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IDF Shoots Down Drone Near The Israel-Lebanon Border

An unusual incident occurred on the Israel-Lebanon border on Sunday evening, as the IDF shot down a Lebanese drone that entered Israel’s airspace, according to the IDF Spokesperson Unit.

According to the IDF Spokesperson Unit, IDF forces recognized a drone that was most likely operated from Lebanon and entered Israeli airspace. The drone was…

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Cyber Attacks Again Hit Israel’s Water System, Shutting Agricultural Pumps

Two cyber attacks were carried out against Israeli water infrastructure in recent weeks, the Ynet news site reported late Thursday.

The Water Authority confirmed the report, but said no damage was done to Israel’s water system.

One attack targeted agricultural water pumps in the upper Galilee, while the other struck infrastructure in the center…

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Pompeo Rolls Out A Selective Vision Of Human Rights

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday said property rights and religious liberty are “foremost” among human rights, and that the United States must take inspiration from the Declaration of Independence as it pursues a foreign policy that realistically promotes fundamental freedoms.
Pompeo spoke in Philadelphia as he unveiled the draft report…

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IDF Thwarts Molotov Attack Near Nablus, Suspects Arrested

Two Molotov cocktails, one improvised explosive device seized during arrest in Nabuls area

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) thwarted a Molotov cocktail attack in the West Bank, the army announced on Wednesday.
The Israeli troops arrested four suspected terrorists in the vicinity of Nablus, a city in the West Bank.
The security forces seized two…

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Biblical Site Of Ziklag Finally Identified?

The location of Ziklag, a settlement mentioned several times in Jewish scriptures, has long been debated. To date, up to 15 different archaeological sites have been suggested by archaeologists attempting to find the biblical town, such as Tel Halif near Kibbutz Lahav, Tel Shera in the western Negev, and Tel Sheva.

Ziklag is mentioned several…

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Israeli-Made Drones To Assist In Norwegian Rescue Missions In The Arctic

Israeli-made drones will take part in rescue missions in glaciers and fjords in the Arctic Circle of northern Norway. After going through various flight tests last year, the drones were approved for participating in the rescue missions by NPAID, the world’s leading arctic rescue unit.

Produced by Atlas Dynamics, the drones are equipped with…

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Israel Will Always Be A Jewish State

It is not surprising that at a time when nearly all the American values that have served our nation for generations are being rejected upon the flimsiest and most dangerous of theories, an Upper West Side pundit named Peter Beinart  would  throw Israel into that woke cauldron of mayhem and destruction. What is surprising is that anyone cares; that…

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Canadian MP Running for Prime Minister Vows to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

Canadian lawmaker Erin O’Toole vowed Wednesday to move his country’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem if he were to become the next prime minister.
“Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people, and the modern presence there just cements this. The Knesset , the Supreme Court and Foreign Ministry are all in west-Jerusalem,” O’Toole said in a…

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Iran Inks Deal With Assad Regime to Boost Syria’s Air Defenses

The Tehran and Damascus regimes signed a military cooperation agreement on Wednesday as part of which Iran will boost Syria’s air defenses, according to media reports.

The head of Iran’s armed forces, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, was quoted by state TV as saying the deal was meant to “confront pressures by America.”

In recent years, Israel has…

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Greek Parliament Ratifies Defense Agreement with Israel

The Greek Parliament on Tuesday ratified an agreement with Israel for the supply of defense equipment and services between the two countries, in a move widely seen as further strengthening ties between the two Eastern Mediterranean allies.“”

The parliament’s Standing Committee on National Defense and Foreign Affairs approved the agreement on July…

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US Supreme Court to Hear Case of Nazi-Stolen Art

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on June 2 to hear the case about a German art museum and whether or not a treasure trove, known as the “Guelph Treasure,” should be returned to the heirs of four Jewish art dealers in Germany.

The dealers have argued that they were forced to sell it to the Nazi-controlled Prussian government in 1935 in what they…

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President to Honor Man Who Died Saving Woman and Her 3 Kids From Drowning

President Reuven Rivlin will inaugurate a special civilian commendation for exemplary behavior to honor a man who died as he saved a mother and her three children from drowning in a lake, the president’s office said in a statement Monday.

The new Civil Medal of Distinguished Service will be given to the family of Michael Ben Zikri, who lost his…

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PA Continues to Dump Waste While Israel Grapples With Coronavirus Crisis

Exploiting the furlough of Israeli Civil Administration inspectors during the coronavirus shutdown in March and April, convoys of Palestinian Authority municipal garbage trucks have been dumping thousands of cubic meters of refuse from the towns of Ramallah and El Bireh into the Binyamin Region’s Tarrifi Quarry, just outside the Jewish communities…

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Air Defenses Respond to Rocket Attack on US Embassy in Baghdad – Report

Air defense systems responded to a rocket attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad on Saturday night, according to Al-Arabiya.

The eastern entrance of the “Green Zone” in Baghdad where the embassy is located was reportedly closed after the attack. The rocket reportedly fell near a number of protesters near the suspension bridge in the Green Zone.

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Israel Launches Ofek 16 Recon Satellite Into Orbit

A new advanced Israeli reconnaissance satellite took off and reached the planet’s orbit Monday morning, Israel’s Defense Ministry announced.
According to a press statement, the satellite, dubbed Ofek 16, took off from a launchpad in central Israel at 4:00 am local time — 21:00 Eastern Time.
The launch came as a joint endeavor of the Space…

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Brazil Names First Jewish Chief Justice

Brazil on Sunday appointed Luiz Fux, 67, its first Jewish Supreme Federal Court (SFC) president.

This is the second time Fux has made history in Brazil; in 2011 he became the first Jewish judge to be named to the bench at SFC.

Brazil rotates the post of chief justice among the 11 members comprising its Federal Supreme Court, a panel that decides…

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Israel To Soon Get Its First Female F-35 Pilot

Twenty years after the first woman took to the skies as Israel’s first combat pilot, Israel’s Air Force will soon have its first female F-35 pilot, sources have told The Jerusalem Post.

She will reportedly fly in the 116th squadron, nicknamed “Lions of the South,” based out of Nevatim in southern Israel.

Israel was the first to use the F-35 in a…

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Meet The Only Person in the World Who Can Touch the Dead Sea Scrolls

Few people are familiar with the name of Tanya Bitler, a 63-year-old conservator at the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), who moved to Israel from Russia at the end of 1990. However, her hands have been featured in media all over the planet for a unique reason: she is currently the only person in the world who can touch and handle the legendary…