Hezbollah in Lebanon: Israel’s greatest threat on its quietest border

An IDF soldier slips into a grassy spot next to a tree to gain a concealed position.

Two Hezbollah border spies appear for a moment from behind a tree on their side of the Lebanese border and then briskly fade into the shadows.

It is a slow and constantly unfolding chess match.

Luckily, however, it is only an IDF drill to bolster Israel’s capabilities to secure the Lebanese border, conducted by the IDF’s Unit 769 and special Devorah Unit.

As recently witnessed by The Jerusalem Post near Metulla, the drill provided clear reminders throughout that the Hezbollah danger is real and as close as can be.

Hezbollah: Israel’s greatest threat

Soldiers were positioned strategically throughout Metulla and spread along the border fence that cuts through the town. They were playing out a scenario where Hezbollah has already fired at and struck parts of the North, including key roads and sensitive facilities, and attempted to invade border villages.

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