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Hezbollah Commander ‘Charged With Tracking Down Israeli Collaborators’ Assassinated in Southern Lebanon

A top Hezbollah commander was found assassinated in southern Lebanon on Saturday night, according to Iranian state news agency reports.

The body of Ali Mohammed Younis was found by the roadside near the town of Qaaqaait Al Jisr, the reports said. He had been shot and stabbed to death.

Younis was seen as close to the late Iranian Revolutionary Guards chief Qassem Soleimani, who was executed in an American drone strike in January.

According to Iranian semi-official state news agency Fars, Younis was a counterintelligence officer for the terrorist group and was tasked with “tracking those suspected of collaborating with Israel and foreign intelligence agencies.”

Some Lebanese media outlets have claimed without evidence that Israel’s foreign intelligence agency Mossad is behind Younis’ assassination.

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