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Kamala Harris applauds student, who accused Israel of ‘ethnic genocide,’ for speaking ‘your truth’

Vice President Kamala Harris nodded while a student accused Israel of ethnic genocide and then responded by saying the student’s “truth should not be suppressed.”
After speaking at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, to commemorate National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, Harris took questions from the audience. That’s when a female…

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Biden security adviser heads to Egypt as Israel-Hamas tensions rise

WASHINGTON  — US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan is heading to Cairo on Wednesday for talks with Egyptian government officials about rising tensions between Israel and Hamas.

The Biden administration is leaning heavily on Egypt, which has long played a role as mediator between Israel and the Hamas terror group, for…

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US, China, Iran triangle: Between a rock and a hard place

There is finally a US plan for trying to pressure Iran into coming back to the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal and complying with IAEA inspections.

The problem is that the plan is booby-trapped and almost certainly condemned to failure in advance.

The US and the EU will turn to China to try to get it to reduce its oil purchases from the Islamic…

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Settlers throw rocks, injure 3-year-old Palestinian in West Bank clashes

Three Israelis and at least two Palestinians, including a three-year-old suffering moderate head trauma, were injured on Tuesday as approximately 60 West Bank settlers threw rocks towards Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills, Israeli media reported.

According to reports, around 30 Palestinians fought back when the settlers caused harm to cars…

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Iran holds military drill near Azerbaijan border due to ‘Zionist presence’ there

TEHRAN, Iran — Tehran on Tuesday invoked its “sovereignty” to dismiss Azerbaijan’s concerns over Iranian military exercises near their shared border.

“The drills carried out by our country in the northwest border areas… are a question of sovereignty,” Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in a statement on the ministry…

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Five prisoners to be charged with aiding Gilboa jailbreak

State prosecutors said Wednesday that they intended to indict six prisoners who escaped Gilboa Prison earlier this month, as well as five other inmates suspected of helping them.

With the impending indictment of the captured fugitives and their alleged accomplices, the Israel Police and Shin Bet security service announced the end of their…

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US security official headed to Cairo ahead of meeting with Israeli counterpart

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will travel to Cairo on Wednesday to discuss regional issues, according to a White House statement.
Sullivan and Egyptian officials are expected to meet on “Egypt’s role in promoting security and prosperity for both Israelis and Palestinians,” the statement said.
This comes amid rising tensions between…

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Unidentified aircraft hit Iranian-backed militia in Syria: reports

Unidentified aircraft targeted Iranian-backed militias in eastern Syria early Tuesday, according to reports.
Eyewitnesses said a plane attacked the militants south of Mayadeen in the Deir Ezzor governate, which houses many Iraqi Shi’ite fighters loyal to Iran, Reuters said. Security sources said this border region with Iraq is a hotbed for…

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US to Iran: Grant inspectors access to workshop or face IAEA action ‘within days’

Iran must stop denying the U.N. nuclear watchdog access to a workshop making centrifuge parts as agreed two weeks ago or face diplomatic retaliation at the agency’s Board of Governors within days, the United States said on Monday.
The workshop at the TESA Karaj complex makes components for centrifuges, machines that enrich uranium, and was hit by…

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UK Labour party passes motion that defines Israel as ‘apartheid state’

The UK Labour Party passed a motion in their annual Brighton conference to define Israel as an apartheid state and impose sanctions against Israel as a result, the Independent reported on Tuesday.

The motion further demanded actions against “the building of settlements, reverse any annexation and ends the occupation of the West Bank and the…

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Large explosives cache belonging to Hamas cell said found in West Bank town

Israeli security forces early Monday carried out further operations in the West Bank to disrupt alleged plans for major terror attacks, using new intel gained following the arrest of some 20 suspected members of a Hamas cell.

It was the second straight night Israeli troops operated in the town of Bidu, near Jerusalem. Three Hamas gunmen were…

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‘We believe in this relationship’ Bennett tells UAE, Bahraini officials

Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with the United Arab Emirates Minister for Foreign Affairs and the head of Bahraini diplomacy in New York, Sunday evening.
Bennett travelled to the US in preparation for giving his first speech at the podium of the United Nations General Assembly on Monday.
“First of all, I want to tell you that I have…

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Full text of Bennett’s UN speech: Iran’s nuclear program at a ‘watershed moment’

Israel is a lighthouse in a stormy sea.

A beacon of democracy, diverse by design, innovative by nature and eager to contribute to the world — despite being in the toughest neighborhood on earth.

We are an ancient nation, returned to our ancient homeland, revived our ancient language, restored our ancient sovereignty.

Israel is a miracle…

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Hamas will not hesitate to start another war with Israel – analysis

The arrest operation on Sunday targeting a dangerous Hamas cell in the West Bank not only stopped a ticking time bomb but showed just how serious the terrorist group is.

Based in the Gaza Strip, Hamas constantly attempts to carry out attacks in the West Bank. But this was on a different level.

The raids, which took place in five different…

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Israeli ambassador says world mulling ‘plan B’ to stop Iran’s nuclear program

Israel’s ambassador to the United States and United Nations, Gilad Erdan, said on Monday that the US and other world powers are increasingly considering a “plan B” to stop Iran’s nuclear program, should talks fail.

“The international community and Americans are starting to talk to us more about a plan B on Iran,” Erdan told Army Radio, without…

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Two Israeli troops wounded in clashes near Nablus

Two Israeli troops were reported lightly wounded following an incident near Joseph’s Tomb close to the West Bank city of Nablus on Monday.
The soldiers were part of a Border Police convoy accompanying around 500 Jewish worshippers traveling to the religious site, according to The Times of Israel.
The travelers’ buses were attacked by…

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Iran fails to fully honour agreement on monitoring equipment, IAEA says

The U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Sunday Iran had failed to fully honour the terms of a deal struck two weeks ago to allow the watchdog’s inspectors to service monitoring equipment in the country.
“The (IAEA) Director General (Rafael Grossi) stresses that Iran’s decision not to allow agency access to the TESA Karaj centrifuge component…

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Texas Comptroller adds Ben & Jerry’s to list of companies boycotting Israel

Ben & Jerry’s and their parent company, Unilever, have been added to a list of Texas companies that are boycotting Israel, according to the Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar.

Hegar announced on Thursday, saying that the action that Ben & Jerry’s took was undertaken pursuant to Texas Government Code Chapter 808, which he shared defines…