Op-ed in PA daily refers to Israel’s founding as a “plot to establish a racist Zionist entity,” calls Israel “the cancerous entity”

Headline: “That which needs to be done on the Day of Solidarity with Palestine”
“Nov. 29, 1947 was the [first] practical international step to execute the plot to establish a racist Zionist entity on 55% of the territory of historical Palestine. For the Palestinian people – which has the right, the land, and the homeland – only 45% of its homeland was left in order to establish its Arab state, according to [UN] Partition Resolution No. 181 (the resolution was never implemented because the Arab world rejected it and launched a war on Israel; see note below –Ed.)…  On Dec. 2, 1977, the UN General Assembly decided to designate November 29 – the same day that the ominous partition resolution was made – as an International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
Three decades after the partition resolution, the UN published its resolution for the following reasons and factors:
As a result of the partition resolution, millions of members of the Palestinian people live in the diaspora as refugees since Palestine was taken over in 1948.
The military, political, and financial support of the world powers, and particularly the US, for the cancerous entity enabled it to occupy the rest of Palestine following the aggression of June 1967 (sic., Israel was not the aggressor, it was attacked by Arab armies and fighting a battle of self-defense).”

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