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New Archaeological Discoveries Confirm Ancient Connection of Israel to the Jewish People

The State of Israel might only be 74 years old, but the Land of Israel contains thousands of years worth of history inside it. Every year, archaeologists working at digs around the country discover ancient sites and artifacts that help us better understand the rich history of both the land and its inhabitants.

The following is a list of the top 10 archaeological discoveries from June 2021 until today:

1. Mosaic Depicting Deborah and Yael Defeating Canaanite King Sisera

Discovered at the site of a 5th-century synagogue in the Galilean town of Huqoq, this mosaic portrays the Biblical account of the defeat of the Canaanite king Sisera at the hands of the prophetess Deborah, the military leader Barak, and the ancient heroine Yael.

Unearthed by a team led by UNC Chapel Hill professor Jodi Magness, this is the latest mosaic to be discovered at the ancient synagogue site. Previously discovered mosaics include depictions of Jonah and the whale, the Israelite spies in Canaan, Noah’s Arc, and the parting of the Red Sea. According to Magness, these mosaics “attest to a rich visual culture as well as to the dynamism and diversity of Judaism in the late Roman and Byzantine periods.”

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