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COLUMN: Georgia Needs a Pro-Israel Senator


Over the next two months the Peach State will be the epicenter of the political world. Our mailboxes, inboxes and airwaves are going to be inundated with messages cooked up in Washington that will try to re-shape what Georgia voters believe about the candidates running for our two seats in the US Senate. For the Rev. Raphael Warnock, the construction of a voter friendly false façade is already well underway.

Georgia is a pro-Israel state. Millions of Christian Zionists call it home, and we live our values at home, in our churches, and at the ballot box. And so it was with understandable anger that we learned Warnock signed a letter last year falsely accusing Israel of a series of abhorrent practices. We know it was not a mistake, because after the media reported about the letter, a video surfaced in which Warnock demonized Israel, condemned the White House for moving our embassy to Jerusalem and appallingly accused “mealy-mouthed evangelical preachers” of being “responsible for the mess that we found ourselves in, both there and here.”

Warnock either believes this in his heart or he is willing to play to the ignorance of anti-Israel audiences by feeding their fears and justifying their hatred for a few lines of applause. Attacking the Jewish state and aligning with Israel-haters might play well in Berkeley, but it doesn’t fly in Georgia. And we know, such is not the mark of a man of good character.

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