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How Israel became a global cyber powerhouse

It is not by chance that 40 percent of all private cyber investments in the world are in Israeli companies, and that a third of the world’s unicorn cyber companies—private startups worth at least $1 billion—are Israeli.

“Cybermania: How Israel Became a Global Powerhouse in an Arena That Shapes the Future of Mankind” gives an expert view of how…

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Menorah in Ukraine desecrated on first night of Hanukkah

A Hanukkah menorah illuminated on the main square of the Ukrainian city of Dnipro was knocked down in an apparent antisemitic attack on Monday morning, just after the first candle-lighting commemorated the initial night of the Hanukkah holiday, international media reported.

The incident, captured by local security cameras, showed five young…

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UK, Israeli FMs pledge to work ‘night and day’ to stop Iran from getting nuke

The foreign ministers of the United Kingdom and Israel pledged to work “night and day” to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, just a day before the world powers and Iran met in the UK to discuss a return to the JCPOA nuclear deal, in a joint article for The Daily Telegraph published online on Sunday evening.

“We believe that with the right…

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Iran gearing up to enrich uranium to weapons-grade soon, Israel reportedly warns US

Israel has been sharing intelligence with the United States showing that Iran is “taking technical steps to prepare to enrich uranium” to weapons-grade 90 percent purity, according to a report Monday.

The preparations could enable Tehran to reach weapons-grade level within just a few weeks, Axios reported, citing two US sources briefed on the…

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Bennett to world as Iran talks resume: Don’t give in to nuclear blackmail

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett sent a sharp message to the international community to be tough on Iran as nuclear negotiations resumed in Vienna on Monday.

Iran’s goal in the talks is for the US to lift sanctions while the Islamic Republic does almost nothing in return, the prime minister said.

“Iran won’t just keep its nuclear program; from…

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Erdogan says also plans steps with Egypt, Israel after UAE visit

President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey would take steps to improve ties with estranged rivals Egypt and Israel similar those in recent weeks with the United Arab Emirates, which led to investments, NTV and other broadcasters said.

Ankara and Abu Dhabi signed accords for billions of dollars of investments last week and Erdogan said they would…

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Iranian mariners rescued by US Navy ship in Gulf of Oman

Two Iranian mariners stuck in the Gulf of Oman were rescued by a US Navy vessel on Saturday after being stranded at sea for eight days, the Navy stated.

The International Maritime Coalition and the Combined Maritime Forces had received a distress call at 10 a.m. local time from the mariners.

The cargo ship, USNS Charles Drew, found the…

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Iranian Brig.-Gen. urges destruction of Israel prior to nuke talks

The spokesman for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces, Brig.-Gen. Abolfazl Shekarchi, on Saturday urged the total elimination of the Jewish state during an interview with an Iranian regime-controlled media outlet.

“We will not back off from the annihilation of Israel, even one millimeter. We want to destroy Zionism in the world,”…

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New US ambassador lands in Israel, heads straight to quarantine at home in Jerusalem

New US ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides landed at Ben Gurion Airport Monday morning, then headed to his new home in Jerusalem for three days of quarantine — in line with new regulations to curb the spread of the Omicron variant of coronavirus.

In a video recorded hours after he landed, Nides spoke about his first trip to Israel as a…

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PA Ministry of Education to kids: There is no Israel, “the entire land is ours, from the Sea to the River”

While participating in a school event marking Palestinian Keffiyeh Day – i.e., Arab headdress day – Palestinian school children at the Kafr Qaddum High School for Girls in Qalqilya received a strong message: “Palestine – the entire land is ours, from the Sea to the River.”

Images from the event posted by the PA Ministry of Education show that…

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Israel, Morocco sign historic defense agreement

Israel and Morroco signed a defense agreement Wednesday as Defense Minister Benny Gantz made the first official visit to the North African kingdom by an Israeli defense official.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by Gantz and his Moroccan counterpart Abdellatif Loudiyi and sets a solid security cooperation framework that formalizes…

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US base in Syria targeted by rockets

The Kharab al-Jir military base used by US forces in the Hasaka Governorate in northeastern Syria was targeted by rockets, according to Syrian state news agency SANA.

According to the report, five rockets were fired at the base. No casualties have been reported.

An official from US Central Command (CENTCOM) told Al-Arabiya that no injuries…

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Australia labels all of Hezbollah a terrorist organization

Australia on Wednesday listed all of Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization,” extending an existing ban on armed units to the entire organization, which wields considerable power in Lebanon.

Australian Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said that the Iran-backed Shiite group “continues to threaten terrorist attacks and provide support to…

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Gantz exposes Iran drone bases, says Tehran tried to fly TNT via UAV into West Bank

Defense Minister Benny Gantz revealed the locations of two Iranian drone bases that he said were used to conduct attacks against targets at sea in recent months.

According to Gantz, one of the sites is located in the area of Chabahar and the other is situated on Qeshm Island, just off the coast of the Iranian mainland.

“I want to stress to…

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Hezbollah smuggling weapons to Arab Israelis to sow civil strife – police

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group is trying to smuggle weapons into Israel for use by the Arab Israeli community in future clashes, a police official has said.

The Israel Police have noticed a significant increase in efforts to smuggle weapons into the country via the Lebanese and Jordanian borders in the months since a May conflict with…

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Bahrain says it foiled planned attack, confiscated Iranian weapons and explosives

Bahrain security forces arrested a number of suspected militants ahead of a planned attack and confiscated weapons and explosives that had come from Iran, the interior ministry said on its official Twitter on Monday.

The ministry did not say how many people were arrested or specify their nationalities. It described them as “linked with…

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Israel, Jordan to partner in water-for-energy deal

Israel and Jordan have signed a declaration of intent for a water-for-energy deal, Israel’s Energy Ministry said on Monday, in the first such deal between the two countries.
The project would see Jordan build 600 megawatts of solar generating capacity which would be exported to Israel, contingent upon Israel providing water-scarce Jordan with 200…

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12 attorneys general call on Ben & Jerry’s to reverse Israel Boycott

The chief legal officers of 12 states are urging Ben & Jerry’s to reverse its boycott of Israel in the disputed territories, calling the ice cream company’s move “economic warfare.”

New York, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona and Florida have announced the withdrawal of hundreds of millions of dollars in pension investments from Unilever — the…