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US-Israel Relationship

The pro-Israel blogger conference that has become a support group

Kasim Hafeez, a British Muslim and former Islamist who is now a proud Zionist who stands with Israel, will land in Israel this week for #DigiTell, a gathering of 100 pro-Israel bloggers and social network managers from all over the world.

“We are bringing together those who have fought this year against anti-Israel and antisemitic hate-writers...


Shi’ite militia leader in Iraq threatens U.S., slams ‘Zionist regime’

Two Shi’ite militia leaders spoke out over the weekend, with one threatening the US, and the other demanding American troops leave Iraq.

Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba spokesman Hashim al-Mousawi slammed the US and Israel after the US last week designated the group as a terrorist threat.

Iraqi Transportation Minister Hadi al-Amiri said he was...


Hezbollah chief says Israel ‘scared,’ not ready for war

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Friday that Israel is “scared” of another war with his Lebanese terror group, and claimed the Israeli military is unprepared for any such conflict.

In a televised speech, Nasrallah pointed to the US military’s deployment this week of the advanced THAAD missile defense system in Israel for joint exercises as...


40 years of Iranian threats against Israel and few pay any attention

Last month a conference in Warsaw brought together high ranking officials from 60 countries, called to discuss the current chaos in the Middle East, and to zero in on the threat posed to the region by the regime in Tehran.

This year, as Iran observes the 40th year of its revolution, its geostrategic objectives remain unchanged. But one other...


Philadelphia imam calls Jews ‘vilest people

An imam based in Philadelphia has delivered a number of anti-Semitic sermons in recent months, calling Jews “the vilest people” and accusing the late former prime minister Menachem Begin of slitting the stomach of a pregnant woman as part of a “bet.”

Speaking to members of the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society in Philadelphia in mid-February, Imam...


Syria vows to attack Israel unless it withdraws from the Golan Heights

Syria vowed to attack Israel unless it withdraws from the Golan Heights in an official warning given to head of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization [UNTSO) Kristin Lund by Syrian deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, World Israel News reported on Thursday.

The warning might be a Syrian attempt to prevent official US recognition of...


WATCH: Palestinian protestors clash with IDF forces along security force

Thousands of Palestinians clashed with IDF forces on Friday afternoon during what they call 'March of Return,' IDF forces were assaulted with rocks and over 50 explosive devices.

15 attempts to breach the security fence were spotted. Roghly 8,000 Palestinians clashed with IDF forces in five different locations across the Gaza Strip Security...


Iran’s Militias in Iraq Threaten Israel

Following the defeat of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Tehran began organizing and arming Iraqi Shiite militias to fight the U.S. and its allies and to undermine the newly emergent government. These forces went on to play a key role in the fight against Islamic State (IS) and, to a lesser extent, against rebel forces in Syria. In collaboration with other...


Israeli forces gird for fresh violence as tensions mount in Jerusalem, Gaza

Israeli authorities were readying for possible violence in Jerusalem and on the Gaza border Friday, amid soaring tensions over a long-sealed portion of the Temple Mount holy site and an uptick in cross border fighting with the Palestinian enclave.

Tens of thousands of Muslim worshipers were expected to congregate for weekly prayers on Jerusalem’s...


Netanyahu warns Hamas over uptick in Gaza border violence

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday toured the security fence along the Egyptian border, where he warned the Hamas terror group that Israel would respond harshly to any further violence emanating from the Gaza Strip.

At the Egyptian border, Netanyahu, who is also defense minister, was briefed by army officials and held a discussion with...


U.S. House passes resolution condemning antisemitism

After democratic lawmakers revised a resolution condemning antisemitism to include broad condemnation of hate in all its forms, the US House of Representatives passed the new legislation late Thursday night.

"We are pleased the House of Representatives took a firm stance against anti-Semitism, including making an explicit statement rejecting the...

Hamas Iran

Israel’s navy could act against Iranian oil smuggling: Netanyahu

Israel’s navy could take action against Iranian oil smuggling, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday, urging world powers to foil any effort by Tehran to evade U.S. sanctions.

The Israeli leader told naval officers that Iran was still resorting to clandestine measures to ship fuel that it first used prior to a 2015 nuclear deal...


Iranian hackers accused of causing hundreds of millions in damages worldwide

WASHINGTON — Iranian hackers working to penetrate systems, businesses and governments around the world have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, a report said Wednesday.

Researchers for tech giant Microsoft said the attackers stole secrets and wiped data from computer networks after targeting thousands of people at some 200...

US-Israel Relationship

Friedman: No better example of US commitment to Israel than deployment of THAAD anti missile system

Israel’s Prime Minister Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman on Wednesday toured the area where a newly deployed US THAAD anti-missile is stationed.

THAAD -- which stands for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense -- is a system manufactured by the Pentagon's top weapons supplier Lockheed Martin, and is often...

US-Israel Relationship

Israel says Pompeo to visit soon, help with gas export plan

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Israel imminently to help with its plan for exporting natural gas to Europe with Cypriot and Greek partners, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday.

Israel is hoping to enlist several European countries in the construction of a 2,000 kilometer (1,243 mile) pipeline linking vast...


Israel said to strike Gaza after rocket fire sets off Iron Dome

Israeli warplanes bombed a site in the Gaza Strip early Thursday, hours after the military said at least one projectile was fired from the Palestinian enclave.

The Hamas-linked Shehab news site said Israeli aircraft fired missiles at a “resistance” site northwest of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, in the latest tit-for-tat reprisal as the...


Syrian Observatory says war has killed more than half a million

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based war monitor, said on Monday about 511,000 people had been killed in the Syrian war since it began seven years ago.

The Observatory, which tracks death tolls using a network of contacts inside Syria, said it had identified more than 350,000 of those killed, and the remainder were cases where...

US-Israel Relationship

Critics of America’s support for Israel cannot escape history

As calumnies go, the hidden power of Jewry over a nation’s affairs is about the oldest one in the book.

In the latest manifestation of that enduring toxin, certain of our recently elected congressional representatives view U.S. support for Israel as inexplicable without reference to the disproportionate influence of Jewish money (e.g., “It’s all...


Two balloon bombs from Gaza explode over southern Israeli community

Two explosive devices attached to bunches of balloons were launched from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday and detonated above a community in the southern Israeli Eshkol region.

The blasts caused neither injury nor damage, the Eshkol Regional Council said in a statement.

“There are no special safety instructions for residents besides showing increased...


Israel blacklists Hamas station said to use on-air cues to recruit terrorists

Israel on Wednesday officially designated as a terror organization a Hamas-run Palestinian television network accused by the Shin Bet security service of using on-air cues to direct terror attacks and recruit terrorists in the West Bank.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also defense minister, signed a decree proscribing Al-Aqsa TV in...