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Iran seeks to receive S-400 missile systems from Russia

Iran has requested a new air-defense system, S-400s, from Russia, which could prove problematic for Israel.

Russia has yet to publicly confirm if it will supply the S-400s in question.  If supplied, Iran will need only two years for the system to become operational.

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Top Israeli officials to visit D.C. amid concerns over Iran’s nuclear program

Israeli Minister for Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer and national security adviser Tzachi Hanegbi are expected to visit Washington early next week for meetings with senior Biden administration officials that will focus on Iran, two Israeli and U.S. officials said.

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Top US military officer in Israel to talk security

Gen. Mark Milley, whose chairmanship of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff ends in the fall, arrived in Israel on Friday to talk with counterparts.

“They will address the many challenges and opportunities facing Israel and the Middle East region,” stated Col. Dave Butler, a spokesman for the general.

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Israel slams dangerous docking of two Iranian warships in Brazil

Israel warned Brazil that it was dangerous to allow two Iranian warships to dock in Rio de Janeiro, noting that their presence in the southern Atlantic Ocean was a “dangerous and regretful development.”

“It is still not too late to order the ships to leave the port,” the Foreign Ministry stated Thursday in a sharply worded statement.


US naval forces help UK seize ‘anti-tank guided missiles’ from Iran

American naval forces teamed up with their United Kingdom counterparts to seize “anti-tank guided missiles” and missile components from a boat that originated from Iran, military officials say.
The joint operation – in which the U.S. provided “airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support for an interdiction in the Gulf of Oman…

US condemns Abbas’s call for Palestinian forces to ‘confront’ Israeli military

The United States took Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas to task on Wednesday for calling on his security forces to confront Israeli military personnel conducting counter-terrorism raids in Judea and Samaria.

“We call on the Palestinian Authority, including President Abbas, to clearly condemn terrorism against Israelis and terrorism in…

IAEA chief to meet with Iranian president in Tehran

International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Rafael Grossi will meet on Saturday with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran in a bid to “restart the relationship at the highest level,” AFP reported Wednesday.

It comes after the IAEA confirmed in a report that its inspectors found uranium enriched to 83.7 percent at Iran’s underground…

Terror-supporting Palestinian school built by USAID spotlights worldwide problem for agency

Three days after Khairy Alqam murdered seven people outside a synagogue in Jerusalem, the Al Umariya Secondary School for Girls in Qalqilya held a special ceremony to commemorate him. The school was established with U.S. funds.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided funding for construction of the school in…

US mainland under threat as Iran pushes assassinations, kidnappings: report

Amid the report that a top Iranian regime military official on Friday urged the murders of the ex-commander of the United States Central Command General Kenneth McKenzie, former President Trump, and former Secretary State of Mike Pompeo, a new report asserts that Iran is likely behind a “kill list” targeting law enforcement agencies in Boston….

IDF apprehend suspects who carried out killing of American-Israeli

Two suspects who were involved in the shooting attack in Jericho that killed the late Elan Ganeles on Monday were arrested by Israeli security forces on Wednesday afternoon.

One of the terrorists was shot while trying to escape. His status is unclear in terms of how serious his injuries are.

The IDF captured the suspects in a joint operation…

US official says Iran could produce nuclear material for a bomb ‘in about 12 days’

A senior US defense official said Tuesday that Iran could produce enough fissile material for one nuclear bomb in under two weeks.

The warning from US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl came as the UN confirmed Iran has enriched uranium to nearly weapons-grade level at an underground nuclear site.

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Hezbollah-backed terrorists form ‘dozens of cells’ on Syrian border

Hezbollah has established dozens of terrorist cells in southern Syria, just over the Israeli border, composed of local recruits, a Galilee-based defense research group says.

They could soon begin to use drones in operations against Israel, added the Alma Research and Education Center.

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Israel arrests eight suspects in Samaria shooting attacks

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and the IDF arrested eight terrorist operatives on Monday night suspected of a series of shooting attacks in Samaria.

The eight men carried out a series of attacks in recent weeks that did not result in casualties, the agency said. The weapons they allegedly used were also confiscated.

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US-Israel citizen killed in terror attack to be buried in country ‘he loved so much’

The parents of Elan Ganeles, an American-Israeli citizen killed in a terrorist attack near the Dead Sea, will bury their son in Israel rather than their hometown of West Hartford, Connecticut.

Ganeles, 26, who was visiting Israel to attend a friend’s wedding, had served in the IDF as a computer programmer before returning to the United States…

West Bank terror victim named as Israeli-American Elan Ganeles

A man killed in a terror attack near Jericho in the West Bank on Monday has been identified as Israeli-American Elan Ganeles.

Ganeles, 26, was shot to death while driving near the West Bank city of Jericho amid an escalation of violence between Palestinians and Israelis in the territory.

Ganeles was raised in West Hartford, Connecticut,…

CIA chief: Iran could enrich uranium to weapons-grade within weeks if it chooses

The head of the Central Intelligence Agency has warned that Iran could enrich uranium to weapons-grade within weeks, but said the United States does not believe Iranian leaders have yet decided to do so.

The comment by William Burns, made during an interview with CBS News aired Saturday, came after inspectors from the UN atomic agency found…

Huwara terrorist manhunt continues, Israel bolsters West Bank forces

A company from the elite Sayeret Givati unit, as well two other IDF companies, were transferred to reinforce Israeli security forces in the West Bank on Monday, as tensions rose and the manhunt for the terrorist behind the Huwara attack continued.

The decision to provide extra reinforcements in the West Bank came after two Israeli brothers,…

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‘No words can console us’: Brothers Hillel and Yagel Yaniv killed in terror attack

Hillel Menachem Yaniv and Yagel Ya’acov Yaniv, two brothers from the Har Bracha settlement in Samaria, were killed in a terrorist shooting attack in Huwara on Sunday afternoon.

Hillel was studying in the Kiryat Shmona Hesder Yeshiva and had recently completed his service in the Navy. Yagel was studying in the Givat Olga Hesder Yeshiva and had…