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Volunteers worldwide participate in Israel’s emergency services

More than 400 foreign Jewish volunteers between 18 and 30 travel to Israel each year as part of a volunteer program in the Israeli emergency services Magen David Adom (MDA).
MDA is the national Red Cross society in the country, and Israel’s official emergency, ambulance and blood donation service.
“It’s about spending five weeks in Israel, but…

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Israel demands U.N. disband Gaza war panel over alleged anti-Semitism

Israel on Sunday demanded that a United Nations’ panel investigating its 2021 war with Palestinian militants be disbanded, condemning remarks made by one of its members as anti-Semitic.

In a letter to U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid cited comments by the U.N.’s Human Rights Council commission of…

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Chinese military aid to Syria raises ‘alarm bells’ in Israel

A new aid deal between China and Syria that will include the delivery of communications equipment to Damascus has set off “alarm bells” within the Israeli security establishment, according to a report by news site Breaking Defense.

Israeli sources told the outlet that while the exact nature of the Chinese products remains unknown, they are…

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Children in Houston sing religious anthem associated with Iranian regime

Shi’ite children in Houston, Texas were seen in a video shared by Iranian media singing a song often used as a sort of religious anthem that also supports the Islamic Republic of Iran while wearing headbands, waving flags and saluting. The children sang the song in English and Persian.

The song, Salam Farmande (Hello Commander), was first…

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World’s largest ER opens in Israel, raising bar for tech and scale in emergency med

With self-triage upon check-in and robots to help you find your way, the world’s largest emergency room opened in Israel on Thursday.

The 8,000 square meter (86,000 square foot) facility, at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), was inaugurated by President Isaac Herzog, Prime Minister Yair Lapid, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz, and…

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‘I thought everyone held guns’: Gazan girl makes rare Israel visit to face her fears

Facing repeated wars and neverending military conflict, a 12-year-old Gaza Strip resident developed post-traumatic stress disorder, her parents say. The girl’s condition worsened to the point where she feared day-to-day activities and always sought to remain physically close to her parents.

Recently the girl, whose name remains withheld and who…

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Former US Marine accused of plotting mass murder at NY synagogue

A former US Marine has been allegedly plotting a mass murder at a Long Island Synagogue as a member of the neo-Nazi group Rapekrieg. According to federal prosecutors, he planned to rape many women in order to “decrease the minorities and increase the production of white children.”

Balenger is currently being held in federal detention in…

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Terror attack against IDF thwarted in southern Nablus

IDF soldiers from Battalion 636 thwarted a shooting attack targeting a military post at the entrance to the city of Nablus in the West Bank on Thursday night, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

According to the IDF, a squad of armed Palestinians arrived in a vehicle at one of the southern entrances to the city and one of them got out and…

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Israel has sent ‘strong warnings’ to Hezbollah amid threats to gas field — report

Israel has sent “strong warnings” to Hezbollah through diplomatic and military channels amid repeated threats from the terror group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah, according to a Tuesday report.

The messages — passed along through the US and France — warned the terror group that any action taken against the offshore Karish gas field would provoke a…

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Father of Israeli held captive by Hamas pleads to UN Security Council for son’s freedom

Sha’aban al-Said called on the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday to rescue his son Hisham, held captive by Hamas in the Gaza Strip since 2015.

“I am pleading with you to get involved and exert effort and place pressure on Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to free my son as soon as possible, and not to use him as a card against…

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IDF reveals Hamas tunnel networks under Gazan civilian neighborhoods

The Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday exposed a number of Hamas tunnels under civilian sites in the Gaza Strip, including one in the Tafah area of Gaza City located next to a franchised Pepsi factory, and another running next to an UNRWA elementary school that acts as a shelter for some 2,500 people, according to the IDF.

The tunnels pass…

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Israeli army says Hamas is rebuilding capabilities in Gaza

The Israeli army said on Wednesday that Hamas has rebuilt some of the capabilities that were damaged during last year’s Gaza war, including three new tunnels and a series of weapons manufacturing and storage sites.
The army published aerial imagery and maps showing what it said are tunnels, weapons factories and arms depots. It said the…

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Palestinian Authority leader incites church against Israel in call with pope

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas used a call to the pope to incite the Catholic Church against Israel.

According to a report by Palestinian Media Watch published on Tuesday, Abbas repeated the libel that the State of Israel “attacks” Christian and Muslim holy sites.

“His Honor updated Pope Francis on the attacks to which the…

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UN official: Social media largely controlled by Jewish lobby, NGOs

A United Nations human-rights investigator spoke of the Jewish lobby and the overuse of antisemitism in a wide-ranging interview with the Mondoweiss website that was published on Monday. He questioned Israel’s membership in the 193-nation global body.

“We are very disheartened by the social media that is controlled largely by – whether it is…

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Israel says Russians fired at its jets over Syria in May in “one-off”

Israel said on Tuesday that its military jets came under Russian anti-aircraft fire over Syria in May but they missed their target, describing the confrontation as a “one-off incident”.
The disclosure by Defence Minister Benny Gantz came amid tensions between Israel and Russia over the former’s condemnation of the Ukraine war and the latter’s…

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Gantz declares Israel can ‘seriously harm and delay’ Iranian nuclear program

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Tuesday that Israel has the ability to cause serious damage to Iran’s nuclear program, and warned that reviving a 2015 pact with world powers to curb Iranian nuclear activities will only be a delaying tactic.

“Iran is a global problem. It is not just Israel’s private problem,” Gantz said during an interview at…

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Saudi magazine showcases success of Israeli Arabs in IDF

A feature article in the Saudi monthly magazine Al-Majallah covered the topic of Israeli Arabs who serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

According to the lengthy essay by Kurdish-Swedish journalist and researcher Suzan Quitaz, who specializes in Israeli politics and the Gulf States region, more Muslim and Christian Arabs are enlisting in the IDF…

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8 years later, fallen soldier’s family returns to Israel, now with deep connections

Exactly eight years after he was laid to rest in Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, dozens of friends and loved ones gathered last Wednesday evening to commemorate Max Steinberg, an American lone soldier who fell in 2014 during Operation Protective Edge.

Near the familiar names of soldiers who died more recently, a canopy was erected and stools laid out,…