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Tabgha and the Apostle Peter’s Redemption

Archeology Issues

Caesarea’s Incredible Biblical Heritage, Part 2

Archeology Issues

Caesarea’s Incredible Biblical Heritage, Part 1

Archeology Issues

The Miracles of Jesus in Bethsaida

Fascinating Find at Ancient Byzantine Church in Galilee

Archeology Issues

Inside Ancient Jewish Tombs in Upper Galilee

Archeology Issues

Exploring Ancient Christian Tombs in Upper Galilee

Abu Ghosh: Arab Town Friendly to Jewish People, Rich in Biblical History

Walking in the Footsteps of King David


Archaeological Evidence of the Kingdom of David

Biblical archaeology was revolutionized several years ago when evidence of the existence of the kingdom of David was brought to light in the form of a fortified Iron Age town excavated in the Elah Valley by Hebrew University Professor Yosef Garfinkel and Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) archaeologist Sa’ar Ganor.

The place was described by the…

Archaeologists Uncover Life of Luxury in 2,000-year-old Priestly Quarters of Jerusalem

Archaeologists excavating in the heart of ancient Jerusalem have begun to uncover the neighborhood that housed the elite 2,000 years ago – most probably the priestly ruling class.

One of the houses had its own cistern, a mikveh (a Jewish ritual bathing pool), a barrel-vaulted ceiling and a chamber with three bread ovens.

Inside a room found with…

Visit to Magdala: Ancient Galilee Fishing Village Where Jesus and Disciples Walked