Palestinian Authority

Palestinian Authority

10,000 Palestinians mark ‘Nakba day’ on Gaza border

According to the IDF, several attempts were made to breach the border fence, while some demonstrators threw explosive devices at the fence.
Gaza’s health ministry said 60 Palestinians were injured in clashes with IDF.
In Israel, a fire broke out in Kibbutz Alumim near the border as the result of a suspected fire bomb sent over the fence.

Palestinian Authority

Islamic Jihad says war with Israel coming this summer

Leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group believes the recent deadly flare-up between Israel and Gaza militants was a “military exercise” ahead of a large-scale war in the coming summer, according to a report in Beirut-based pan-Arab TV channel Al-Mayadeen Tuesday.

In the latest round of cross-border fighting, which erupted over the…

Palestinian Authority

Convicted Palestinian terrorist obtained US citizenship

A Palestinian terrorist convicted of attempting to bomb an Israeli bus managed to obtain US citizenship, according to a report from CNN.

This would apparently be the second time a convicted terrorist became a US citizen after the 9/11 attacks. In 2017, Rasmeah Odeh was convicted of illegaly obtaining US citizenship, after lying about her…

Palestinian Authority

Arab League pledges $100M per month to Palestinian Authority

CAIRO – The Arab League has pledged $100 million per month to the Palestinian Authority to make up for funds withheld by Israel because of payments made to the families of Palestinian attackers and prisoners.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the Arab League in Cairo on Sunday as part of a diplomatic effort to rebuff the Trump…

Palestinian Authority

Palestinians throw stones at Israeli vehicles in West Bank

Palestinians threw stones at Israeli vehicles in the West Bank on Monday night near Ma’ale Shomron, a settlement in the West Bank, according to Channel 4.

There were no causalities or damages, according to the report, but Israeli security forces are investigating the incident.

Read More: Jerusalem Post

Palestinian Authority

Palestinian Islamic Jihad reportedly planning attack on Israel

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group is preparing a “significant” terrorist attack to undermine the ceasefire arrangement between Israel and Hamas, Yediot Aharonot reported on Monday..

According to the report, security forces deployed along the Gaza security fence have noticed “unusual” activity by the group’s military wing, leading…

Palestinian Authority

Palestinians call for mass Gaza border protests on Saturday

Factions in the Gaza Strip are urging Palestinians to participate in Saturday’s mass protests near the border with Israel afternoon prayers. The factions urged Palestinians on Thursday to “maintain the peaceful and popular nature” of the protests, and said they don’t want to give Israel an excuse to use force against the demonstrators.


Palestinian Authority

Palestinian village names street after Ariel terrorist Omar Abu Lila

A street was named after the Ariel terrorist, Omar Abu Lila, in the village of Bruqin in the West Bank, Channel 13 reported on Wednesday.

In response to the sign, Btsalmo, a Jewish human rights organization, wrote to the Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit to have the sign removed.

“Naming a street after a terrorist will cause many young people…

Palestinian Authority

Mahmoud Abbas admits PA pays terrorists – watch

Palestinian tax money is funding “martyrs,” prisoners and wounded terrorists, according to a speech aired last week on Palestinian Authority TV.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, speaking in front of a delegation of US congressmen and members of America’s J-Street organization, bemoaned a decision by Israel to cut the tax revenue it collects…

Palestinian Authority

Abbas rejects all tax revenues from Israel over terror payment deduction

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has rejected all tax revenue payments transferred to the PA by Israel, in response to Jerusalem withholding over $138 million of the amount over Ramallah’s payouts to Palestinian attackers and their families.

The dramatic move means the PA is rejecting a large portion of its monthly income, which…

Palestinian Authority

As Israel cuts into PA tax base over terror payments, Ramallah threatens retreat

The Kerem Shalom crossing, Gaza’s most important entry point for commercial goods, was operating normally on Monday.

That may not seem like dramatic news, but given the circumstances, it was an unusual and unexpected development.

As of Sunday, the crossing’s Gazan side is run by officials unaffiliated with the Palestinian Authority — in other…

Palestinian Authority

Israel approves million dollar freeze to PA tax revenue to offset terrorist wages

Israel’s security council approved a million dollar freeze on funds transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in a bid to offset terrorist’s salaries, after months of bureaucratic wrangling culminated in the government’s sizable to slash the West Bank-based body on Sunday.

The tax revenue cut amounts to approximately $138 million, which is…

Palestinian Authority

U.S. funding for Palestinian security services ends

The US funding and training program for the PA’s security services ended Thursday at midnight, as diplomats and politicians scrambled to find a way to mitigate the impact on West Bank stability.

The 14-year-old US Security Coordinator (USSC) mission, and the $61 million the US provides annually, is perceived to be the cornerstone to an effective…

Palestinian Authority

Op-ed in PA daily refers to Israel’s founding as a “plot to establish a racist Zionist entity,” calls Israel “the cancerous entity”

Headline: “That which needs to be done on the Day of Solidarity with Palestine”
“Nov. 29, 1947 was the practical international step to execute the plot to establish a racist Zionist entity on 55% of the territory of historical Palestine. For the Palestinian people – which has the right, the land, and the homeland – only 45% of its homeland was…