June 22 – Why Israel?

On Monday, June 22nd, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus, and his wife Rev. Mildred De Jesus, conducted the final part of our 3-Part “Why Israel” Virtual Event Series in English on our @CUFIespanol Spanish Facebook page. Within two days of its streaming, this presentation received over 690 views from four U.S. States (Alaska, Arizona, Texas, and Wisconsin) and five Latin American countries (Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, and Peru). In addition to sharing Part 3 of our presentation, the De Jesus’ continued to heavily promote registration for our Virtual Summit, new membership with CUFI, accessibility to all of our free resources on our website, and the opportunity to become a CUFI partner through online giving. It was a great way to finish our of 3-part virtual event series for the month of June.