Israeli-American naval medical personnel drill sets up ‘hospital at sea’

A 10-day, large-scale American-Israeli navy drill recently included joint activities by medical personnel from both fleets, including the setting up of a hospital at sea onboard Israel’s largest type of sea vessel.

The Deputy Surgeon General of the Israeli Navy, Lt. Cdr. Dr. Y, told JNS in recent days that the joint exercise focused on deploying “advanced medical capabilities at sea when crews are disconnected from shore and far away from hospitals.”

Under such conditions, when evacuations are not always immediately on hand, the navy needs its own independent ability to deal with serious injuries and health issues, the officer explained.

Lt. Cdr. Y, who commanded the medical stage of the drill, ensures that the Israeli Navy’s medical readiness level is high and well-trained. The exercise tested what he described as the navy’s “medical operational readiness,” encompassing everything from medics to specialized surgeons.

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