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Hackers target U.S. government and companies, after withdrawal from nuclear deal

Iranian and Chinese hackers targeted businesses and government agencies in the United States following President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and his trade conflicts with China, The New York Times reported on Monday.

Iran’s cyber influence campaign against the US “is not merely a reaction to US moves (real and imagined),...

Israeli Technology

‘The Israeli Flag Will Soon Fly on the Moon’ : Israel to Send First Spacecraft to the Moon

Israel – This Friday, Israel will send its first spacecraft to the moon, a feat President Rivlin calls "Zionism at its finest."

Israel's nonprofit SpaceIL organization has announced it will launch a spacecraft from Florida's Cape Canaveral on board a Falcon 9 rocket. It is scheduled to land on the moon on April 11.

The project is eight years in...


Farrakhan defends Omar’s antisemitic antics, attacks ‘wicked Jews’

Louis Farrakhan has blamed the “wicked Jews” for using him to try and break up the Women’s March.

The Nation of Islam leader made the comments on Sunday during the annual Saviours’ Day conference in Chicago.

“The most beautiful sight that I could lay eyes on when I saw, the day after Trump was elected, women from all over the world were...

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Soldier injured in Gaza clashes identified as Yoadd Zaguri of Los Angeles

An Israeli soldier injured in clashes along the Gaza border was identified on Monday as Yoadd Zaguri, a lone soldier from Los Angeles.

Zaguri, an infantryman in the army’s Nahal Brigade, was moderately wounded Sunday after an improvised explosive device was thrown at troops during rioting in northern Gaza.

He was hospitalized at Ashkelon’s...

Palestinian Authority

Israel approves million dollar freeze to PA tax revenue to offset terrorist wages

Israel's security council approved a million dollar freeze on funds transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in a bid to offset terrorist's salaries, after months of bureaucratic wrangling culminated in the government's sizable to slash the West Bank-based body on Sunday.

The tax revenue cut amounts to approximately $138 million, which is...


Hamas enlists female participation in border riots

New footage released over the weekend shows Hamas using its women as human shields.

In the short film, women work with the some 11,000 Gazans who rioted Friday along the Israel-Gaza border. The terrorists threw explosives and grenades at IDF soldiers, attempting to cut through the fence and directly attack troops.


Read More:...


Nasrallah: Israel is aware Hezbollah can invade Galilee

Israel is aware of Hezbollah’s capability to invade the Galilee, the group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech on Saturday.

While Hezbollah’s military is much better equipped than in 2000, the “Zionist enemy does not trust its military," Nasrallah claimed.

Israel launched “Operation Northern Shield” in December last year to identify and...

Israeli Technology

With sights set on the moon, Israel to launch privately funded spacecraft Friday

Israel hopes to become the fourth country in the world to land a spacecraft on the moon, with the launch of the unmanned spacecraft Beresheet from Florida’s Cape Canaveral this Friday. If successful, the 160-kilogram (350 pounds without fuel), four-legged spacecraft will also be the smallest and cheapest spacecraft to land on the moon.

The $100...

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS)

New York City mayor calls BDS ‘unacceptable’ at anti-Semitic rally

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio stressed on Thursday the importance of combatting anti-Semitism and slammed the Israel Boycot, Divestments, and Sanctions (BDS) movement as an “unacceptable” affront to Israel’s right to exist.

"Maybe some people don't realize it, but when they support the BDS movement, they are affronting the right of Israel to...

Israeli Society

Israel brings tourists to Entebbe for first time since legendary hostage rescue

For the first time since 1976’s hostage crisis and subsequent Israeli commando raid, an Israeli plane carrying tourists landed Thursday at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport.

Some 250 Israeli nationals came to the African country for a three-day visit, the East Africa Business Week website reported.

They flew in on a Boeing 777, operated by El Al’s...


Arab leaders play down Palestinian issue in leaked video

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office on Thursday released a video of a closed meeting in which senior Gulf Arab officials play down the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, defend Israel's right to defend itself, and describe Iran as the greatest threat to regional peace.

The video, bearing the insignia of Netanyahu's office, gave a...


Netanyahu: Israeli-Arab ties advance, but full peace unattainable now

Israel can advance normalized ties with the Arab world without resolving the Israeli-Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but won’t be able to fully make peace with those countries, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday.

He spoke with Israeli reporters on the sidelines of the US-led Warsaw summit, that gathered 60 countries, including from...


Border policeman lightly hurt by explosive as thousands riot on Gaza border

Several thousand Palestinians gathered near the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel Friday afternoon for weekly protests against Israel, burning tires, throwing stones and trying to breach the fence.

An Israeli border police officer from an undercover unit was lightly wounded by shrapnel in the leg when pipe bomb exploded next to his team, police...


US Vice President Mike Pence makes his first Auschwitz visit

US Vice President Mike Pence visited the memorial site of Auschwitz on Friday along with the Polish president and Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Donald Trump, viewing a train car, crematoriums and the hair of victims that make it such a powerful testament to the evil that befell Europe in the last century.

It was the first visit for...

US-Israel Relationship

Week-long Juniper Falcon joint U.S.-Israeli drill comes to an end

US and Israeli troops have finished the week-long Juniper Falcon drill, which tested the level of coordination between the two countries in the event of a ballistic missile threat against Israel.

As part of Juniper Falcon 2019, some 300 Americans from the United States European Command (USEUCOM) flew into Israel last week and joined some 400 IDF...


Top US admiral in Middle East warns of growing Iranian threat

Iran is in possession of improved and dangerous weapons systems that give Tehran the ability to threaten some of the world's most important waterways, according to the top American admiral in the Middle East.

"They have a growing capability in cruise missiles, they have a growing capability in ballistic missiles, they have a growing capability in...


IDF warns Hamas likely to spark war in Gaza in bid for international support

The Hamas terror group may seek to spark a war with Israel in the near future in an attempt to elicit international sympathy and an influx of international aid money to the Gaza Strip, which it controls, according to an Israeli Military Intelligence assessment released Wednesday.

The Israel Defense Forces believes Hamas or the Iran-backed...

US-Israel Relationship

House approves motion condemning anti-Semitism

The House overwhelmingly approved a motion on Wednesday that adds language condemning anti-Semitism to a bill that would cut off U.S. support for the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen.

The vote comes days after freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) stoked controversy with a tweet linking U.S. lawmaker support for Israel to money.

Omar's remarks...


Iran could get nuclear weapon within two years, intel assessments find

Iran is capable of producing a nuclear weapon within two years if it steps up work on its nuclear program and violates the 2015 deal with the West, according to a recent Israeli intelligence assessment.
Israel considers Iran’s nuclear program as the nation’s No. 1 concern, and, according to the assessment, if the Islamic Republic does decide to...


Shin Bet: Al-Aqsa TV used on-air signals to help Hamas coordinate terror attacks

The Shin Bet security service on Wednesday accused the Palestinian Al-Aqsa broadcaster and Gaza-based journalists of acting as agents of the Hamas terror group’s military wing in an effort to recruit young Palestinians with Israeli ID cards to carry out terror attacks inside Israel.

According to the security service, the Al-Aqsa television...