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Archeology Christian Persecution Issues

Tabgha and the Apostle Peter’s Redemption

Iran Issues

Avi Dichter Pt. 3: Iran Nukes and Hezbollah + How to Understand the Middle East

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS)

BDS: In Their Own Words


BDS proponents often present their case to students in terms of peace and justice; however, this masks the real agenda of seeking to destroy Israel rather than simply improve the lives of Palestinians and help them achieve independence. The true aims of BDS become clearer when the views of the movement’s leaders are examined. As the...

Israeli Technology

Alyn Hospital Pt. 3: Victim of Jerusalem Terror Attack Finds Healing

Israeli Technology

Alyn Hospital Pt. 2: An American Pastor’s Life is Changed

Israeli Technology

Alyn Hospital Pt. 1: Meeting the Families and Children of Alyn Hospital


Israeli Consul General to Southwest on Importance of Christian Support

US-Israel Relationship

Trump will move embassy, one-congressman mission predicts

US President Donald Trump will likely decide to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the head of a Congressional fact-finding mission into a possible relocation said on Sunday.

The small delegation, headed by Representative Ron DeSantis of Florida, the only congressman on the trip, visited three possible locations in Jerusalem,...

US-Israel Relationship

US reconsidering membership in UN council, urges end to Israel ‘obsession’

President Trump's administration confirmed it is reviewing the United States’ participation in the U.N. Human Rights Council, warning Wednesday that it wants the international body to reform its agenda and end its “obsession with Israel.”

Washington critics have argued that the Geneva-based council unfairly targets Israel over allegations of...

Gaza rocket
Incitement Issues

Gaza rocket strikes field south of Ashkelon; none injured

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck an open field south of the coastal city of Ashkelon on Wednesday night, causing neither injury nor damage, the army said, the second attack in a week.

The alert siren did not go off, as the rocket was headed toward an unpopulated area.

The projectile struck the Hof Ashkelon region shortly after 11:00...

US-Israel Relationship

President Trump opens joint session of Congress with condemnation of anti-Semitism



WASHINGTON — In a noteworthy move, President Donald Trump opened his highly anticipated address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night by speaking out against the recent wave of anti-Semitic attacks across the country

Noting his Feb. 28 speech came at the end of Black History Month, Trump said the recurrent surges...

US-Israel Relationship

Senior GOP lawmaker to reintroduce bill cutting PA funds over terrorist payouts

WASHINGTON — Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham will reintroduce legislation on Tuesday that would cut US funding to the Palestinian Authority if it continues to provide monetary support to the families of those who commit acts of terror against Israelis and others.

The bill, known as the Taylor Force Act, was first introduced last...

Archeology Issues

Caesarea’s Incredible Biblical Heritage, Part 2

Archeology Issues

Caesarea’s Incredible Biblical Heritage, Part 1


UNESCO’s War Against Israel

Archeology Issues

The Miracles of Jesus in Bethsaida

Archeology Issues

Fascinating Find at Ancient Byzantine Church in Galilee

Archeology Issues

Inside Ancient Jewish Tombs in Upper Galilee

Archeology Issues

Exploring Ancient Christian Tombs in Upper Galilee


New Discoveries Prove Israel’s Claim to the Land