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Scott Morrison considers moving Australia’s embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

PRIME Minister Scott Morrison announced he would consider moving Autralia’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem despite a warning from ASIO that it could provoke unrest and violence.

The bulletin from Australia’s spy agency, marked secret, has been obtained by The Guardian. It is dated October 15 - the day before Mr Morrison’s press...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Cabinet instructs army to ramp up Gaza response if violence continues

The security cabinet on Thursday instructed the army to step up its response to any violence emanating from the Gaza Strip during the border protests expected Friday, amid skyrocketing tensions in the Palestinian enclave.

Ministers said the IDF should ramp up the severity of its responses gradually, but ultimately adopt a zero-tolerance policy...


Rocket fired from Gaza hits house in Beersheba; causes heavy damage, no injuries

Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at the southern city of Beersheba early Wednesday that landed and exploded in the courtyard of a house, causing serious damage, but no injuries.

The Israel Defense Forces said it had identified two launches from Gaza. One targeted Beersheba located some 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF demolishes Gaza attack tunnel that penetrated 200 meters into Israel

The Israel Defense Forces on Thursday destroyed a tunnel that penetrated some 200 meters into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip, which the army said was dug by the Hamas terror group using techniques meant to make it more difficult to spot by Israel’s detection systems.

The tunnel originated in the area of Khan Younis in southern Gaza and was...

US-Israel Relationship

Pompeo: U.S. blocked $165m in funding due to Palestinian incitement

The State Department on Wednesday denied a $165 million transfer of aid to the Palestinian Authority over its failure to adhere to the Taylor Force Act, a law that bars the government from continuing aid to the PA unless Ramallah ceases its practice of compensating the families of murderers and terrorists convicted in Israel.

“I actually signed a...


Danon denounces UNESCO’s latest anti-Israel decisions

Israel slammed the PX Commission of the Executive Board of UNESCO on Wednesday as it adopted resolutions titled “Occupied Palestine,” which declared that the ancient Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, and Rachel’s Tomb, in Hebron are integral parts of “Occupied Palestinian territory.”

The group also denounced the construction of a security...


Anti-Israel professor disciplined by University of Michigan for letter controversy

A tenured University of Michigan professor has been disciplined for refusing to write a letter of recommendation for a student who wanted to study in Israel.

John Cheney-Lippold won’t get a merit increase for the next academic year and cannot go on his planned sabbatical in January or another one over the next two years, The Detroit News...


Earliest known stone carving of Hebrew word ‘Jerusalem’ found near city entrance

The earliest stone inscription bearing the full spelling of the modern Hebrew word for Jerusalem was unveiled on Tuesday at the Israel Museum, in the capital.

While any inscription dating from the Second Temple period is of note, the 2,000-year-old three-line inscription on a waist-high column — reading “Hananiah son of Dodalos of Jerusalem” — is...


2 Israelis killed, 1 injured in West Bank terror shooting

Two Israelis were shot dead and a third was wounded Sunday morning in a terror attack at the Barkan Industrial Park in the northern West Bank, the army said.

The Magen David Adom medical service said that a man in his 30s and a woman had been critically injured and were later pronounced dead.

The woman who was killed in the attack was identified...


US envoys, factory owner say ‘coexistence beacon’ Barkan shattered by attack

The owner of a West Bank factory, whose two Israeli employees were slain by a Palestinian worker in Sunday morning’s terror attack, said he hopes the killer was atypical but that his faith in coexistence initiatives had been badly rattled.

Rafi Alon, owner of Alon Group, a producer of waste management systems at the Barkan Industrial Zone near...


Terror shooting victims identified as Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi

Authorities on Sunday afternoon identified a man and a woman shot dead in a terror attack in the West Bank earlier in the day as Kim Levengrond Yehezkel, 29, a married mother of a baby, and Ziv Hajbi, a 35-year-old father of three.

Yehezkel was from the central Israeli town of Rosh Ha’ayin, while Hajbi hailed from Rishon Lezion. They were shot...

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In Jerusalem, Merkel says Palestinians must accept Israel as Jewish state

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday underlined her recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, indicating that she supports Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s view that the Palestinians, too, should accept this definition in an eventual peace agreement.

At a joint press conference in Jerusalem, Merkel said she plans to call Palestinian...

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