Israel Defense Force (IDF)

IDF’s Shayetet 13, US Special Forces complete joint exercise – watch

A joint drill between the IDF’s elite Shayetet 13 navy commandos and US Army Special Forces ended last week, Israel’s military announced on Tuesday.

Dubbed “Noble Rose,” the drill simulated various scenarios in which troops had to take over a hijacked ship vessel and extract troops from enemy territory.

The exercise was led and commanded in the field by the Israeli Navy’s Shayetet 13, in addition to command from a joint headquarters of the Israeli Navy Depth and Special Forces and the relevant US HQ.

In the drill, advanced and varied capabilities of the unit were displayed, including taking over a vessel by parachuting from a plane, climbing, rappelling, sniping, and medical evacuation. In addition, the use of advanced weaponry and vessels was demonstrated.

According to the senior officer in Shayetet 13, the purpose of the drill was to “deepen cooperation and professional discourse” between the IDF’s special forces and those of the US.

“In recent years, the Israel Navy has dealt with varying threats that require training for complex scenarios that prepare it to deal with changing and unpredictable situations,” the IDF said. “Cooperation with foreign militaries, and specifically with the US Armed Forces, bringing about mutual learning and the strengthening of professional relationships that enhance both militaries’ readiness.”

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