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On eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel home to 165,800 survivors

Israel is home to 165,800 Holocaust survivors, according to data released on Wednesday by the Ministry for Social Equality and Pensioners ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Israeli state agencies define as survivors anyone “exposed” to the Nazi regime, including those who lived in countries conquered by Nazi Germany or were under…

Lebanese president says country ready to resume maritime border talks with Israel

Lebanon is ready to resume talks over a maritime border dispute with Israel, President Michel Aoun says.

Longtime foes Lebanon and Israel started indirect negotiations through a US mediator in 2020 at a UN peacekeeping base in Lebanon’s Naqoura, but have stalled several times. The last round of talks on the matter was held last May.


42 Members of Congress Press Blinken to ‘Defund’ UN’s New Anti-Israel Commission of Inquiry

A bipartisan group of 42 members of Congress in a Tuesday letter called on Secretary of State Antony Blinken to lead an effort to defund the United Nations’ just-established Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Israel.

Created by the UN Human Rights Council, the COI is a permanent and open-ended entity dedicated solely to investigating alleged…

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Yemen’s Iranian-proxy Houthi group threaten attacks against UAE, Saudis

The Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen are threatening escalated attacks against the UAE and Saudi Arabia if their demands are not met. Operations over the past two weeks have achieved their goals, they said, adding that worse acts could take place in the future, Iran’s Tasnim News Agency reported.

The report was based on a statement by a…

ISIS cells are reappearing in Syria and Iraq

More than 100 Islamic State fighters armed with heavy machine guns and vehicles rigged with explosives attacked the gates of Gweiran Prison in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakeh. The goal of the attack on Thursday was to free the inmates and to raise the morale of ISIS fighters and sympathizers in Syria and in Iraq.

This attack has turned…

Antisemitic Flyers Blaming Jews for COVID Policies Found in Florida, California in Latest Series of Incidents

In the latest in a series of similar incidents, antisemitic flyers related to the COVID-19 pandemic have been distributed in Florida and California.

In both cases, the flyers espoused conspiracy theories holding Jews responsible for pandemic measures, and were weighted down in plastic bags with either rice or rocks — the modus operandi in…

Yeshiva Student Punched in Face in Latest Antisemitic Attack on Brooklyn Streets

The NYPD is searching for a suspect seen on camera punching a young Jewish man in the face early Saturday morning, the latest unprovoked attack against Hasidic Jews on the streets of Brooklyn.

Surveillance tape published by the Jewish news outlet COLlive shows the culprit crossing the street to harass two bystanders in the Crown Heights…

Pro-Israel groups see more hostile campuses fueled by ‘woke’ ideology, anti-Zionist faculty

Pro-Israel groups working on campus agree that the situation for Jewish students is growing steadily worse. Just this fall, anti-Semitic incidents erupted at campuses across the country—from vandals desecrating a Torah scroll at George Washington University to a student at the University of New Mexico hospitalized after being attacked by a group…

Anti-Israel protesters arrested in front of Israeli embassy in Washington, DC

Seven anti-Israel protesters were arrested on Sunday in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., after attempting a sit-in, blocking the entrance to the embassy.

According to the United States Secret Service, which conducted the arrests, protesters were arrested at 4:41 p.m. for failing to obey orders from officers and “incommoding,”…

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UAE intercepts 2 ballistic missiles over Abu Dhabi fired by Iran-backed Houthis

The United Arab Emirates intercepted two ballistic missiles targeting Abu Dhabi early Monday, its state-run news agency reported, the latest attack to target the Emirati capital.

Defense officials said the missiles were fired by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The attack on Abu Dhabi, after another last week killed three people and…

Russia said to be conducting joint patrol of Syrian border airspace

Syria and Russia held joint military jet patrols of the airspace along Syria’s borders on Monday, including in the Golan Heights area, according to a Russian Defense Ministry statement reported by Interfax.

According to the report, Russia’s Defense Ministry said such joint patrols are expected to be a regular occurrence moving forward.


Second earthquake in 24 hours felt in northern Israel

An earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale was recorded by the Geological Survey of Israel (GSI) in northern Israel on Sunday, less than 24 hours after an earthquake measuring 3.8 shook the area on Saturday. A magnitude 2.9 tremor was also recorded by the GSI on Saturday.

The Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) recorded the…

2021 was the most antisemitic year in the last decade

Last year was the most antisemitic year in the last decade, with at least 10 antisemitic incidents happening on average every single day, according to the annual Antisemitism Report published by the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency.

While the average number of incidents was over 10 a day, the real number is likely much higher…

North Carolinians must hold Unilever accountable

Antisemitism has been on the rise in the United States in recent years, with one in four American Jews being the target of antisemitism within the past year. People of faith are standing shoulder to shoulder with North Carolina’s Jewish community, and we must continue to support our nation’s friend and closest ally, Israel. Our words and deeds are…

Israeli fighter jets, refueling planes hold massive drill aimed at Tehran

Israeli fighter jets carried out a large drill over the Mediterranean that included practicing mid-air refueling, according to a report in a Saudi-run news outlet Thursday.

The unverified report in London-based Elaph described air maneuvers on Thursday by “an unusually large” contingent of F-15, F-16 and F-35 fighter craft, as well as Boeing…

Iran, Russia and China begin joint naval drill in Indian Ocean

Iran, Russia and China on Friday began a joint naval drill in the Indian Ocean aimed at boosting marine security, state media reported.

Iran’s state TV said 11 of its vessels were joined by three Russian ships including a destroyer, and two Chinese vessels. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard will also participate with smaller ships and helicopters.

UN General Assembly adopts Israeli resolution aimed at combating Holocaust denial

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution aimed at combatting Holocaust denial on Thursday, in what was just the second time since Israel’s establishment that a measure its delegation brought before the forum managed to pass.

The resolution provides a specific classification for Holocaust denial, using the working definition put…

Over 90% of American Jews concerned about antisemitism

More than 90% of Jews in the United States – which is the biggest Jewish population hub in the world outside of Israel – are concerned about the current state of antisemitism in America, while 42% of Jews have faced antisemitism directly or through family and friends in the last five years alone, a new Ruderman Family Foundation survey found.