Israel And Kosovo To Establish Diplomatic Ties In Formal Ceremony February 1


‘Recognition by Israel is one of the greatest achievements for Kosovo,’ FM Haradinaj-Stublla says

Kosovo’s Foreign Minister Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla announced Friday an official ceremony to cement the country’s diplomatic relations with Israelwill be held on February 1, news agency Associated Press (AP) reported.

The ceremony will be conducted in a virtual setting, attended by Haradinaj-Stublla and Israeli counterpart Gabi Ashkenazi, due to the coronavirus restrictions.

“Recognition by Israel is one of the greatest achievements for Kosovo, coming at a key moment for us, thanks to the United States of America, our common and eternal ally,” she stated, cited by AP.

Kosovo is expected to become the world’s first Muslim-majority nation to open its Israel embassy in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in September, following the historic announcement of an upcoming normalization deal between the nations.

Preceding his statement, former US President Donald Trump unveiled a historic accord on economic ties between Kosovo and Serbia, which also included Kosovo recognizing Israel and Serbia relocating its embassy to Jerusalem.

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