June 17 – Pastors’ Meeting – Memphis, TN

A  Pastor’s Meeting was held at a café meeting room at High Point Church. Our host was CL Elizabeth Coplon, who had a few other Pastors scheduled who were unable to attend. Those who did attend were already CUFI members, so this became a refresher with the newer CUFI messaging, as well as promotion for Why Israel events at churches in the area and upcoming Pastor’s Trips to Israel. A pastor in attendance committed to reaching out to a couple of contacts for upcoming Pastor’s Trips. Before the meeting, I was able to have a meeting with the Jewish Federation Memphis, which was to be a 10-minute meet and greet and turned into a 45-minute discussion of Christian / Jewish relations. Also, on the trip I was able to meet with a member of Governor Bill Lee’s staff to discuss some upcoming Executive Orders / Legislation regarding the IHRA definition of antisemitism and anti-BDS that the Governor is committed to in the 2022 Legislative Session.