May 27 – Spanish Why Israel?

On Wednesday night, May 27th, on CUFI’s Spanish Facebook page (@CUFIespanol), our National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus and his wife, Rev. Mildred De Jesus, conducted part three of this month’s Spanish Why Israel virtual event series. Within 12 hours of its conclusion, it received over 700 views, 46 reactions, 38 comments, and 12 shares onto other Facebook pages and groups. The location of the viewers included the U.S. states of California and Wisconsin, in addition to the Latin American countries of Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico. Peter and Mildred continued to answer “Why Israel?” from a biblical, historical, and modern geo-political standpoint, along with promoting registration for next month’s Virtual Summit, becoming a CUFI member, and accessing all of our digital resources on a the CUFI website. It was a great way to wrap up this three-part series commemorating the 72nd anniversary of the modern state of Israel!