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US-Israel Relationship

U.S. Air Force chief David Goldfein visits Israel

The Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, David Goldfein, visited Israel.
Goldfein was participating in the Blue Flag joint military exercise, a 10-day exercise in which 70 combat planes from five air forces fly against each other in 19 sorties across six different locations around the country. The exercise ended on Thursday and had gone on...

US-Israel Relationship

US, Israeli firefighters work side by side as rockets fall

(November 17, 2019 / JNS) As rockets fell on southern and central Israel last week, a team of U.S. firefighters worked side by side with their Israeli counterparts to extinguish brush and building fires, and deal with other emergencies.

The U.S. firefighters are part of the Emergency Volunteer Project (EVP), which trains U.S. firefighters and...


Arrest made in egg-throwing attacks on Jews in Brooklyn

(November 14, 2019 / JNS) An arrest was made on Wednesday night in a case of egg-throwing attacks on Jews in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mohib Hoque, 18, was apprehended and charged with three hate crimes for being part of a group of teens that threw eggs at a 50-year-old woman on Saturday, also the Jewish Sabbath, in the Borough Park neighborhood. She was...


Communities near Gaza nix school Friday over ongoing rocket fears

Israeli communities closest to the Gaza border preemptively canceled school for Friday, following multiple breaches of a ceasefire meant to end two days of fighting, local officials said Thursday.

Several rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza Thursday morning and afternoon, puncturing a tense calm and leading to fears of a resumption of...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF launches fresh strikes in Gaza in response to rocket attacks

The Israel Defense Forces said it launched fresh airstrikes on Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip in the predawn hours of Friday morning, in response to four rocket attacks from the coastal enclave which violated a ceasefire agreement announced the day before.

Palestinian media reported that Israeli drones and fighter jets...


Rouhani warns Muslim countries against ‘friendship’ with Israel

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned Muslim countries against working with Israel, in a speech aired Thursday by Iran’s IRINN TV news broadcaster.

“It is a strategic mistake in the Islamic world when some see Israel as their friend. It is very unfortunate that some Islamic countries, that are supposed to be steadfast against their enemies for...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

After 50 hours of fire exchanges, Israel waits to see if Gaza Strip stabilizes

(November 14, 2019 / JNS) A ceasefire that appeared fragile, and which was punctured twice by rocket fire from Gaza, went into effect on Thursday after 50 hours of combat between the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror faction and the Israel Defense Forces.

As many as 450 rockets were fired at Israeli cities and towns throughout the...


Islamic Jihad posts video showing off missiles, bashing Israel

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group posted a video online Wednesday showcasing its missile arsenal and vowing to continue to fire at Israeli cities as the air war between the two sides continued to escalate.

The video shows the group’s fighters preparing and launching missiles from buried launchers, then firing mortar shells toward Israel...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Gaza ceasefire between Israel, Islamic Jihad said in effect from 5:30 a.m.

Egypt has brokered a ceasefire between Israel and the Islamic Jihad terror group to end two days of intense fighting in Gaza that saw hundreds of rockets fired into Israel and 32 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes, Palestinian and Egyptian officials said early Thursday.

The truce went into effect at 5:30 a.m after three hours of tense calm...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Gaza rockets fired into Israel despite reported ceasefire agreement

The agreement was reached following two days of cross-border violence between Israel and the PIJ

A number of projectiles launched from the Gaza strip were fired into Israel Thursday morning despite a tentative ceasefire agreement that reportedly went into effect at around 5:30 am (Jerusalem time).

According to Hebrew media, sirens and rocket...


Thousands rally in Milan in solidarity with Holocaust survivor under police escort

About 5,000 people rallied under a pelting rain in front of the Holocaust Memorial of Milan on Monday night to express their solidarity with Auschwitz survivor and Senator for Life Liliana Segre.

The event was titled “Milan does not hate.” In videos of the rally posted by Italian media, hundreds of colorful umbrellas can be seen, protecting...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF eases all security restrictions, reopens Gaza crossings as ceasefire holds

Five projectiles fired from Gaza after truce is announced; army says Islamic Jihad rocket commander among those killed in overnight strike

The Times of Israel is liveblogging the events of Thursday, November 14, after two days of intense fighting between Israel and Gaza following the killing of Islamic Jihad terror chief Baha Abu al-Ata.

The IDF...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Ceasefire off to shaky start as sirens wail in southern Israel

Five rockets fired from Gaza after Israel announces truce with Gaza terror group; no casualties or damage reported • Israel opens most schools, lifts security restrictions.

(November 14, 2019 / JNS) A ceasefire between Israel and Gaza-based terrorist groups that went into effect early Thursday morning was immediately put to the test as five...

Israeli Society

After Gaza rocket fire, Indians tweet #IndiaWithIsrael in show of support

After a day of rocket fire from Gaza, the top three hashtags trending on Twitter in India are #IsraelUnderFire, #IsraelUnderAttack and #IndiaWithIsrael.
Throughout the day, people across the globe posted on social media about the rising tensions between Israel and Gaza.

However, Israel-related hashtags were mainly trending within Israel. India...

Israeli Society

Israeli schools, stores to start reopening after day-long shut down

The Home Front Command announced that schools in Yarkon, Gush Dan and Shfela will be open on November 13. The Ministry of Education later confirmed the Home Front Command's statement. Additionally, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim municipalities announced that their schools would re-open on Wednesday. However, schools in buildings without proper...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Rockets fired hours after Israel, Islamic Jihad announce ceasefire

Five rockets were fired towards southern Israel shortly after a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad went into effect after two days of heavy fighting, the IDF announced on Thursday morning.
According to the military, two of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

After two days of heavy...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

52 people treated for injuries from Gaza rocket attacks

Emergency first responders from the Magen David Adom (MDA) organization have treated 52 people injured during the Gaza rocket attacks on Israel since the fighting began Tuesday morning, an MDA spokesperson said Wednesday.

All but one of the 52 people treated suffered light injuries, MDA reported, including two men ages 30 and 55 who were injured...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

More than 200 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza after Islamic Jihad leader killed

Islamic militants in the Gaza Strip sent a barrage of more than 200 rockets into Israel Tuesday and vowed further revenge after the Israeli military carried out a pair of targeted airstrikes on senior Islamic Jihad commanders, killing one in Gaza and missing the second in Syria.

An Israeli airstrike killed Baha Abu al-Ata, 42, and his wife as...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Massive early morning rocket fire from Gaza shatters brief overnight calm

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other terror groups in the Gaza Strip resumed firing rockets into southern and central Israel after dawn Wednesday after a brief overnight respite in the violence. The Iron Dome system intercepted several of the projectiles, and there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

Sirens sounded in southern...

US-Israel Relationship

Pence slams rocket fire, says terror groups prefer violence to welfare of Gazans

US Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday slammed the rocket fire from Gaza, saying that it was clear that Palestinian terror groups “put violence ahead of bettering the lives of the people of Gaza.”

“The United States condemns the barrage of rockets on Israeli civilians. It’s clear Hamas & Palestinian Islamic Jihad put violence ahead of...