Israel, Bahrain enter their first medical cooperation initiative


Israel and Bahrain will be entering their first medical cooperation initiative, Sheba Medical Center and Salmaniya Medical Complex announced on Monday. 

After a formal meeting was held Monday between Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Director-General of Sheba Medical Center, and Dr. Ahmed Al Ansari, Director of Salmaniya Medical Complex, the representatives agreed to a series of exchange programs and collaborations in the fields of medical training, innovation and research. 

To facilitate and formally sign the agreement, Dr. Absari will be visiting Israel and Sheba in the near future.

Sheba Medical Center was chosen by Bahrain’s Supreme Health Council to lead cooperation between Israel and the Gulf state. Its counterpart Salmaniya are the largest medical centers in their respective countries. 

The agreement, brought about by the Israeli Foreign Ministry and its Chargé d’Affairs in Bahrain, Itai Tagner, comes in the wake of the ground-breaking Abraham Accords signed between Israel and Bahrain. 

The Abraham Accords were a normalization agreement between Israel and Bahrain, UAE, Morocco and Sudan, and facilitated by the Trump administration. Since the adoption of the accords, the members have explored multiple investment and collaborative endeavors with Israel.

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