April 5 – Milwaukee, WI – Spanish Why Israel

On Friday, April 5th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus and our CUFI Milwaukee Hispanic Outreach City Director Pastor Ilder Hidalgo conducted a Spanish Why Israel event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This event was hosted by Pastors Daniel and Framaris Muñoz of Iglesia Casa De Dios of the Wesleyan Church denomination. As a result of both Pastor Hidalgo and Rev. De Jesus sharing CUFI’s vision, mission, and Pro-Israel biblical mandate, Pastors Muñoz and many of their congregants became members of CUFI, joined our Daughters For Zion Prayer Network, and gave offerings towards our CUFI On Campus work. Additionally, Pastors Muñoz and several of their leaders expressed interest in attending our DC Summit this July. It was extra special to receive their request to host another CUFI event in their church next year. With that in mind, we look forward to seeing this particular congregation get more involved with CUFI in the months and years to come!