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Israel Police announced arrest of ISIS-linked suspect in bus station terror bombings

Israeli Police on Tuesday announced the arrest of a suspect believed to be responsible for two bus station bombings that killed two people and injured more than 20 others last month, including two Americans.
A joint investigation by Israeli Police, security forces, and the Israeli Defense Forces led to the arrest of 26-year-old Aslam Faruch, a…

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Google fixes antisemitic definition of ‘Jew’ following uproar

Google users who typed the word “Jew” in the search feature on Tuesday found that the top definition was an antisemitic stereotype. The search engine’s first listed definition of “Jew” was: “to bargain with someone in a miserly or petty way.”

Further down in the search results were several conjugations of the word, as “jewed” and “jewing.”

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Christian Zionist groups slam Ye’s antisemitism

Prominent Christian pro-Israel organizations are speaking out against Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) after the rapper used Christianity to justify a months-long series of antisemitic statements.

“Christians are mandated by God to stand with the Jewish people,” Pastor John Hagee, founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel (CUFI),…

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Hamas ‘fighter’ killed during armed clash with IDF in Nablus

A member of the Hamas terror group was killed as Israeli troops clashed with Palestinian gunmen in the northern West Bank early Thursday.

Ahmed Atef Mustafa Daraghmeh was mortally wounded when armed Palestinians exchanged fire with Israeli troops that entered the city of Nablus to escort Jewish worshippers to a site known as the biblical…

Holocaust In The News

Bipartisan bill awards Congressional Gold Medal to last living Nuremberg prosecutor

U.S. Reps. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.), Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) and Gus Bilirakis (R-Fla.) on Thursday were joined by U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) in announcing their bipartisan bill to award a Congressional Gold Medal to Benjamin Ferencz, the last living Nuremberg trials prosecutor.

Over the course of his life,…

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Police: 3 officers hurt in shooting, ramming attack in Kafr Qasim; driver killed

Three police officers were wounded after being rammed by a vehicle in a terror attack in Kafr Qasim, an Arab city east of Tel Aviv, during the pre-dawn hours of Friday morning, law enforcement officials said.

According to police, the assailant, Naim Badir, called police over to a parking area of a building, claiming there had been a violent…

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Three dead after shooting at Kurdish community center in Paris

A gunman opened fire on a Kurdish cultural center and nearby Kurdish cafe in central Paris on Friday, killing three people and wounding three others, and prosecutors said they were looking into a possible racist motive for the attack.

Multiple gunshots were fired on Rue d’Enghien, sowing panic on a street lined with small shops and cafes in the…

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120,000 Pilgrims Expected in Israel Over Christmas Week

Some 120,000 Christian pilgrims are expected to visit Israel over Christmas week, the country’s Ministry of Tourism announced Tuesday.
While pilgrims typically constitute 20 percent of tourists to Israel, that number is expected to increase to 40 percent during the Christmas period, according to the ministry.
Free roundtrip transportation will…

In The News Iran

Iran claims to have arrested four Mossad teams amid protests

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry claimed that it had arrested four operational teams working for Israel’s Mossad on Thursday, in its latest in a series of claims concerning alleged Mossad operatives in the country.

The ministry claimed that the alleged teams were trying to “take advantage” of the ongoing unrest throughout Iran and had tried to…

In The News Incitement

Terror victims sue Biden administration for funding Palestinian Authority

Victims of Palestinian terror are suing the Biden administration for awarding millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, which pays terrorists and their families.

The lawsuit, filed in a U.S. district court in Texas on Tuesday, contends that the Biden administration is in violation of the 2018 Taylor Force Act, which prohibited the…

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Report: Israel targeted secret Hezbollah drone site in Syria strike this week

The Israeli Air Force struck a clandestine drone research and development site belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group in Syria earlier this week, according to a Thursday report by the Saudi-funded al-Arabiya network and its sister channel al-Hadath.

Citing unnamed sources, al-Arabiya said Israeli jets struck the Hezbollah site at the…

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Israel to give 17 power generators to Ukraine for electricity-starved Kherson

Israel donated 17 generators to Ukraine for use in the southeastern Kherson region which has been largely plunged into darkness by Russian bombardment, Jerusalem’s embassy in Kyiv said Tuesday.

As its invasion has ground to a halt in the face of stiff Ukrainian resistance, Russia has systematically targeted Ukraine’s power infrastructure,…

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Silver coins found near Temple Mount prove Jewish history of Israel

A rare, half-shekel coin from the Great Revolt from 66 CE to 70 CE during the Second Temple period has been discovered in Jerusalem’s Ophel excavations south of the Temple Mount.

Only a few days ago, a wooden box containing 15 silver coins that serve as proof of the Hanukkah story of the Maccabees – which was found recently during an excavation…

In The News Incitement

Palestinians call for escalation, protest death of terrorist in Israeli prison

Hundreds of Palestinians, including dozens of masked gunmen firing into the air, took to the streets and stores shuttered across the West Bank Tuesday to protest the death of a Palestinian terrorist, convicted of murdering several Israelis, who died of cancer while serving time in an Israeli prison.

Palestinian factions called for a general…

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Biden: Iran nuclear deal is dead

A video of U.S. President Joe Biden saying that the nuclear deal with Iran is “dead” but that Washington will not announce as much surfaced on Tuesday.

The footage, which was apparently taken during Biden’s visit to California early last month, shows a woman asking him to declare that the 2015 agreement, formally known as the Joint…

Archeology In The News

Signs of Salome, said to be nurse to baby Jesus, unearthed in Israel

LACHISH FOREST, Israel Dec 20 (Reuters) – Excavations of a cave reputed to be the burial place of Salome, said in non-canonical scripture to have been nurse to the newborn Jesus, have found more signs it was both an important Jewish tomb and a Christian pilgrimage site, archaelogists say.
The Book of James, among early Christian writings called…

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Elaborate burial cave found at site in southern Israel venerated for centuries

A 2,000-year-old family tomb – one of the most elaborate in Israel – has been uncovered in an archaeological excavation in the Salome Cave, in the Lachish Forest in the Judean lowlands. The cave forecourt was excavated as part of the Judean Kings’ Trail Project, led by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), the Ministry for Jerusalem and Heritage…

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At Hanukkah event, Biden slams ‘venom’ of antisemitism, unveils White House menorah

WASHINGTON — US President Joe Biden on Monday expressed alarm about growing antisemitism in the United States and around the globe and vowed to fight back against the scourge.

Speaking to guests gathered for a Hanukkah reception at the White House, Biden said “silence is complicity,” and added that it’s imperative that hate, violence and…