Hezbollah is one of the deadliest terror groups in the world. They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans since the 1980s. They were founded, trained, and armed by Iran’s government and are commissioned with the destruction of Israel. Based in Lebanon along Israel’s northern border, Hezbollah has become the dominant political force in Lebanon and launches attacks against Israel from deep within civilian population centers. The terrorist organization has grown in size and sophistication, gaining experience in warfare through its involvement in the Syrian civil war, and is now more threatening to Israel than it has ever been in the past.


Hezbollah Commandos’ Video Threatens Israel, Warns of ‘Disaster From the North’

The Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group on Monday released a video showing members of its elite commando unit in training and firing weapons at targets representing Israel, in a pointed warning to the Jewish state.

In the video clip, members of the Lebanese group’s Radwan Unit are shown demonstrating their shooting and unarmed combat skills. Some…


Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah: Israel Must be Destroyed

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech on Friday, Al-Quds Day, on the “struggle with Israel,” in which he opened with the position that “Israel must be destroyed.”

He opened his speech by addressing the various reasons for the commemorative speech, in which he called Israel’s Independence “the establishment of this virus of an…


Hezbollah Training Syria’s 1st Corps to Use in Future War Against Israel

Hezbollah is preparing the Syrian Arab Army’s 1st Corps for a future war against Israel, training its commanders and soldiers as well as deploying it for intelligence gathering against the IDF in the Golan Heights.

Following the return of regime forces to the south of the country and the rebuilding of the SAA which was decimated over the course…


Finnish Amnesty International Board Member Says Israel Worse Than Hezbollah

An Amnesty International board member from Finland was criticized on Monday after denouncing Germany’s decision to ban the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

Syksy Räsänen, a Finnish physicist with a long history of anti-Israel activism — including the publication of a book called Israeli Apartheid — commented, “Germany’s ban on Hezbollah is a…


A UNIFIL Paralyzed by Hezbollah Serves No Purpose: Israeli Official

The Security Council must act to “significantly improve” the capabilities of the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, a top Israeli official said on Monday.

Speaking at a meeting held to discuss Resolution 1701, which ended the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006, Danon called for the council to take steps to increase UNIFIL’s access…


US Intelligence Director Urges France to Ban Hezbollah

BERLIN – US acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has conveyed to France’s government the pressing need to outlaw the Lebanese terrorist movement Hezbollah.

 “Grenell, in his capacity as acting director of national intelligence, spoke with Emmanuel Bonne, the foreign policy adviser to the president of France, to press him on…


Antisemitic al-Quds Rally Cancelled in Berlin Following Ban of Hezbollah

BERLIN — The organizer of the annual anti-Israel al-Quds Day rally, which is attended by Hezbollah operatives, pulled the plug on its mid-May event in the heart of Berlin after the German government banned all Hezbollah activities within the territory of the federal republic.

The office of the Berlin Senator of the Interior, Andreas Geisel,…


Germany Designates Hezbollah a Terrorist Group, Outlaws All its Activities

Germany designated Iran-backed Hezbollah a terrorist organization on Thursday and banned all activity by the group on its soil, a move long urged by Israel and the United States.

Police conducted early-morning raids on mosques across Germany linked with the group, according to Reuters. Following the ruling, Hezbollah symbols and flags are now…


Israel Accuses Hezbollah of Trying to Breach Northern Border

Israel on Saturday accused the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah of attempting to violate Israeli sovereignty and said it would complain to the UN Security Council, a day after the army reported damage to the border fence.

“After Hezbollah’s attempts to violate Israeli sovereignty on our Lebanese border, I instructed the Foreign Ministry to file a…

Hezbollah In The News

Hezbollah Commander ‘Charged With Tracking Down Israeli Collaborators’ Assassinated in Southern Lebanon

A top Hezbollah commander was found assassinated in southern Lebanon on Saturday night, according to Iranian state news agency reports.
The body of Ali Mohammed Younis was found by the roadside near the town of Qaaqaait Al Jisr, the reports said. He had been shot and stabbed to death.
Younis was seen as close to the late Iranian Revolutionary…


Blamed for bringing virus to Lebanon, Hezbollah now trying to stop its spread

In the streets of Beirut’s southern suburbs, Hezbollah paramedics and volunteers on trucks and on foot sprayed disinfectants on shops and buildings. At a hospital where it once treated its wounded fighters, the group’s medical staff set up beds for a center to deal with coronavirus patients.

Hezbollah says it is turning the organizational might…


Don’t fall for Hezbollah’s coronavirus con

Lebanon announced this month it was defaulting on all of its outstanding debt payments for the year, including $1.2 billion in eurobonds due in March. There are another $3.4 billion worth of eurobonds coming due after that. Those, too, will go unpaid.

It’s a burgeoning crisis that deserves attention — but it does not warrant the blind bailout…


‘Lebanon needs an end to Iranian patronage, not Nasrallah’s advice on fighting the coronavirus’

Lebanon, like much of the rest of the world, is currently battling the coronavirus epidemic and taking measures to limit the spread of the disease. Some in Lebanon, and especially those belonging to the anti-Hezbollah March 14 camp, have accused Hezbollah of causing the outbreak in Lebanon by refusing for several weeks to halt flights from Iran…


Lebanon Forms New Government With Backing of Hezbollah and Allies

Lebanon formed a new government on Tuesday under Prime Minister Hassan Diab after the Shi’ite group Hezbollah and its allies agreed on a cabinet that must urgently address the economic crisis and ensuing protests that toppled its predecessor.

The heavily indebted country has been without effective government since Saad al-Hariri resigned as…


Honduras formally declares Hezbollah a terrorist organization

The Honduran government has formally declared Iranian-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah a terrorist organization, a top security official said on Monday.

“We declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization and will include it in the registry of persons and institutions linked to acts of terrorism and its financing,” said Luis Suazo, Honduras’ deputy…


Pompeo praises 3 South American countries for declaring Hezbollah a terror group

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday praised three south American countries for declaring Lebanon’s Hezbollah a terror group, while criticizing Venezuela for continuing to support the organization.

“We applaud the announcements of Colombia, Honduras, and Guatemala to designate Iran-backed Hezbollah a terrorist organization,” Pompeo…


UK expands Hezbollah asset freeze, targets entire movement

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain expanded the scope of its asset-freezing measures against Lebanese Islamist movement Hezbollah on Thursday to cover the entire organization as well as its military wing.

The finance ministry move follows Britain’s decision last year to classify the whole group a terrorist organization due to its destabilizing influence…


Hezbollah’s Nasrallah threatens US troops, vows retaliation against Israel

Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Hezbollah terror organization, on Sunday threatened violence against the United States if it did not withdraw its troops from the Middle East, and said any future American attack on Iran would draw a retaliation against Israel.

“If in the coming days or weeks the US doesn’t withdraw its forces from the Middle East,…