’ Israeli troops

Children at a Hamas summer camp staged a reenactment of the recent tensions at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, with kids dressed up as Hamas fighters pretending to storm the compound and “liberate” the holy site.

Footage of last month’s graduation ceremony, which was translated Tuesday by the Middle East Media Research Institute, shows a group…

Israeli Society Issues

Record numbers of Jews visit the Temple Mount Tisha Be’av morning

With the Jewish people commemorating the destruction of the ancient Temples in Jerusalem on the fast of Tisha Be’av on Tuesday, more than 1,200 Jewish visitors went to the Temple Mount on Tuesday morning, activist groups said.

According to the Yeraeh organization, which promotes Jewish visitation and prayer rights at the Temple Mount and which…

Incitement Issues

PA payments to prisoners, ‘martyr’ families now equal half its foreign aid

The Palestinian Authority’s 2017 budget for payments to inmates in Israeli prisons and so-called “families of martyrs” is equal in sum to about half of the foreign aid Ramallah expects to receive this year, a recently published Israeli report shows.

According to the PA Finance Ministry’s 2017 budget, published on its website earlier in July,…

Issues US-Israel Relationship

Pro-Israel Christians Have Unique Opportunity Under Trump Administration

Issues Jerusalem

UNESCO denies Israel’s Claim to Temple Mount

Iran Issues

In Warning to Security Council, American UN Envoy Nikki Haley Highlights Ballistic Missile Danger, Growing Iranian Support for Terror

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, wrote on Wednesday to both the Security Council and the global intergovernmental organization’s secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, with a stark warning about Iran’s growing support for terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon.

“As long as we allow the Iranian regime to violate this…