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At least 20 wounded as clashes renew in Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon

Clashes in a Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon have left 20 people wounded, official news agency NNA reported Friday, weeks after a deadly outbreak of violence rocked Ain al-Helweh.

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Paris strips Abbas of top medal: ‘You justified the extermination of Europe’s Jews’

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo has stripped Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of the French capital’s highest honor after he made remarks about the Holocaust that repeated antisemitic tropes, her office said Friday.

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US diplomat: Normalization with Israel a clear Saudi interest

A peace deal with Israel is a clear Saudi interest and will likely lead to further accords with additional Muslim countries, the acting American ambassador to Israel said Thursday.
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Bipartisan legislators urge added measures to tackle campus antisemitism

The bipartisan Senate and House Task Forces for Combating Antisemitism has called for the implementation of extra measures to protect Jewish students on U.S. college campuses.

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Abbas: Ashkenazi Jews ‘are not Semites,’ Hitler killed them for their ‘social role’

In a recent speech, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas repeated a number of antisemitic canards he has made over the years, including unfounded claims about the the origins of Ashkenazi Jews and that Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler had Jews slaughtered because of their “social role” as moneylenders, not because of enmity toward Judaism.

Border policeman wounded during Judea arrest raid

An Israeli Border Police officer was wounded during a counterterrorism operation in Judea early Thursday, the IDF said.
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Four 1,900-year-old Roman swords found in Judean Desert, likely from Bar Kochba revolt

Archaeologists have discovered four 1,900-year-old Roman swords in a cave in the Judean Desert, which experts believe were captured by the Judean rebels during the Bar Kochba revolt and placed in a narrow crevice in the rock.

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Greece Working With Israel on AI Technology to Detect Wildfires

Greece is working with Israel on developing artificial intelligence technology that would help in early detection of dangerous wildfires, the Greek prime minister said Monday.

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Gazans set off explosives, hurl grenades during border riot

Palestinian rioters on Tuesday set off several explosive devices next to the Israeli security fence in the northern Gaza Strip, according to the IDF. A number of grenades were also thrown at the barrier.
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Fatah terror operative arrested in Jenin refugee camp

Israeli security forces arrested a wanted terrorist in the Jenin refugee camp in northern Samaria on Wednesday morning, according to the Israel Defense Forces. It was the second such arrest raid in the camp in 48 hours.

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Jack Lew, US ex-treasury secretary and Obama chief of staff, tapped as Israel envoy

US President Joe Biden has decided to nominate former treasury secretary Jack Lew to be the country’s next ambassador to Israel, a White House spokesperson told The Times of Israel on Tuesday.

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2 Arab Israelis charged for trying to smuggle bombs into West Bank for Islamic Jihad

Two Arab Israeli men were charged on Tuesday for attempting to smuggle explosive devices and firearms into the West Bank on behalf of the Islamic Jihad terror group, the Shin Bet security agency revealed.

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UNESCO to vote on Ancient Jericho joining World Heritage list as site in Palestine

The United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is set to vote on a proposal later this month that would see Ancient Jericho declared as a “World Heritage Site in Palestine.”

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Cohen inaugurates Israeli embassy during diplomatic trip to Bahrain

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen inaugurated the permanent home of the Israeli embassy in Manama on Monday as part of his first official visit to Bahrain, which normalized ties with Jerusalem in 2020 under the auspices of the Trump administration-brokered Abraham Accords.

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Jerusalem find dating back to biblical kings baffles archaeologists

An unprecedented channel installation dating back to the First Temple period was uncovered in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Wednesday.

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Hamas to restart weekly Gaza border riots

Hamas has decided to restart the “Great March of Return” at the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel.
The decision was made on Wednesday by the “Supreme National Authority for the Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege” to begin to rehabilitate the “return camps” near the security fence in the eastern Gaza Strip, Assabeel, an Islamist weekly…

Israel, US to hold drill simulating strike on Iran nuke sites

Israel and the United States are set to hold a series of joint military exercises in the coming months.
One of the exercises will simulate a coordinated Israeli-U.S. attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, while another is intended to practice the response to a multi-front missile attack, Israel’s Channel 12 cited an unnamed source as saying.

IDF soldier wounded in car ramming near Hebron

An Israel Defense Forces soldier was lightly injured on Wednesday when a Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into a military post near Beit Hagai, located close to Hebron in Judea.

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