Hamas In The News

Gaza residents speak of Hamas’ brutality amid desires for peace in the region

Violent crackdowns, arbitrary arrests, trumped-up police charges, imprisonments, and even live ammunition to deter innocent women, children and people with disabilities from demanding basic rights such as electricity are just a few of the heartbreaking testimonies from the Gaza Stripcaptured in a series of video clips published recently by the U.S.-based Center for Peace Communications.

The series, “Whispered In Gaza,” which uses animation and voice-altering technology to protect the identity of the speakers, offers a rare and unfiltered glimpse into life in the poverty-stricken, embattled Palestinian enclave. But the anger and fears expressed by those who bravely share their stories are not directed toward their neighbor, Israel. Rather, their criticisms and despair are aimed at their autocratic rulers: Hamas.

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