Event Recaps

April 16 – Israel Is – Waldoboro, ME

I was excited to lead First Baptist Church in Waldoboro for their Sunday morning service. Pastor Troy Nelson is coming to DC on Scholarship this year so outside of sit-down with me, this would be his, and his congregation’s first real experience with CUFI.

During the service, I delivered my first Israel IS presentation. It went great. The group was attentive, enthusiastic and you could tell they were following along really well. The pacing felt great and no one seemed to lose interest. Following the service, they held a pot-luck luncheon and had me deliver a Q&A. The questions were thoughtful and I could tell that they were processing the presentation. I was overcome by how many people thanked me for coming. I never heard a negative thing or got a negative question about Israel.

The pastor informed me before the service that the church had gone through a very difficult period with previous leadership being politically-centered so they were nervous. Following the service, the Pastor was very happy with CUFI’s “Policy not Politics” messaging and mission. It was refreshing to him and he knows it helped engage many who would have otherwise been turned off. All for Israel’s sake!

During the presentation, I showed the Save a Heart video from Israel Collective. It was very well received.