Hamas is a terrorist organization that primarily targets Israeli civilians. Their goal is to destroy Israel and replace Jewish sovereignty over any part of the land with radical Islamist rule. After Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza strip, Hamas won control of the territory. Since 2006, Hamas has consistently used Gaza as a launch pad for rocket and mortar attacks against Israel. In 2014, Israel discovered Hamas was digging tunnels beneath the Gazan border. Hamas uses the Palestinian people living in Gaza as human shields, diverting money and resources meant for civilians in order to support terror. While Hamas prepares for the next war by stockpiling thousands of rockets and digging new tunnels in Gaza, the organization is also working to gain control of the West Bank.


IDF braces for fresh Gaza border clashes

Israel on Friday geared up for another showdown on the Gaza border, with the IDF deploying snipers and tanks for the third consecutive week ahead of a mass Palestinian protest.

Friday’s protest is the third of what Gaza’s ruling Hamas terror group said would be several weeks of “March of Return” demonstrations, which Hamas leaders say ultimately…


Pastor Hagee Honored By Israel

Israeli embassy names Pastor John Hagee number 27 of 70 greatest American contributors to the US- Israel relationship.


Several killed, dozens injured as car drives into crowd in Germany’s Munster

Several people were killed and dozens were reported injured Saturday when a car plowed into pedestrians in the German city of Munster, local media reports said.

The DPA news agency said a car had hit bystanders in the western city. Police confirmed there had been casualties, and said the driver of the vehicle had killed himself.

“The driver shot…


Gaza Hamas leader vows to ‘breach the borders and pray at Al-Aqsa’

As thousands of Palestinians demonstrated along the Gaza border on Friday, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, speaking before protesters, warned that the Strip was ready to “explode in the face of the occupation.”

He said the world should “wait for our great move, when we breach the borders and pray at Al-Aqsa,” referring to the major Muslim shrine in…


IDF says it thwarted Hamas, prevented ‘victory picture’ of breached border fence

As night fell on the second successive Friday’s Hamas-backed “March of Return” at the Gaza border, the Israeli army said it had managed to frustrate what it called the terror group’s “manipulative” efforts to breach the border fence and carry out acts of terrorism under the cover of a public protest.

The Palestinian Authority meanwhile said it…


COGAT reveals Hamas threats against bus company owners

Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai published a recording Thursday evening on COGAT’s Arabic-language Facebook page that revealed the manner in which Hamas is strong-arming executives of local bus companies to ferry rioters and terrorists to participate in border protests.

“In a talk a COGAT…


Gazans to burn Thousands of tires at border

Palestinians plan to engulf the Gaza border with smoke and flames from thousands of burning tires on Friday as Israel holds firm to its order to shoot any protesters who come close to the security barrier.

In the past several days, groups of young Gazans have been collecting old tires around the Strip and bringing them to the border.


Israel Highlights Armed Assaults by Palestinian Terror Groups During Gaza Border Protest

Israel has continued to push back firmly against Palestinian claims that the IDF used excessive force after a protest march on the Gaza-Israel border last Friday turned violent, stressing that terrorist groups had deliberately provoked a confrontation.

On Monday, the Palestinian Health Ministry claimed that the death of a 29-year-old demonstrator…


Hamas warns new protests will go further, surprise Israel

Defiant Hamas leaders warned Sunday that Palestinians would continue their protests along the Gaza fence, vowing to go beyond the barrier next time and promising fresh surprises for Israel.

“The Palestinians will not give up the ‘right of return’,” former Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said during a visit to Turkey. “We will not recognize the…


Honoring 70: John Hagee, Christians United for Israel

John Hagee is an evangelical pastor based in San Antonio, Texas. Having served in the ministry for more than five decades, Hagee leads a church with 20,000-plus active members. He is a Christian Zionist, who believes that the Bible commands all believing Christians to support the State of Israel and the return of the Jewish people to their…


As IDF Thwarts Gun Attack on Gaza Border, Israel Warns That Palestinian ‘Return’ Protests Are ‘Cover for Terror’

The IDF warned on Friday that the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas was attempting to manipulate violent protests by Palestinians along Gaza’s border with Israel as a cover for terrorist attacks.

A spokesperson for the IDF said that earlier on Friday — as Israelis prepared for the Passover holiday — Israeli troops thwarted a gun attack by a…


IDF: Hamas cynically sent 7-year-old girl to breach Gaza border

The Israeli army accused the Hamas terrorist organization of sending a 7-year-old girl to the Gaza security fence during deadly protests in the coastal enclave on Friday.

According to the army, the young girl was spotted by soldiers as she approached the security fence. The troops, who were on the Israeli side, met the girl as she reached the…


Israeli man killed in Jerusalem terror stabbing

A terrorist stabbed an Israeli man to death in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday, officials said. The victim, who was critically injured in the afternoon attack, died of his wounds in the hospital on Sunday evening.

The attacker was quickly shot dead at the scene by an Israel Police officer, police said.

The victim, a security…


Palestinian groups praise car-ramming attack that kills two soldiers

Several Palestinian groups and activists on Friday praised the “heroic” car-ramming attack in which two IDF solders were killed near Jenin, saying it was an “appropriate” response to US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

While no group claimed direct responsibility for the terror attack, it came…


IDF paratroopers teach US marines ‘lost art’ of tunnel combat

Israeli paratroopers and US marines completed a series of exercises over the past week and a half aimed at sharing techniques and knowledge on beach-landings and aspects of urban warfare, as part of the joint Juniper Cobra exercise, officers said.

For the Americans — specifically the US Marine Corps’ 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment — it meant…


Netanyahu: Zero tolerance for rockets — ‘they get hit immediately’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday he believed in a policy of “zero” tolerance for rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip and Syria, no matter how sporadic.

“My policy is zero spillover,” he told cadets at the National Defense College, an academic institution which trains high-ranking defense officials in national security fields.


Netanyahu vows Israel will respond to Gaza bombing as IAF hits targets in Strip

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday vowed Israel would respond after four IDF soldiers were wounded by a bomb planted along the Gaza Strip border fence.

An Israeli tank fired a shell at an observation post in an initial response to the attack, but Netanyahu said there would be further reaction from Israel.

Soon after Netanyahu spoke,…


Planting Seeds

Mark and Lisa Teubner sat at the restaurant table enjoying their meal and conversation. When they left home that day, Mark had proudly attached his CUFI unity pin to his shirt as he always did and then promptly moved on to thinking about other things. He and his wife could not have been more surprised when their server brought the bill to their…