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Israeli forces near Ramallah nab terror cell suspected of planning imminent attack

Israeli forces on Wednesday arrested several Palestinians suspected of planning to carry out attacks in coming days, as security forces ramped up operations against suspected terror operatives in the West Bank.

According to police, troops from the elite Yamam counter-terrorism unit and Shin Bet security service surrounded a building in the town…

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Cyber unit reports 800% increase in online terror incitement amid recent attacks

In the weeks since the March 22 terror attack that claimed the lives of four Israelis in Beersheba, the cyber unit in the State Attorney’s Office has received 5,815 requests by security officials to remove posts from social media that incite or appear to support terrorism.

The attack in the southern city was followed by several deadly attacks…

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Turkish FM says he’ll visit Israel in May, discuss reinstalling ambassadors

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thursday that he will travel to Israel and the Palestinian Authority in mid-May. Speaking to Turkish TV channel A Haber, Cavusoglu said he will discuss the return of ambassadors to Turkey and Israel during the trip, according to Reuters.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry told The Times of Israel that it…

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IRGC commander says death of all US leaders would not avenge Soleimani killing

The killing of all American leaders would not be enough to avenge the death of Iranian military commander General Qassem Soleimani, an Iranian Revolutionary Guards general said.

Soleimani was killed in January 2020 by the US military while on a visit to Iraq. Iran vowed a “crushing revenge” on all those responsible for his assassination.


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Jerusalem police on high alert ahead of Passover Seder, second Friday of Ramadan

The Israel Police have directed hotels across the country to ramp up security ahead of the Passover Seder, which this year falls on the second Friday of Ramadan. Amid the tense security situation in the country, there is concern that terrorist organizations are planning a repeat of the 2002 Passover bombing of the Park Hotel in Netanya, in which…

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Gantz: Iran close to 90% uranium enrichment

Iran is dangerously close to enriching uranium to 90 percent, or military-grade, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Monday.

Addressing a policy forum hosted by the Washington Institute, Gantz said, “As we know, Iran is continuing its uranium enrichment and expanding its capabilities and they are close to 90% enrichment, once they…

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Bennett, Barlev visit as Tel Aviv bar hit in deadly terror attack reopens

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Internal Security Minister Omer Balev were among dozens of people who came to Tel Aviv’s Ilka bar as it reopened on Monday, just four nights after a terrorist opened fire on the site, killing 3 and wounding 13.

“I came here tonight to give strength to the bar’s owners and local residents. A really difficult…

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Palestinian Authority long been ‘speaking in two voices,’ says former Israeli defense official

The Palestinian Authority has been “speaking in two voice” for a long time, promoting moderate messages to Western and Israeli ears on the one hand, and radical messages internally for public Palestinian consumption on the other, a former Israeli defense official has said.

Ra’ad Hazem, a Palestinian terrorist who murdered three Israeli…

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IDF arrests 20 security suspects in overnight Judea and Samaria raids

Israeli security forces arrested 20 terror suspects overnight Tuesday in a series of raids in Judea and Samaria, according to the Israeli military.

One of the suspects was allegedly involved in the attack on Joseph’s Tomb near Nablus/Shechem on Sunday.

Israeli forces conducted “extensive counterterrorism activity in Judea and Samaria based…

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After slow start, Israel’s ‘aliyah’ machine for Ukraine kicks into gear

The Ukraine war has led to a wave of aliyah from the war-torn country, along with a wave of criticism as organizations managing that immigration came under fire for not working faster. On March 18, the Israeli daily Israel Hayom pointed out that it was easier to enter Israel as a non-Jewish refugee than as a Jewish immigrant. A week later and the…

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Biden will not remove IRGC from terrorist list

President Joe Biden is rejecting Iran’s demand that the United States remove the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps from the US list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, a move that has officials pessimistic about the prospects of a US reentry into the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran wants the terrorist designation removed for their military branch as a…

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Palestinian stabs policeman at Ashkelon construction site, is shot and killed

A policeman was lightly wounded after being stabbed by a Palestinian man early Tuesday in the southern city of Ashkelon, police said. The assailant was shot and killed.

The incident occurred when the officer approached to investigate the man, who was acting suspiciously. During the check, the man drew a knife and stabbed the officer.


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Palestinians vandalize, set fire to Joseph’s Tomb; PM decries ‘shocking destruction’

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett joined the condemnation on Sunday of the overnight arson and vandalism of Joseph’s Tomb near the West Bank city of Nablus, saying he was appalled by the images of the damage to the shrine.

“During the night Palestinians destroyed Joseph’s Tomb. Dozens of Palestinian rioters in a campaign of destruction simply…

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Terrorist killed after stabbing Border Police officer in Hebron

A Palestinian woman was killed by Israeli security forces at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron on Sunday after she stabbed a Border Police officer in the neck.

The officer sustained minor wounds in the attack, the Kiryat Arba Municipality said in a statement.

This is the latest incident in a spate of recent terrorist attacks across the…

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Amid terror wave, incitement to violence floods Palestinian social media

As a series of deadly terror attacks rocked Israeli cities in recent weeks, Palestinian social media seethed with incitement supporting the violence and encouraging future attackers.

Fourteen people have died so far in four attacks across the country, the bloodiest wave of violence the Jewish state has seen in years. Palestinian Authority…

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Two Jews shot, wounded while trying to reach Joseph’s Tomb in West Bank

Two Jews were shot and wounded while trying to reach Joseph’s Tomb near the West Bank city of Nablus, the Israel Defense Forces said Monday morning.

The two men, part of the Bratslav Hasidic community, were attempting to get to the shrine without having coordinated with the military, which usually oversees visits by Jewish worshipers.


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Syria’s new demographics create recruitment options for Iran, Hezbollah

The Israel Defense Forces has identified a new threat in the form of demographic changes in Syria resulting in a significant rise in Shi’ite and Alawite populations, according to a recent report by Israel Hayom.

“The concern is that as the distress of Syrian civilians increases, Iran and Hezbollah will exploit the situation to recruit Shi’ite…

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Hamas is looking for battles with Israel away from Gaza

Since the May 2021 war with Israel, Hamas’s main goal has been to make sure that the flames do not spread to the Gaza Strip. That’s why it has been focusing its efforts on instigating and encouraging violence in Jerusalem, the West Bank and among the Israeli-Arabs, while maintaining calm with Israel on the Gaza Strip front.

Despite the…