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‘We’ll do our best to save lives’: IDF rescue delegation arrives in southern Turkey

A delegation of 150 military rescue experts arrived in southern Turkey early Tuesday, as the country grappled with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that killed thousands of people in the region. An initial, smaller team had flown in on Monday.

The Israel Defense Forces released photos of the team and supplies loading onto a plane at…

In The News Terrorism

Israeli forces attacked during Nablus raid; Palestinian gunman said killed

Israeli forces conducting counter-terror operations in Nablus/Shechem early on Tuesday came under attack, returning fire and according to Palestinian media killing one Palestinian gunman.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that troops returned fire after being shot at during the operation, and that a “hit was registered.”

The Nablus-based…

In The News Terrorism

CIA director: Current Israeli-Palestinian tensions resemble Second Intifada

The director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency expressed his concern last week that the current period of tensions between Israel and the Palestinians is beginning to resemble the violence of the Second Intifada.

“I was a senior US diplomat 20 years ago during the Second Intifada, and I’m concerned — as are my colleagues in the…

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Iran unveils first underground air force base, Eagle 44 – report

Iran on Tuesday unveiled its first underground air force base, called “Eagle 44,” according to the official IRNA news agency.

“It is one of the army’s most important air force bases, with fighters equipped with long-range cruise missiles and built in the depths of the Earth,” IRNA added.
“It is one of the army’s most important air force bases,…

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Man crosses from Israel into Lebanon in second such incident in week

For the second time in a week, an unidentified individual on Sunday illegally crossed from Israel into Lebanon, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

The military provided no further information, saying only that it was investigating the matter.

he IDF revealed last Monday that an Israeli had crossed the border into Lebanese territory, and…

In The News Iran

Moscow, Tehran Advance Plans for Iranian-Designed Drone Facility in Russia

Moscow and Tehran are moving ahead with plans to build a new factory in Russia that could make at least 6,000 Iranian-designed drones for the war in Ukraine, the latest sign of deepening cooperation between the two nations, said officials from a country aligned with the U.S.
As part of their emerging military alliance, the officials said, a…

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Israel captures terror cell behind attempted mass shooting near Jericho

Israeli security forces on Sunday night arrested the terrorist cell responsible for an attempted mass shooting at a restaurant near Jericho last month, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Israeli forces came under fire during the arrest raid in Aqbat Jaber, a refugee camp just south of Jericho, and returned fire, killing an unspecified…

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Netanyahu says Israel will send earthquake relief to Syria as well as Turkey Israel said readying to send tents, medication, blankets; will receive wounded for medical treatment if requested, report says; IDF examining how to send the aid to enemy state

Israel is sending aid to Syria as well as Turkey as they grapple with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that killed over a thousand people in the region, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday.

Netanyahu said that Israel had received requests through diplomatic channels to assist in Syria, and that aid would be provided there.

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Palestinian leaders fail to condemn Neveh Ya’acov terrorist attack

Palestinian officials from both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip failed to condemn the attack in Neveh Ya’acov on January 27 in which seven civilians were killed and three were injured.

Hours after the attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was “one of the worst attacks we have known in recent years, our hearts go out to the families…

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Netanyahu joins Chad’s president to open new embassy in Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined visiting President of Chad Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno in Tel Aviv on Thursday morning to officially open the African nation’s embassy in Israel, a move both leaders hailed as “historic.”

In 2019, during Netanyahu’s previous term, he and late president Idriss Deby Itno, the current president’s father,…

In The News Iran

Satellite photos show damage at Iran military workshop allegedly struck by Israel

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Satellite photos analyzed by The Associated Press on Friday showed damage done to what Iran describes as a military workshop attacked by Israeli drones, the latest such assault amid a shadow war between the two countries.
While Iran has offered no explanation yet of what the workshop manufactured, the drone attack…

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Terror victim succumbs to injuries 8 months after Independence Day attack

Eight months after he was seriously injured from an axe blow to his head during a terror attack on Independence Day, Shimon Maatuf, 75, died overnight Wednesday.

Maatuf’s death brought to four the number of people killed in the May 5 rampage by two Palestinian terrorists in the central city of Elad as celebrations were held for the founding of…

In The News Terrorism

Lebanese man recruits Palestinians on TikTok to help with terrorism

A Lebanese citizen who was once a Hezbollah activist has been using TikTok to recruit Palestinians in the West Bank and east Jerusalem to help him carry out terror attacks, the Shin Bet revealed on Thursday.

The man, whose real name is Salah Sawati, is known as Abu Asan and the Shin Bet revealed three different TikTok accounts he was using to…

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Israeli delegation in Sudan to finalize expanding the Abraham Accords

Sudan is reportedly ready to finalize its move to join the Abraham Accords as an Israeli delegation headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Eli Cohen met with the country’s ruler Abdel Fattah al-Burhan in Khartoum on Thursday, according to Hebrew and Arab media.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry would not confirm that Cohen was in Sudan, only issuing a…

Antisemitism In The News

Princeton University English Department to Host ‘Blatantly’ Antisemitic Speaker for Memorial Lecture

Mohammed el-Kurd, a controversial pro-Palestinian activist whom Jewish groups have accused of “blatant” antisemitism, will speak at Princeton University on Feb. 8, according to announcement by the university’s Department of English.
Currently a columnist for the left-wing magazine The Nation, the 24-year-old el-Kurd has trafficked in antisemitic…

In The News US-Israel Relationship

Bill calling to end UN probe into Israel reintroduced to US Congress

A bill calling to end a United Nations probe against Israel has been reintroduced to the US Congress after similar legislation failed to advance last year.

The US has repeatedly opposed the contentious Commission of Inquiry against Israel, but continues to fund the investigation as part of its budget to the UN, despite opposition from Israel…

In The News Terrorism

‘Overwhelming evidence of ties between Palestinian NGOs and the PFLP’

A new report by NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based research institute, documents ‘overwhelming evidence’ of ties between seven Palestinian NGOs and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The U.S., E.U., Canada and Israel have designated the PFLP as a terrorist organization. However, on July 12, 2022, nine European governments…

In The News Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Condition of IDF officer wounded in Jerusalem attack said to worsen

An Israel Defense Forces officer injured in a shooting attack on Saturday near Jerusalem’s Old City has seen a deterioration in his medical condition, his parents said Tuesday evening.

The officer, whose full name is not being published, was said to be in serious but stable condition and is sedated and on a ventilator, according to Hebrew media…