Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza over rocket fire on Israel


The Israel Defense Forces said on Wednesday evening that it hit a Hamas target in Gaza less than an hour after a rocket fired from the coastal enclave failed to land in southern Israel.

The rocket landed inside Gaza, the IDF said after conducting an investigation. It remains unclear which Palestinian organization initiated the exchange….

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF: Gaza rocket fired at Israel lands in Strip, triggering sirens in south

Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket toward southern Israel on Wednesday night, the army said, prompting a retaliatory Israeli raid.

The projectile failed to cross the border and landed inside the enclave, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

In response, an Israeli military aircraft bombed a Hamas observation post along…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Gazan terrorists fire mortar shells at Israel; IDF retaliates with airstrike

Palestinian terrorists fired four mortar shells at Israel from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, with one of them landing inside Israeli territory, the army said.

In response, an Israeli aircraft bombed a Hamas observation post east of Juhor ad-Dik in the central Gaza Strip, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

No injuries were reported on either…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Anticipating Hezbollah Strike, Israel Restricts Movement Along Border

The Israeli military restricted movement on roads adjacent to the border with Lebanon Tuesday, over fears that Hezbollah would retaliate against alleged Israeli attacks within its borders and in Syria.

According to the instructions published by the Israeli Defense Forces, movement on roads within five kilometers (three miles) of the Lebanese…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Army disarms IED on West Bank highway days after deadly terror bombing

Israeli security forces on Monday found and disarmed a small improvised explosive device that had been planted along a northern West Bank highway, the army said.

The foiled roadside bombing came days after an IED that had been planted next to a natural spring in the central West Bank was triggered by terrorists as an Israeli family visited the…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IAF airstrikes hit Hamas camp in Gaza after three rockets fired into Israel

The Israeli Air Force launched a series of airstrikes on targets in the northern Gaza Strip early Monday morning, the army said, hours after Palestinian terrorists fired three rockets at southern Israel, sending thousands of residents rushing to bomb shelters.

The Israel Defense Forces said it had hit targets on “a military base belonging to the…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF’s Shayetet 13, US Special Forces complete joint exercise – watch

A joint drill between the IDF’s elite Shayetet 13 navy commandos and US Army Special Forces ended last week, Israel’s military announced on Tuesday.

Dubbed “Noble Rose,” the drill simulated various scenarios in which troops had to take over a hijacked ship vessel and extract troops from enemy territory.

The exercise was led and commanded in the…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF strikes fresh Hamas targets after 2nd rocket fired from Gaza Strip

The latest tit-for-tat fighting between Hamas and Israel continued throughout the night Thursday with Israeli planes striking a round of fresh targets in the Gaza Strip belonging to the terror group after a second rocket was fired from the coastal enclave toward Israeli towns.

The IDF confirmed that it has struck several “terror bases” in the…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Israel’s Home Front Command revolutionizes ability to respond to multiple national emergencies

(August 14, 2019 / JNS) Personnel from Israel’s Home Front Command walked on the stage in San Diego on July 10 and collected an award for something extraordinary. The personnel had turned the Esri Geographic Information System (GIS) software, which is used around the world, into a national command and control system, making Israel the first…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Israel bolstering defenses with new wall on Israel-Gaza border

Over the last 10 days there have been three deadly clashes on the border between the IDF and Palestinians

The Israeli military is bolstering its defenses on the Israel-Gaza border with a new addition to its security barrier.

Jerusalem is currently developing plans to build a massive wall in the northern section of the Gaza security fence in an…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF thwarts third infiltration attempt from Gaza in a week

(August 13, 2019 / JNS) Israeli troops on Monday arrested an armed Palestinian man attempting to infiltrate into Israel from the Gaza Strip, according to the IDF.

“A short time ago, IDF soldiers arrested a suspect crossing the security fence into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip in the south,” the IDF said in a statement on social media….

Israel Defense Force (IDF)


Israel’s defense establishment will begin building an additional wall along the northern part of Gaza border fence to protect communities after three infiltrations along the border in under two weeks.

According to a report on Israel’s Channel 12, the Defense Ministry is planning to build a 6 m. (20 feet) high defensive wall inside Israeli…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

‘Major terror attack thwarted’ after IDF prevents militants from crossing Gaza border

The Israeli army thwarted Saturday morning an attempt to infiltrate Israel from the Gaza Strip. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) opened fire and killed all four fully-equipped fighters who approached the security fence in the southern border.

The IDF spokesperson issued a statement saying that apparent from the manner of operation of the terrorist…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Israel navy leading large-scale earthquake recovery drill

The parochet- or “curtain” – that was meant to cover Theodor Herzl’s coffin when he was buried in 1949 in the land of Isrel has been discovered in a Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) warehouse.

According to an article published exclusively on Wednesday in the Hebrew daily Israel Hayom, the parochet disappeared in 1949 after…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF arrests Palestinian men carrying guns into Israel

Israeli troops on Monday afternoon arrested two Palestinian men who crossed into Israel carrying two handguns and ammunition from the northern West Bank, the soldiers’ commander said.

An investigation is underway to determine if they were part of a gun-smuggling operation between Israel and the West Bank or, less likely but still possible, were…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

US-Israeli missile defense cooperation sends clear message to foes

Israeli and U.S. missile defense agencies just completed, together with their leading defense industries, a successful test of the new Arrow 3 interceptor. While the Israeli Air Force declared the system operational almost a year ago, these tests now serve as a clear indication to enemies — notably Iran — that Israel’s multi-layer missile defense…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Arrow 3 test: Those in charge of Israel’s security are ‘wide awake’

High above the clear blue skies of the Alaskan horizon this week, bright flashes of light and a rumbling sound disturbed the serenity. The conflict between Israel and Iran reaches far and wide.

The pristine calm was the unlikely setting for a test of Israel’s explosive safety net intercepting mock Iranian ballistic missiles.

Israel’s successful…

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF drilling on evacuating communities close to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

The IDF has drilled on evacuating communities along the Gaza border, and for the first time, evacuating communities close to the Egyptian border during a large-scale military exercise in southern Israel.

According to reports, the communities which were simulated to be evacuated during the drill included Shlomit, Yated, Avshalom, Yevul, Holit,…